Chapter 22. Very Romantic Night

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Very Romantic Night

Song: Wishlist by The Ready Set

*December 2, 2012*


I hugged Pinto's body. "I'm gonna miss you Pinto." I said to my friend, Ellie. Although, everyone calls her Pinto. And she calls me Kiko. Those are our undercover nicknames that we have had since we were little and she still lived in California. 

I've spent the past week here in Scotland with her, her brother Jacobi, and her parents. I told her all about touring the UK. It was amazing! I had never seen so many sights before. And I met some pretty sweet and dedicated fans. It was unbelievable. 

And now I'm at an airport Scotland, saying goodbye to one of my best friends and her family. It was sad, since I hadn't seen her in forever. But now I'm going home with Kellin. I get to meet his family and Beth. This will be good, right? I really want to stay with Kellin, so this is what I have to do. Even though it might kill me to meet his ex girlfriend and mother of his first kid. 

"You too, Kiko!" Pinto said to me, giving my body a tight squeeze. 

We let go and I waved to her and her family. Her family was amazing. Her brother was a great artist. He even painted a picture of me this past week. Their mother is lovely. She baked me whatever I asked for, she gave me a nice clean room to sleep in, and she even gave me a haircut. My hair went from being down to my waist to reaching the top of my stomach. My hair still looks scene though. 

And her dad. Her dad reminds me so much of mine. Kind, caring, and has musical talent. They looked the same too. They also had the same birthday, him and my dad. It's weird. April 24th. Wait, that's Kellin's birthday too, isn't it? Yeah, it is. Okay, that's creepy. 

I began to walk to the gate. I looked around and everything was in slow motion. It's like life paused just so I could look at everyone's faces. Study them. Get to know them as if I'll ever see them again. 

I walked onto the plane and sat down in my seat. I rubbed my eyes and groaned. I hate planes. Hate them. 

An elderly couple sat down next to my. They were smiling, holding hands, just acting like lovers. They reminded me of my parents when I was young. These strangers are just older.

I remember when I was little. My parents were so in love, like they just got married or something. That's why my mom can't find another man to love. When my dad died that was it for her. 

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I wanted someone to be here with me. I hated being alone in public places. Almost as much as I hate sleeping alone. This might be too much information but sometimes I will make Blu sleep in my bunk with me. But who cares? We are best friends. 

I plugged in my earbuds and pressed shuffle on my iPod. 'Dakota' by A Rocket To The Moon came on. That reminded me about Ian and his girlfriend, Dakota. 

Dang! Why is everything reminding me of love?

I sank into my seat and listened to the music as I slowly fell asleep. 


I slowly took a drag from Zack's cig. Yes, smoking is bad for you, I know. But who cares? I'm just an eighteen year old looking for the rest of my life. I'm fresh out of high school, I have no job, I have no plan for the future. Perfect, right?

I handed the cigarette back to Zack. He took it and took a drag and looked at the empty park ahead of us. 

"Zack?" I asked. 

"Yeah Sum?"

"What am I supposed to do for the rest of my life? I have nothing planned." I whispered. 

"Whatever you want to do Summer. There is no limit." He spoke calmly as he crashed the rest of the cig. 

"Wise words, but for me they aren't true. You know that."

He chuckled. "I don't know anything, besides that someday our bad will be huge."

"That's your dream?" I asked. Our band wasn't even an official band. We never practice and write songs. If anything we'll be a cover band. 

"Nope. That is our future."


Zack's words replayed in my head from when we were younger as I walked through the airport in New York. We just landed. Now I need to find my flight to Michigan. 

There it is! I basically ran to the gate. We landed a bit late here do I couldn't waste any time. I had to catch my second flight. 

While waiting I pulled out my phone and called Kellin. 

"Hello?" he answered. 

"Hey Kellin!" I piped up. 

"Summer! Where are you? Are you in Michigan yet?"

I smiled. "Nope, but I will be there in a few hours. I just really miss you!" I gushed. 

I heard him chuckle. "Aww! That’s sweet Summer. I miss you too. I'm kind of cleaning up the house right now though…" he said shyly. 

I giggled. It's cute; his house is messy so he is running wild to make it look nice for me. "Okay. I'll call you when I get there Kell. I love you." I said. 

"I love you too. Later Summer."

"Bye." I hung up the phone. I boarded the airplane and sat in my seat. Two other girls sat in their seats next to me. One gasped. I looked over and eyed her curiously. 

"Oh my gosh! You're Summer James Parker!" the blonde one shirked with excitement. 

The red-haired one rolled her eyes. "Sorry," she said to me. "Maddie is kind of a weirdo. I'm Bella by the way."

I shrugged and smiled. "It's totally okay."

"You're dating Kellin Quinn!" the blonde one, apparently named Maddie, shouted. 

I shifted. Is that really all she cared about? I'm in a band, I'm a surfer, I'm meeting her right now, and she gives a shit about is that I'm dating another musician. I nodded. "Yeah, I am."

"OMG! Is he a good-" Bella's hand flew over Maddie's mouth before she said kisser. 

"Maddie, shut up!" Bella hissed to her. 

I stood up. "Umm, I'm gonna go use the washroom. I'll be back in a sec." I shuffled to the bathrooms and closed the door. I groaned loudly. 

Okay, let me get one thing straight. I love my fans with all my heart. They are really something special. They keep me going with my music career. But I have to sit by a girl who only cares that I'm with someone who is also in a band. You would be just as stressed as me.  

I built up enough courage and walked out, sitting back in my seat. The whole flight consisted of Maddie asking about Kellin and her friend Bella trying to shut her up. Wonderful, right?


~KC's POV~

I punched the bedroom wall for the third time. "She hates me!" I shouted. 

My sister Mia put he hand on my shoulder to hold me back from a fourth punch. "Kevin, stop." she ordered calmly, using my real first name. 

"Bro," my friend, and Mia's boyfriend, Mike said from behind us. "She doesn't hate you."

"Yes she does! What do you know anyways?!" I screamed at him. These people know nothing about my life. They don't know anything about me or how I feel. 

"I think his anger management problems are starting up." Mia whispered to Mike. What did he just say?

I turned to them. "Get out!"

"Dude, calm down!" Mike said sternly. 

"Out! I don't want to see you guys ever again!" I pushed Mia's hand off my shoulder. 

"No. You need us here. We don't want you to start drinking again." Mia said. 

"I don't care! Out!" I roared. 

Mia, tears now running down her cheeks, left in a hurry. Mike on the other hand shook his head in disbelief and left the room slowly. 

That's when I ran to my closest. I grabbed a small bottle of vodka from my hidden stash and put it to my lips. I turned and looked in the mirror. Seeing me like this was insane. I glared at the reflection. 

"Look what you have done Summer." I hissed to no one. "Here I am, alone, heartbroken, drinking my troubles away. And you. You are on tour. You are in love with that stupid rock star. You broke my heart and don't even care." 

I then threw the now empty bottle at the mirror, smashing both to pieces. I bent over and grabbed a shard of glass that came off the mirror. I slowly ran in across my wrist. Then I did it again, but faster and a bit deeper. Then one more just like the second but faster. I moved to my legs to make longer cuts. I did four. Two vertical ones going down each leg, starting at my knees. 

I smiled to myself. If Summer doesn't want me to be safe then I will give her what she wants. 


~Kellin's POV~

I placed one more candle by the bed. There, now that's what I call romantic. Tonight I wanted to do something special for Summer, to show her that after nine years I still love her. 

First when I pick her up I will give her a necklace I bought her. It's not her Christmas gift, but I just thought she would like it. It's a silver necklace with a key on it. I guess you could call it the key to my heart. Cheesy, I know. But it's also cute. I know she will like it. (A/N: Pic of the necklace in the side.)

When we get home I will give her a tour of the house, leaving out the bedroom of course. 

Then we will eat. I have prepared food for her. Since she is a vegetarian I made us pasta with my step dad’s secret sauce. I put a candle in the middle of the dining table and the plates are set. I also have an iHome out so I can play quiet and romantic music while we are eating. During dinner we can also catch up and talk about our tours. And to top that of I bought wine. 

After that we will watch her favorite movie. Twilight, the first one. I know, Twilight sucks, but she loves it. I don't know why. Who wants to be with a sparkly vampire? Well, I guess she would since she loves sparkly things. Even her phone case is sparkly. 

And last but not least, we will "go to bed" if you know what I mean. I have at least eight candles set up in the bedroom, ready to be lit. I also have another iHome in there so we could listen to romantic music as well. This all depends on if she wants to… do it though. I'm not trying to pressure her or anything, but I just think that we are both feeling it and we should connect in the way. 

I checked the time. 8:00 PM. Time to go pick her up. I grabbed my cell phone and car keys. I got into my car and started driving while trying to call her. After too rings, she answered her cell. 

"Hey Kellin." she groaned. 

"Whoa. What's wrong?" I asked, forgetting to say hi or to tell her that I'm on my way. 

"I met a fan on the airplane here." 

"That sounds cool." 

"It wasn't. She didn't even care about my music! All she cared about was that you and I were together!"

I faked frowned. "Aww! It's okay; I know something that will cheer ya up."

"Oh yeah?" she asked. 

"I'm on my way to the airport. I'll be there in about twenty minutes." 

She squealed. "Yay! I can't wait to see you! I'll be in the Starbucks."

"Okay, see you there. Bye babe."

"Bye Kell."

~Summer's POV~

I hung up and continued to drink my tea as I leaned back in my seat. I was seriously just going to derp around until Kellin got here. There’s nothing to do. 

Then I remembered about what’s in one of my suitcases. I had that black lingerie that Blu had gotten me. I sighed. Could I really wear that? I already know that if I wore it in front of Kellin I would turn red from embarrassment. And what if he didn't want to… you know. 

What if he did but didn't have protection?

What if he didn't and made myself look like a fool?

What if we both did, he had protection, and everything just went smoothly?

I like the third option the best. I suddenly saw all black as hands covered my eyes. 

He leaned down and I felt his breath on my neck. "What's your favorite scary movie?" Kellin whispered in a creepy voice. 

I smiled. "The Women In Black. Yours?" I joked. 

He uncovered my eyes and I saw him for the first time in awhile. He was wearing an Anthem Made shirt and his black skinny jeans. He had on TOMS and his hat on backwards. The hat I always steal. He also had on his jean jacket with another one under it. Not to mention he was wearing the biggest smile ever. 

He looked way better dressed then myself. All I had on were my new black and sparkly TOMS, my almost-black skinny jeans, a Black Veil Brides shirt that Ashley gave me, and a jacket with fake fur in it to keep me warm. I would never wear real fur, or real leather. 

"Hey…" His smile only grew bigger as he scratched the back of his neck like things were awkward or something. 

I set my cup on the table and jumped into his arms, inhaling the aroma of his wonderful smelling cologne. At the same time he was inhaling my perfume. It smells like vanilla, his favorite. 

"Summer, I've missed you so much!" he mumbled into my neck. He then lifted me off the ground and I naturally wrapped my legs around his waist. We were having a total romantic moment in the middle of Starbucks. 

I pulled away and hopped to the ground. He leaned down to me and pecked my lips. I wish the kiss lasted longer, but he pulled away. 

"I've missed you too!" I giggled. I pulled him back down to my level and caressed his lips with mine. He kissed back instantly. 

He pulled away and dug into his pocket. He then pulled out a little black box with a tiny bow. He grinned and handed it to me. 

I took it from his hands and raised an eyebrow. "Kellin, what's this?" I asked. 

"Open it and find out." He winked at me. 

I slowly opened it and saw a silver necklace with a key on it. I smiled at it widely as I took it out of the box and set the box on the table. "Kellin, it's beautiful. Thank you so much." I mumbled, still admiring it. 

He gently took it from my hands and hung it around my neck. He kissed my forehead. "You look beautiful."

I grabbed his hand. "Thank you Kellin. Now, let's get home shall we?" 


"So you like your food?" Kellin asked between laughs. 

I was scarfing down my pasta, so what? "I haven't had anything to eat in the past twelve hours!" I moaned, sipping some of the wine he bought. 

I finished my food at the same time he did. I showed him my tattoos, I told him about the UK tour, he told me about the Collide With The Sky Tour, it was great. We even talked about Beth a bit. She's now five months along. 

After dinner we watched Twilight. My eyes were glued to the screen, but I'm pretty sure Kellin's weren't. I bet he hates the Twilight Saga. Speaking of Twilight, I can't believe Kristen Stewart! How could she cheat on Rob with someone who is like twenty years older than her and who is also married?! That's just gross. 

The movie finally ended and we cleaned up, since there was popcorn on the couch. 

"So, if you want to get into your pajamas you can us that bathroom down the hall," Kellin said, pointing to a door. "I'll be upstairs putting on mine in the room I didn't show you. Meet me up there, okay?" 

I nodded. 

He went upstairs in a rush as I started digging through my luggage. I grabbed myself an upside-down cross Anthem Made tank top that went down to my thighs so it covered my stuff, and the… lingerie and ran into the bathroom. 

I quickly threw my "sleepwear" on and looked in the mirror. My hair was in a loose bun. I took it out and smiled. Exhaling, I left the bathroom and put my clothes in the laundry room. Surprisingly, his house is very warm for it being winter. 

I was shaking at the fact that when he sees me my idea could go terribly wrong. Or it could go perfectly right. I soon made my way upstairs and saw that his bedroom door was now open. There was a faint light coming from it. Faint music coming from it too. Slow, romantic music. Like the music during dinner. Was he…

I walked into the bedroom and saw him, shirtless, and in his boxers. There were candles placed around the room. His phone was playing soft music. He was thinking what I was thinking. 

He saw me and grinned. "Well, don't you look sexy." 

I smirked like I'd done this before and walked over to him in an oh so sexy manner. "You look fairly sexy yourself." I winked. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands made there way to my waist. In five seconds we had got from a whole room apart to less than an inch apart. He kept that grin on his face and he leaned down to me and kissed my neck. 

I tugged his hair, making him growl. "Kellin…" I moaned.

He bit the skin on my neck before kissing my shoulders. "Yeah?" he breathed out. 

I pulled away from him and pulled of my tank top. I let my slut-wear show, making his eyes pop out and his mouth water. It was small, making my boobs almost pop out of the top. It was lacy. It was black. It made Kellin basically drool as he stared at me with him mouth hanging open. 

With a sudden wave of bravery hitting me in the face I moved back over to him, pushed him on the bed, crawled on top of him, and pinned him down. 

This was going to be a fun night. 

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