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Chapter 20. Imagine Livin' Like a Dad Someday

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Imagine Livin' Like a Dad Someday

Song: King for a Day by Pierce The Veil feat. Kellin Quinn


I opened up my laptop and quickly got on Skype. Jesse looked over my shoulder. "Who are you gonna chat with?" he asked, being the nosey friend he is. 

I turned to see him smiling. He hasn’t stopped smiling for two weeks. Can't blame him though. He's now an engaged man. "Summer." I answered. 

"Oh. Are you gonna tell her…?" Jesse asked. 

I nodded. "I need to. I hope she will still want to be with me…"

Jesse chuckled as he got up to leave the room. "I hope you know what you're getting yourself into." he mumbled. 

Well then. 

I heard ringing come from my laptop and I saw that Summer was video calling me. I answered in a heartbeat. I saw her beautiful face light up. Her beautiful lips form into a small smile. Her beautiful eyes glow. What can I say? She's gorgeous. 

"Kellin, hey! I've missed you…" Summer chimed through the computer. 

I smiled. "I've missed you too Summer. And I'm really sorry we haven't really talked since Warped Tour." I apologized. 

"Kellin, it's okay. I just want to know why you didn't call. What happened?" she asked. 

I huffed. "I didn't call because I've been going crazy. When I first go home from Warped I pulled out my phone and was about to call you. But I saw that I got a call from Beth…"

"Who’s Beth?" she asked. How did she not know who Beth is?

"Beth, or Bethany, is my ex." I explained. 

"Why is your ex calling you?" she scoffed. She probably hated the fact that I answered the call. 

"She had some news to tell me…"

"Well, what's the news?" Summer questioned. I could see her shaking. She could probably already guess what the news happened to be. 

"Beth took a DNA test and found out that… it's mine." I said. 

"Found out what's yours?" She knew what I was about to say. 

"Bethany is pregnant. She's two months along with my child."

She froze. She opened her mouth to say something, but then quickly closed it. She was stuck. So was I. The silence was long. Not awkward, but really uncomfortable. 

"Kellin…" she said through her teeth. 

I swallowed air before responding. "Yeah?" My voice was shaky. 

"Where does a child with your ex leave us?" she asked. 

"Summer, I don't want to break up. I've been crying almost every night for two weeks because I think you’re going to leave me." I sobbed. 

"Kellin, you're having a child. I don't know how to feel about that." she whispered. 

"Well I can't just abandon my child!" I snapped at her. 

I saw a small tear roll down her cheek. "Kellin, I know that. But with everything going on with me right now how do you expect me to date someone who is having a baby with their ex?" she snapped back. 

"Summer, if you feel the same way about this relationship that I do you would at least try to make it work." I hissed. 

"Why try when this is fate slapping us in the face?! You having a baby, especially with your ex, could be a sign that God wants you and what's her name to get back together!" 

I was appalled. "If this is any sign at all it would be a sign that God wants us to work things out and grow closer. So what if a child is in the picture?!"

"So what?" she scoffed. "Kellin, you don't even get it! You having a child isn't the problem. The problem is that it's with your ex. When I'm over at your house and a baby is crying in the middle of the night it's going to suck knowing that you had her with someone else. And it's going to suck even more when I have to see you and her together, holding your baby. Like for instance in the hospital when she gives birth to him or her. You're going to be there of course. Smiling and probably taking pictures. And when I see the three of you together I'm going to be crushed. It’s all too much for me" 

I was stuck once again. She's acting like the baby, Beth, and I are going to be one big happy family. "Summer, Beth and I are never going to get back together. The baby is going to have a broken family, unless your there to help me. I promise to never break your heart or crush you in any way. I just need you to be here with me. If you were having a baby with your ex I would be by your side in seconds."

She nodded. "I know," she sighed. "Kellin, if I help you out you HAVE to promise me that the next child you have will be with your current girlfriend." Summer smiled. 

"So you aren't going to break up with me?" I questioned. 

"No. I promise that I will never break your heart." she smiled. 

"I know this is going to be hard on you, but thank you so much. I love you Summer." 

She giggled. "As long as we are together I will help. I love you too."


*October 21, 2012*

"Are you guys ready for this shit?!" I shouted to the crowd. 

They cheered loudly. 

"I think they are!" Vic added. 

'King for a Day' started to play. Vic and I sang and jumped around the stage. I was in the middle of roaming around the stage and singing when one of the lyrics made me think of Summer. And then I thought of Beth. 

Speaking of Bethany, she texted me yesterday about her being four months along. And just a couple weeks ago, before the tour started, I went with her and her "boyfriend" to the doctor. We found out that it's a girl. You know what? I didn't even know Beth had a boyfriend. I'm her child's father, I should know these things. 

Let me catch you up on things. Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses, and my band and I are about a week into our tour. So far I think it's looking good. And Summer and I have texted and called each other non stop. She says she even wants to meet Beth when she comes over. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Summer is staying with me in Michigan for about a month. Since she is staying for an extra week with her friend in the UK we decided that she should come and spend Christmas and New Years with me. She's going to take a plane to New York, then another one to Michigan, then I'm going to pick her up there. 

She's been a real help. I've had a lot of meltdowns ever since I found out and she has helped me through each one. I don't know what I would do without her. I can honestly say that it would be easier to imagine me being the father of Summer's child instead of Beth's. 

~Summer's POV~

"You're so short!" Andy laughed. 

Instead of saying, "Hi, nice to meet you." like any normal person would, Andy Biersack's first words to me are "You're so short!"

The rest of BVB laughed to. I just smirked. "How's the weather up there?" I asked him. 

He stopped laughing and looked down. He smirked too. "Just fine, Short Stuff." 

He was seriously a foot taller than me. I'm about five feet and three inches when he's about ten feet tall! Okay, not ten feet. But it seems that way. 

"Andy, stop bein' the ass you normally are and introduce the rest of your band to Summer and the rest of Sorry We’re Late already!" Danny from Asking Alexandria shouted at him, his voice making him sound older than he already is. 

CC laughed. He walked up to my band and I. "Hello guys. I'm CC. And sorry for Andy's stupidness." he apologized. 

I laughed. "It's okay. I'm Summer." I said. 

CC turned to Blu. "And you are?" he asked ever so sweetly. Oh no. 

Blu blushed. "I'm Blu. Bassist and backing vocalist for the band." she explained. 

CC grinned and kissed her hand. 

We meet the rest of BVB and decided that tonight we would hang out together. Andy and I sat alone together at the bar while everyone else was dancing at the club we were at. 

"So…" Andy said, making things more awkward. 

"What?" I snapped. I couldn't help but think about Kellin. I missed him. I felt this funny feeling inside whenever I thought of him. No, not butterflies. I'm over those. It's more like a sick feeling. Like the feeling that him and Beth are meant to be. No matter how much I try to focus on the love we share, Beth always comes into my head. It only makes me want to be with him more. 

"Damn! Nothing. What's wrong anyways?" Andy asked, taking offense to the tone I used. 

"Nothing is wrong. We I miss Kellin, but that's obvious to the human eye…" I mumbled, taking a sip of my booze. 

"Kellin Quinn? Oh yeah, I forgot you two were a thing now." he simply said back. 

"Is it hard knowing that your girlfriend, Juliet, is busy with her music right now too so you never get to see each other? Also because you two are both touring?" I asked. 

He shook his head. "Nope. It's not hard at all. Juliet makes time for me and vice versa." Andy smiled. 

"Yeah, but what if at some points she can't make time? What if she's busy with something or someone else?"

"Is this about Kellin becoming a dad?" he asked. 

I blushed and nodded. Everyone found out that Kellin was having a kid with his ex almost immediately. And this made me look like a huge slut. Fans of Kellin and SWS all over the internet have posted things about me getting in the way of Kellin and Beth. They broke up! It's not like I broke them up or something."

"Well, you need to understand that Kellin's child is just as important as you are. Just hang in there, you will get through this. Things will settle down soon, you'll see." he said. 

I nodded again. "Yeah, but when?"

"When you and Kellin feel like the time is right." he said before getting up and walking to the restrooms. 

What the heck does that mean? When Kellin and I feel like the "time" is right? Oh, now I get what he meant. 

By the look of things, I really don't think "things" will settle down any time soon. No matter how much Kellin and I try to make them. 

A/N: Hey! Two update in one day! Awesome! Anyways, I'm sorry that this was so short. This was mostly just a filler. The next one will be up soon, I promise. And it will be longer! While you are waiting for the next chapter, check out the video in the side. Best music video ever! And check out the picture. I found it on Instagram and I think it's the funniest thing ever. :D Vote, comment, and fan please. 


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