Chapter 25. Don't Cut, Carolyn

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Don't Cut, Carolyn

Song: Carolyn by Black Veil Brides


"But isn't that going to be hard since you're always touring or with Summer?" Bethany had an evil smirk on her face.

I shook my head. "No, because Summer is going to be apart of Scarlett's life too."

"How are you so sure?"

"I just am."

She sighed. "Kellin, you know that you two aren't going to work out. She is going to most likely end up killing herself. Her left wrist has cuts on it under that tattoo of hers. She looks insanely skinny for a twenty-six year old. Everything about her screams out dying! She won't live past Scarlett being one year old!" Beth hissed at me.

My eyes widened. I hated what she had just said. Summer wasn't dying. But that made me realize three things. One, her wrists haven't been looking too well. Two, she is awfully skinny. And three, there's something she isn't telling me.

"Bethany, I'd suggest that you stop saying those things about her. You act like you are so perfect yourself. Well you aren't! So maybe you are well off and don't go around hurting yourself, but you don't know what she's been through. She lost her dad and older brother in a fire, she lost her aunt to breast cancer, she was in a car crash for God's sake! So yes, if she looks like she's dying there is a reason why! But I'm here to stay because Summer and I are in a relationship that's worth fighting for, and when you're in a relationship like this you can't just be the only one fighting. I have to be there for her, because I know what it's like to have no one there for me during my darkest days. So, do you still think she's just some cutter with an eating problem who won't live past another year?" I hissed.

She smirked, leaned in close to me, gave me an evil look, and then spoke. "Yep." she answered.

"Beth," I said. "You are terribly mistaken. Open up your eyes, shut your mouth, and stop being stupid. Summer is the greatest person I've ever met. I can't image life without her, I don't know how I managed it up until this point, and I surely don't see how I managed with you."

Her mouth hung open. This was when Mason and Summer walked in. I stood to my feet, grabbed Summer, and fled the house as fast as we could. I don't want to look at Beth's face anymore for a long time.


It was the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep. I was still pissed the fuck off. I got through the day without telling Summer what happened, but she expects me to tell her in the morning when she wakes up. If not, I'm a dead man.

"I almost told you that I loved you. Thank God I didn't because it would've been a lie. I say the damnedest things, when you're on top of me. I almost told you that I loved you!" Papa Roach blared through Summer's iPhone. God, it makes me jealous of how she fangirls over that band.

Summer stayed sound asleep so I answered it. "Hello?" I whispered into the phone.

"Hey dude," Zack's tired but worried, sad, and scared voice filled my ears quietly. "I know it's insanely late, but is Summer there?"

I felt a pang in my chest. Why would he be calling at midnight if everything were okay? I asked myself this as I gently woke up Summer.

She opened her tired, beautiful eyes and sat up, running them. "Kellin, what's up?" she asked. Her eyes traveled to her phone.

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