Chapter 11. Welcome Home (Part 3 of 3)

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Welcome Home (Part 3 of 3) 

Song: Don't You Ever Forget About Me by Sleeping With Sirens


"OW!" Sunny shrieked. 

I laughed and looked down at our feet. I guess she kicked a rock or something. She was only in flip-flops. Luckily I have my TOMS. "You okay babe?" I asked. 

"Stupid rock." she mumbled and nodded. I laughed even more, Justin and Jessica joining me this time. 

We were busy walking to some club. This being two weeks before school starts we are celebrating our amazing summer vacations. We were at the moment cutting through the park. It's a shortcut to get to the club. That's when a little boy ran up to us. He was crying. He looked about two or three years old. 

I leaned down and asked him where his mom was. He said he didn't know. I picked him up and started walking over to a bunch of parents, Sunny following me. 

"Excuse me; does this child belong to anyone?" I asked loudly, catching everyone’s attention.  

A young woman, who looked about twenty, came up to me. "Oh yes! He's my brother. Thanks so much!" she said as she grabbed him out of my hands. 

I turned around to Sunny. She was smiling. "What's wrong?" I chuckled. 

"Nothing! That was just… really really sweet of you. You held him so tightly!" Sunny hugged me as we started walking to the club again. 

Soon enough we were at the club. Jessica made us fake IDs so we got in easily. Everyone was dancing and grinding on each other. I felt Sunny tense up in my arms. I forget that we were still kind of hugging. 

I looked down at her. I know I'm not too tall, but Sunny is short compared to me. She's only five feet and two inches. I wonder if she will ever grow more…

"Sunny, do you want to go to the bar?" I asked loudly, pointing across the dark room. This isn't really my scene. Rainbow lights everywhere, terrible music, people basically having sex with clothes on. I don't think Sunny likes this either. 

"Sure!" Sunny answered back with the same volume as me. 

We pushed our way to the bar and showed our fake IDs. Easy. The bartender gave us both a couple shot glasses of Jack Daniels. I grinned while looking at her. "Have you ever drank before?" I asked her. 

She shyly shook her head. 

I nodded. "Well there is a first time for everything." I took my first shot. She looked at me and I smiled at her. "Try it," I continued. "It's good."

She took her first shot as well. She made a disgusted face, but took another. 

I laughed and began to take the rest of mine. 

After a few more shots I was making my way to the bathroom. I needed to pee! I burst through the doors and saw Justin in there, zipping up his pants. He looked perfectly sober. 

He grinned at me. He could totally tell that I was on my way to buzzed. I wasn't as bad as Sunny though! She was already drunk off her cute ass. "Whoa dude! What did you drink?" Justin laughed. 

I walked over to him. "Jack Daniels. You should see Sunny though! She is so drunk!" He chuckled and shook his head at me. 

After I urinated and washed my hands I left the bathroom with Justin. We caught up with Jessica before I made my way back to Sunny. 

We all chatted for a few seconds and then all three of us noticed Sunny. She was still sitting at the bar, except some guy was sucking faces with her.

What. The. Hell?!

~Sunny's POV~

I was happily taking a few more shots that the bartender gave me. That's when I felt Kellin put his hands on my shoulders. He started massaging them and kissing my neck. Something didn't feel right though. That's not the way he kisses. 

I spun around on my barstool and saw that it was some creep. Before I could push him off of me and shout for Kellin to come kick his ass I felt his lips on mine. 

It felt terrible. I wasn't kissing back of course, but he was trying to make me. He grabbed my wrists to restrain me from pushing him off. 

"Sunny! What the fuck are you doing cheating on me?!" Kellin shouted from behind the creep. 

The creep pulled away and smirked, letting go of my wrists. "You're her boyfriend?" he asked. 

"Not anymore!" Kellin shouted back. 

"What?! Kellin, I-" I was cut off. 

"Save it! You’re just some cheat. We're over!" 

"But Kellin, I didn't-"

"We. Are. Done! I don't want to see you anymore. You should just go home, back to California." Kellin shook his head and walked back to Justin and Jessica. They were both glaring at me. 

The creep chuckled and tried to kiss me again. I kicked him in his shin. "Don't EVER touch me again!" I roared at him. 

I felt tears stream down my face as I quickly tried to get out of this stupid ass club. 

I love Kellin so much! We can't just be over, can we? 

When I was finally outside of the club I went around the corner and cried behind the back of the club. I slid down the wall I buried my head into my hands. 

This is officially the worst night of my life. 


I continued to pack the rest of my stuff as I checked the time. I leave for California in two hours. 

All the memories of last night keep haunting me. I tried everything! I called Kellin, I texted him, I even came over to his house this morning. But of course he was at Justin's house. 

Jessica walked into my room. But she wasn't glaring at me. I told her this morning about what really happened and ever since then she has been trying to make me stay here in Florida. 

"Please don't go. You're one of my best friends. You can't leave." Jess said quietly. 

"I have to." I mumbled, zipping up my suitcase full of my clothes. I started to put all of my bathroom utilities in another suitcase. 

"No you don't! Stay, please!" she begged. 

"I can't! Kellin doesn't want me here anymore! Why don't you understand that! He hates me!" I shouted. I've been this was all day. I even yelled at my mom when I called to tell her I was coming home. She told me that my car was still in the LAX parking lot. I had completely forgotten that I had to drive myself back home once I get to California. 

"Tell Kellin what really happened!" Jess shouted back at me. 

"He won't listen! He doesn't care about me anymore! He told me that he never wants to see me again!" I screamed. I didn't notice tears were streaming from my eyes. The very same eyes Kellin said were beautiful… 

I sighed and wiped them away. "I love Kellin, Jess. I love him and I broke his heart." I murmured. I held onto the necklace he gave me with the 'K'. He hadn't taken it back. I don't know if he even will. 

Jessica shook her head. "Whatever…" she muttered and left the room, shutting the door behind her. 

I zipped up my last suitcase and sat on the bed. Here comes the waterworks. I started bawling my eyes out. 

I moved my hand to my neck and held the necklace. He's probably going to want this back. 

I don't want to go home. This is my home. I love Kellin, and Jess, and being here with them in Florida. Though Kellin hates me, Jess is pissed with me, and no one wants me here in Florida anymore. 

Before I knew it I had to leave. I heard the car horn of the taxi. I sighed and grabbed my bags. Jessica wasn't driving me. She was too pissed with me. 

Jessica was by the front door waiting for me. She was leaning against the doorframe and had her arms crossed over her chest. She was also glaring her green eyes at me. 

"Bye Jess." I mumbled. I tried to hug her but she pushed me away. 

"Just go already." she hissed. She walked into her room as I walked out of the house. 

I got into the taxi and told the driver to go to the airport. Must I add that it was also raining? It was. When does it ever rain in the summer time or freaking Florida? Oh yeah, all the time apparently because the author of this story doesn't know shit about Florida because she lives in Cali!

I leaned my head against the window as we drove closer and closer to the airport. It's too bad I wasn't outside where the rain would hide my tears because I was crying my eyes out. 

We finally pulled up into the airport parking lot. I gave him my money and walked into the airport.

I didn't the usual stuff. They checked me and my bags. It wasn't until I was at the gate when I saw Kellin running towards me. 

~Kellin's POV~

I ran into the airport, Justin following me quickly. It wasn't until thirty minutes ago did I realize that I needed to say goodbye to Sunny. I don't think we could get back together, but I needed to say goodbye. 

I saw Sunny. She was about to board the airplane. I ran over to her. Wow, this is like one of those really romantic and cheesy movies. "Sunny! Wait!" I shouted. 

I stopped in front of her, breathing hard. "Kellin! W-what are you doing here?" she stuttered. She only stutters what she's been crying. Crap, I've made her cry. 

"I needed to say goodbye. Sunny, I'm really sorry about the way we ended, but I just can't-" She cut me off. 

"No Kellin! Please just listen to me! Last night it wasn't what it looked like." 

"Fucking liar! Everyone says that!" I shouted. 

She shook her head. "Kellin, I'm gonna miss my fight. I gotta go."

"Wait," I said. She turned to me. "Gimme the necklace back." I choked out. 

She pulled it off her neck in an instant. Seconds later it was in my hands. "I love you Kellin." she mumbled, turning to leave. 

"I love you too, but you cheated. I can't be with a cheat. But don't you ever forget about me." I said. I hope she will always remember me. I'm always going to remember her for sure. 

And so those were my final words to her. I miss her already, but I'm never going to see her again…

Damn, life can be really fucking mean sometimes. 

~Sunny's POV~

Airplanes are hell. 

Airplane rides are worse. 

The flight attendants are bitches.

The passengers on the airplane are mean. Seriously, some woman laughed at me for crying. Who the fuck does that?!

I sat next to some guy about my age on the plain. He had black hair, a lip ring, headphones around his neck, and a frown. 

I looked him over and at the same time he was doing the same to me. "Hello, my name is Ben." the boy said, shaking me out of my thoughts. 

I nodded. "Hey Ben. I'm Summer, but no one calls me that. Just call me Sunny." I fake smiled. 

He fake smiled too. "Okay. Well, do you mind telling me why you are crying?" 

I shook my head. "Ben, do you know that feeling where you know you've met the one?" 

He nodded. "Yeah, I know that…" he mumbled, looking down at his hands. He was wearing a promise ring and had a tattoo with the name 'Zoey' on his wrists. His wrists also looked cut… 

"Well Ben, I just lost the love of my life because some guy kissed me while I was drunk. In front of him too. So now I'm here, regretting I even went to some party last night." I said, probably telling him too much. 

He smiled a real, genuine smile. "Don't worry. If it was meant to be you would find each other again one day." 

I nodded. "I hope so…"

The rest of the plain ride was silent. Ben was busy listening to his music while I was looking out the window. It wasn't raining anymore, but it was nighttime. At about midnight we landed.

I went through the usual routine and soon enough I was in my car, driving myself home. 

All was fine until I saw a bright light come straight towards me. I screamed, but who was there to here it? All I knew was that it didn't matter how much I screamed, I was dying. I saw the light and everything. And because of the way I felt, I was ready to die. 


I woke up in a hospital room. I was in a bed, in a gown, and covered in bandages and gauze. I thought I was dead… 

I opened my eyes even wider my eyes and saw my mom. She was smiling and sitting next to my bed. 

"Mom?" I mumbled. I hurt to speak. 

"Yes sweetie?" she shot up, smiling even bigger now that I was for sure awake. 

"What happened?" I asked. 

"Oh Sunny! You were in a car accident with a drunk driver." she answered. 

The doctor walked in and started speaking to my mother. I heard something about my memory from like the past whole year being gone. 

"Mom, what happened?" I asked once again, but this time I wanted a different answer. 

She chuckled. "I already told you sweetie, you were in a car wreck."

I slowly shook my head. "No, I mean what happened that I can't remember?" 

She sighed. "Nothing important. Don't worry."

"Okay Mom." 

She smiled once again and hugged me as well as she could. "I'm glad you are back in California, Sunny." 

I shook my head once more. "I don't like the nickname 'Sunny' anymore. Call me Summer again."

"Okay. Welcome home Summer."

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