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Chapter 15. Soul Surfer: Band Style

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Soul Surfer: Band Style

Song: Umbrella by All Time Low (Cover)

*Sunday, July 29th*


It's been a couple weeks since I turned down Kellin. Normally I would figure things to be weird between us, but they haven't. It's like he has became my best friend. He doesn't try to make moves on me or anything like that. Being just friends isn't bad or really awkward. We hang out and have fun. Sadly, no romance in it at all. But I really don't need a relationship right now. This summer has just really been hectic. Kellin and I can wait if we are really meant to be together. Like I said, being just friends isn't all that bad or awkward.

Like today, we are in sunny Florida and I asked Kellin to hang out at the beach today with the rest of my band and I. We were going to go surfing, swim, and just hang out. As just friends. And today is the perfect day to hang out since we both don't perform today.

I slipped on some black short shorts and a neon green tank top over my pink bikini. I pulled my wavy, longish, black hair in a loose pony tail. I need to get a hair cut soon...

I grabbed my blue and purple surfboard from the trailer and moved it onto the bus with the rest of my bands' and crews'. Well, besides Blu and Steve. They never learned how to surf. With me growing up in California all my life I always wanted to learn. When I was thirteen I finally got to.

I grabbed my phone off of the counter and slipped it into my back pocket. I then put on my rainbow checkered sunglasses and Kellin's hat. Yep, I still have it. Every once in awhile he takes it away from me though. Hehe...

"Hey Summer," River called from the back lounge. He was wearing a white tank top and his swim trunks. As always, he looked sexy. Why must he like men? "We are all ready to go down to the beach. You ready?"

I shook my head. "Hold on, I wanna go see if Kellin, Jesse, Justin, Gabe, and Jack are still coming with us. I'll be right back." I yelled to him as I ran out of the bus.

I was insanely happy. I can wait to show Kellin my surfing skills! I'm really good so I hope I impress him.

I knocked on the SWS bus door and Justin answered it. "Hey Summer!" he greeted me. He looked me over and grinned. "Well, don't you look pretty." He winked.

I loved how we always joked like this. He never failed to make me smile. "Thanks! You look..." I looked him over. He wasn't in swimwear. I thought they were coming to the beach with us. "Sexy as usual." I joked, winking back.

Justin moved out of the way and I hopped onto the bus. I saw all the guys except for Jesse and Kellin. I gave them confused looks. All they did was point to the back lounge. I guess that's where they are! I walked down the row of bunks and saw that the back door was shut, but I heard faint murmurs so that must be them.

Instead of nicely knocking I opened the door quickly, only to see Jesse's and Kellin's heads turn to me instantly. I smiled my signature fake smile as I saw that they weren't in their swim trunks either. I thought I texted Kellin the time we would be leaving. Maybe I didn't. No, I did, I remember. So why aren't they ready? Kellin promised that we would hang...

"Hey Kellin! Sup Jesse?" I said with fake happiness dripping in my tone.

They smiled back. "Sup Summy?" Jesse said instantly. He nicknamed me 'Summy' about a week ago. It made me blush for some stupid reason.

I giggled as Kellin spoke. "Oh, hey Summer." He smiled.

"Kellin, I thought-" I was cut off.

"Uh, Jesse! Could you give us a second?" Kellin asked quickly.

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