Just A Friend In The Shadows of All Time Low

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Hey guys! So this isn't a new chapter. But guess what! I have uploaded the first chapter of 'Just A Friend In The Shadows of All Time Low', my Alex Gaskarth story. You should check it out! Summer will be in it, since her and Hailee Dallas, the main character of that story, are best friends. Here is the link for Wattpad on an iPod, iPhone, etc. http://www.wattpad.com/story/2064931-just-a-friend-in-the-shadows-of-all-time-low-alex

Also, the link is in the external link thing! I promise you all, you will love it! I mega promise you! And I will update soon too! 

Thanks for reading this story and for checking out my Alex G. story if you do. 


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