Chapter 23. Meeting the Family

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A/N: Hello! This chapter is dedicated to @LittleBrokenMe because she helped me with the names of this persons siblings! Also, has anyone seen the #RIPKellinQuinn or #KellinQuinnHatesNiggas around like on twitter or instagram. That was trending I think a week ago. I still don't know what's up with that so can someone fill me in? Thanks and continue reading! P.S. sorry for any errors! xP

Meeting the Family

Song: A Trophy Father's Trophy Son by Sleeping With Sirens

Picture: Love Fearlessly tattoo


I stirred as I felt something, more likely someone, straddling my naked body and kissing my neck. It was a bit cold in my bedroom, but their body heat kept me warm. There was also a comforter and sheets lying on top of our bodies.

I opened my eyes and felt warm lips on mine as I began to wake up from my peaceful sleep. I immediately kissed the beautiful creature that I had the pleasure of spending such a wonderful night with back. Summer James Parker.

She let out a soft, cute moan before pulling away from the kiss. "Morning Kell..." she whispered against my lips, pressing her forehead against mine.

I grinned widely. "Morning beautiful." I pecked her lips lightly.

She giggled. "Thank you for last night. Everything was really sweet. The necklace, the dinner, watching you suffer through Twilight. And then having sex..." Summer trailed off, winking at me.

I grinned. "I know. Last night was amazing. You're great."

She smiled. "You're better." she mumbled against my lips before kissing them. She pulled away and slipped out of the bed. She quickly found her black, lace panties but couldn't find her tank top. Not to mention that my bedroom was cold. Watching her walk around topless looking desperately for her shirt was making "me" wake up...

Finally she just opened my closet and pulled out one of my Anthem Made sweatshirts. She pulled it on and moved back over to the bed. She kissed my forehead while I smiled at her... everything. What can I say? This girl is beautiful.

"I'm gonna go make breakfast. What do you want?" she asked.

"You." I winked. She cutely rolled her eye. "Umm... waffles?" I suggested.

She smiled and nodded. "Okay. You go take a shower while I make them." She walked out of the room and down the stairs to make me breakfast.

I smiled and shook my head as I got out of bed. I trudged to the bathroom and started the shower. I stepped in, sighing happily as the warm water hit my cold skin. I couldn't help but wish Summer was taking this with me. I know, I'm a horn-dog right now. Can you blame me though?!

Summer is so gorgeous. Her long, black, wavy hair frames her face perfectly. Her face is clear, her lips are soft, her cheekbones are amazing, and her eyes are memorizing. Her voice is like an angel's. I'm jealous of how low she can sing. Her skin is super smooth and I love how she is as white as snow. She's my little Snow White.

I also love her short height. Her long legs. Her D sized chest. Her perfect round ass. Her amazing...

I shook my head and began to wash my hair. I needed to get those thoughts out of my head by the time I take her to meet my family today.

But damn did I miss her! I know she's only downstairs, but I've missed her and needed her so much these past few months.

That's it. I turned off the water and quickly dried myself off. I pulled on my boxers, jeans, and black tee. I hung up my towels and ran out of the bathroom.

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