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Chapter 7. Welcome Home (Part 2 of 3)

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A/N: Okay, this is part 2 of Welcome Home so remember that Kellin and Summer aren't 26 and are actually 17. Anyways, enjoy!

Welcome Home (Part 2 of 3)


Let me fill you in on what been happening lately before we get on with the story. Kellin and I have been attached at the hip ever since we met. Every morning around nine he will come over and we will hang out and do random shit all day. Then we would go home and talk on the phone all night. 

Jessica and I haven't been getting along all that well. She doesn't like that I spend all my time with my boyfriend. I mean, it won't be too long before I have to go back to California. I want to spend as much time as I can with Kellin. I think I might even love him. 

Now, let's get back to reality shall we?

I was just sleeping peacefully when I heard the doorbell ring. I groaned and looked at the time. Seven in the morning? Okay, that is not Kellin. So who is here?

Then it hit me. It's July fourth. Also my birthday. I'm seventeen! And today was the day my mom and sister Sierra were coming to visit here. They could finally get to meet Kellin. 

Today was going to be perfect! First my mom and my sister will get to meet Kellin, then Kellin is taking me shopping because he knows I freaking love shopping, then my mom is taking me, Jessica, and my sister out to dinner, and after that Jessica is going with Justin to some party then staying the night with him while my mom and sister stay at a hotel. That means Kellin and I get the whole house to ourselves. 

"Summer! Guess who's here!" Jess shouted happily. 

I raced into the living room to see my mom and sister standing there. I basically ran into the living room and hugged them. What can I say? I missed them. "I've missed you guys!" I cheered. 

"We've missed you too! And happy birthday!" my mom exclaimed. 

We sat down on the couch and I've told them everything that has happened since I came here… except that I met Kellin. That was going to be a surprise. 

We heard the doorbell ring and I raced to get it. "Who could that be at nine in the morning?" Sierra wondered. 

"You'll see." Jessica smirked. 

I opened the door and arms instantly wrapped around me, pulling me in for a hug. "Happy birthday Sunny!" Kellin shouted. 

I giggled and he let me go. "Thanks Kell and I have some people I want you too meet." I grinned. I held his hand and led him into the living room. 

I smiled as my mom and Kellin looked at each other. He smiled nervously at my mom. "Hello, I'm Sunny's boyfriend. I'm guessing you are her mother?" Kellin said. 

My mom slowly nodded while my sister gave me thumbs up. I was just standing there, grinning like an idiot. I didn't know what was going on until my mom stood up from the couch. "Well, Jessica is going to take Sierra and I to go look around Florida. I'll see you around six, okay sweetie?" my mom asked me. She didn't look very happy. 

I nodded and they left. I turned to Kellin and smirked. "So, where's my present?" I joked. 

He smiled. "When I come over tonight you will get it." I looked into his eyes and saw the excitement. 

"Okay. I'm gonna go get ready." I said as I ran into my room. I grabbed a clean tank top and threw it on. Next I looked for my shorts. I couldn't find them. Oh well, I'll just wear skinny jeans today. I slipped those on and grabbed my pink toms. I quickly did my makeup and put my hair in a messy bun with black strands of hair here and there. 

I ran back out of my room to find Kellin channel surfing. I giggled to myself when he cursed because he chose the wrong channel. He turned around, saw me, grinned, and winked. "You look beautiful, birthday girl." he mumbled loud enough for me to here. 

"Thanks." I mumbled back. He walked to me and kissed my forehead. He grabbed my hand and we went to go shopping. 


"These are awesome!" I exclaimed as I slid on black glasses Kellin bought me. 

He chuckled. "I'm glad you like them babe. So, I need to talk to you about something." 

We sat down at an empty table and I looked into his eyes. Was he going to break up with me? On my birthday? "What's wrong Kell?" I asked worriedly. 

He smiled which reassured me. "You don't have to worry babe. I just wanted to ask you if…" 

"If what?" I grabbed his hand, letting him know that I was okay with anything. 

He exhaled. "Look Sunny. I really don't want you leaving. I wanted to ask if you would stay here. Go to school here and stay with me." 

I gasped. Stay here? Of course I wanted to, but would Jess let me stay at her place? "Kellin, that so sweet. Of course, as long as Jess doesn't care if I move in." I smiled. 

He smiled big back at me. "Sunny, you can stay with me if she says no."  

"Thanks Kell. Umm… Kellin. I love you." I whispered. 

He hugged me, letting me take in his sent. He always smelt like either his Axe body spray or sweat from band practice. I didn't really care though. "I love you back. I fell in love with you from the moment we first kissed." he mumbled. 

It was official. I was head over heels in love with Kellin Bostwick. 


"So what do you and Kellin do today?" Sierra asked, winking at me. 

I blushed. "All we really did we go shopping. He bought me a bunch of things, like these sunglasses." I pointed to the glasses resting on my face. 

Jessica, my mom, my sister, and I were having dinner outside at this diner place. It was about seven in the evening and the sun was setting. It was beautiful, but the sun was bright. 

My mother groaned and rolled her eyes. "How long have you known this boy?" 

I shrugged. "Since the day I got here in Florida. He and Jessica's boyfriend came over for a movie night." 

"How serious are you guys?" she asked. 

"I don't know. Pretty serious actually. In fact, I have something to tell you Mom." I can't believe I'm about to tell her Kellin asked me to stay here. I feel like a bad girl instead of my usual sweet self. I like it!

"What do you need to tell me?" My mom looked so serious. She needs to loosen up. 

"Mom, Sierra, and Jessica, Kellin asked me to stay here." I exclaimed. 

Jessica and Sierra smiled. "I can't believe your staying! We could have a girl's night every night!" Jess cheered. 

"Aww! He's so sweet!" Sierra said. 

My mom looked at me with madness in her eyes. "What did you say?"

"I said I'm staying here with Kellin." I repeated, only with anger in my tone of voice. 

"Summer James Parker I forbid-" I cut my mom off. 

"You 'forbid' me to stay?" 

"Yes! What if this boy breaks up with you?!"

"He won't! He loves me!" I almost shouted. 

"And what makes you think that?!" she shot back at me in the same tone. 

I stood up. "He told me today! And I told him the same thing. You know what Mom? You don't even know Kellin like I do! You don't know what he's like or how he treats me! And you know that there is something wrong when your daughter would rather stay with her boyfriend than her mother!" And with that I stormed away. 

Who does she think she is?! She's just mad because she can't find love again! When I finally find the perfect person to be with she has to come in and try to ruin things!

I was just walking random streets until I got a call from someone. I took out my flip phone and answered quiet rudely. "Hello?!"

"Hey Sunny. Your mom and sister went back to there hotel. I'm going over to Justin's to get ready for the party. Have fun with Kellin tonight, okay?" Jessica said through the phone. 

I smiled, remembering Kellin and I had plans tonight. "Thanks Jess." 

"You’re welcome," she exclaimed. "I just want you to remember to use protection." she laughed. 

I sighed. I hope Kellin had bought protection. I didn't get any birth control or anything. What if he didn't? We're both virgins though, so can you get pregnant from your first time? I'm so stupid! Of course you can! "We'll be safe, okay?" I laughed along with her, even though my first time isn't anything to laugh about. 

"Okay. Goodbye." She hung up.

I texted Kellin to be at Jessica's place at around eight thirty. I got home as fast as I could and quickly made me room look nice and clean. Then I took and shower, dried, straightened, and teased my natural black hair that I never want to dye. After that I pulled on a cute black tank top and some cut off jean shorts. I did my make up and made sure my hair looked good once again. 

Then I looked at the tattoo on my chest. It is my first one and for now my only one. It is a small pink ribbon. My mom let me get it because my Aunt Jazz had died from breast cancer. She only died a bit over a year ago. 

My Aunt Jazz and I were the best of friends. She wasn't too much older than me. I was fifteen when she was twenty eight. I was almost as devastated when she died as when my brother and father died. I was so close to all three of them. 

Luckily my friends helped me deal with the pain. I remember how I met Blu, River, Ian, Zack, and Trent at the park just a few hours after the memorial service for my dad and brother. I told them everything and even cried in front of them. And now they are my best friends. We were even thinking about starting a band. 

Blu would play bass, River would play rhythm guitar, Ian would play lead guitar, Zack would play the drums, Trent would sell our merch when we are rich and famous, and I would supply the vocals. Blu says that we should name the band 'Sorry We're Late' because we are late to everything. That's a stupid name though. 

I heard a knock on the front door and I race out of my bathroom and to the door. I put on my smiled and opened it to find Kellin with a grin. In one hand he held a silver gift bag. In the other he had a bag with his closes for tomorrow and other stuff in that matter. 

I hugged him like I haven't seen him in forever. It felt like that too. And of course he hugged back with the same emotion and feelings. I pulled away, grabbed his hand, and brought him to the couch. He set down his stuff and handed me the gift, our hands never disconnecting. 

He smiled eagerly. "Happy birthday Sunny. I love you and I hope you really like what I got you." He squeezed my hand in anticipation. 

I chuckled. "I'm sure I'll love it no matter what it is." I said as I pulled some paper that was covering the present. I saw a little white box and pulled it out of the bag. I opened it and saw a gold necklace with the letter 'K' on it in diamonds. I gasped. "Kellin, this is so beautiful." I was in awe. 

"I'm so glad you like it! Now when you where it around your neck people will know you are 'Kellin's girl'." He smiled and kissed my cheek. 

"Oh Kellin. This must have cost so much!" I couldn't believe that he would spend so much money on me, but I wasn't arguing. This necklace was amazing. 

"It doesn't matter how much it cost babe, as long as you like it." He put the necklace around my neck and hugged me. 

"This better be waterproof because I'm never taking it off." I whispered. 

He chuckled and pulled away. "It is. So… you wanna go to your room now or…?" He blushed. 

I blushed too as I nodded. He grabbed his bag and we walked hand in hand to my bed room. We both had big ass grins playing on our lips. He set his stuff down near my bed as I shut and locked the door. We both awkwardly sat on my bed and looked into each others eyes. 

"Umm… so I got condoms incase you were wondering. I knew that you didn't want to get birth control so…" He trailed off. He's so frickin' cute when he is nervous. 

I, stilling grinning like a madman, nodded slowly. "Thank you. So…" I trailed off as we leaned into each other. Our lips met and we kissed gently but passionately. We pulled away, our eyes looking straight at each others lips. We both noticed we were still smiling. 

We leaned in again. Right before our lips met for the second time tonight he mumbled something against my lips. "You have all of my heart Sunny. Always and forever. I love you." 

"I love you back." I whispered. 

We kissed, the kiss growing deeper and deeper. It got more passionate by the second. It was also getting more and more hot by the second. We laid down, him on top of me. 

I couldn't believe this. I was in love and only falling deeper into it. I hope Kellin felt the same way about me. I hope he knows he has all of my heart too.

A/N: Picture in the side bar is the necklace. It is really pretty! So, I hope you guys liked this chapter. Next one coming soon. In the meantime can I get three votes and four comments? If so then thank you! So, I will catchyalater!


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