Chapter 44. Three Cheers For One Year

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A/N: Fun fact: I really, really, really like Christian Coma. Seriously, CC is probably my favorite BVB member. He is amazing at playing the drums, super funny, and his face >>>

Also, sorry for some screw ups I have made with this story. Like, things not making sense, not knowing much about piercings (I'm more of a tattoo person), saying Summer was hit by a drunk driver and one that was texting, or anything else. To clear things up Summer's wrist piercings is retired, she was hit by a drunk driver, her cousin Jessica committed suicide, her mom and sister are still around, her sister is a lawyer, married, and has three kids (that's why she's not in this a lot). So there you go guys. Anyway, read on. 

Three Cheers For One Year

Song: Low by Sleeping With Sirens (I know this song doesn't really have anything to do with the chapter, but it's so good!)

Picture: Summer's ring. 


I tightened my grip around my fiancée. But still, she was coming out of my grip. Someone was pulling her away from me. This made me frown. She's mine. What's so hard to understand?

"Don't take her," I begged. She was lifeless, dreaming away in my arms. Limp. Was she sleeping or dead? I stood, holding her body. I couldn't tell. I didn't want to know. 

The room was all white. No windows. No colors. Only a huge light hanging from the ceiling, lighting up the white room. 

The invisible person continued to tug on her. "It's time… let go…"

"What?! Time for what?!" I questioned. Who was I asking, really? The nobody? Myself? Summer?

"Kellin, stop fighting it… it's time she comes with us."

The mystery person was starting to scare me. Wherever she goes, I go. Period. 

"No… no. I don't care who you are or wherever you plan on taking her. She's not going anywhere," I muttered. 

The invisible person chuckled. "Would you rather let her be free, or trap her?"


"She did this to herself. Don't you think she wanted to be free?"


"Yes. Exactly. It's time to let your angel go."

Summer's body was pulled from my arms slowly. No matter how hard I tried to get her back, I couldn't. I couldn't move. I was letting her go and I wasn't ready. 

I never saw her chest moved up and down. I never saw color in her face. I never saw her open her eyes, or even move. I got my answer. Yes, she was sleeping. No, she wouldn't wake up. 

"Why?" I asked quietly. Why was she leaving me? "I did… everything to protect her… why?" I wanted to cry. 

"She could no longer take it… the only way to find peace was to bring it herself," the wise voice told me. 

"But… how could she? How could she leave me?" A tear, one single tear, streamed down my face. 

The voice chuckled. "Kellin, she never has left you and never will leave. She will forever be in your heart and by your side."

"But… Summer," I sobbed. 

"Kellin," a sweet voice spoke.

"Summer?" I was the only person in the room. Summer's body was no longer visible, and the mystery person never was.

"Kellin…" Summer's voice filled the empty, white room. 

"Summer," I cried out. "Summer!"


My eyes opened and I quickly sat up. I hot, sweaty, and sticky. My shirt was off my body, but my boxers and pajama pants were covering my lower half. Summer was sat next to me. She must have woken me up by calling my name. No wonder I heard her name in my dream. Well, nightmare. 

Summer looked concerned. She gently rubbed my shoulders. "Kells, babe… you okay? Nightmare?" she wondered.

I shook my head, running my fingers through my hair. I pushed my sweaty hair out I my face. "Nah, it was nothing. I'm fine." Lie. My eyes fell onto her ring finger and the shiny diamond there. Oh yeah, the happened last night didn't it?

Summer noticed my gaze and giggled. "Admiring my ring?" she joked. 

I smiled at her. "Oh of course, Summer," I teased. 

She rolled her eyes and flipped her bed hair in a prissy manor. "Whatever," she muttered like a snob. Though I know she is anything but a snob. 

I laughed and pressed small kisses to her shoulder. Summer managed to calm me down from my dream. I'm so lucky. "I love you," I mumbled against her smooth skin.

"I love you too. You remember what day it is?"

I grinned bigger than ever before, nodding. "Scar's first birthday. I can't wait to celebrate!"

Yes, my daughter is finally one year old. They grow up so fast! I remember when she was first born. She was just a tiny thing with big eyes and little tufts of hair on her head. Now she's bigger - but still small nonetheless- and has longer, blacker hair. She still needs to grow into her eyes though. She makes me laugh and smile everyday. When I'm home I love falling asleep and waking up to her. When I'm gone I count down until I get to FaceTime with her. I love her so much, it's crazy! I know a fathers love for his daughter is supposed to be humongous, but my love for her is out of this word big! I've already decided that she will not date boys until she is twenty-five, she will not kiss boys until she is forty-two, will not get married until she's eighty, and will never ever lose her virginity. I can make sure of this. I know how to handle a gun. 

I know she's only one year old, but I don't like the thought of her growing up. In a year she'll be two. In two she'll be three. In three she'll be four. In fifteen she'll be sixteen. The average American teen girl loses her v-card at sixteen! In fact, with the way things are going, I but by the time she's sixteen the average age an American girl loses her virginity will be something like thirteen. It's sick, if you ask me. Too many young girls are giving themselves and something so important away, without even thinking, to some boy who doesn't even care! That's why my daughter will STAY AWAY from boys. 

What can I say? I'm overprotective. 

Summer crawled out of bed and drug her tired body to the bathroom. She shut the door and locked it. It wasn't long before I heard the shower and her shout out, "Ah! Hot water…"

I chuckled at her silly ways. I climbed out as well. I walked out of mine and Summer's bedroom and to Scarlett's room. The white clock and her purple bedroom wall said it was 8:47 AM. Too early, right? Right. 

I walked up to her crib and gently picked up my sleeping beauty. She reminds me of a cat when she sleeps. A fluffy, adorable one. One who wears cute onesies with pink sock monkeys on the feet. Her hair is everywhere in the morning, going off North, East, West, and South. She is usually curled up in a ball. And when she is woken up she slowly does it, just like a cat. Scar the cat. Better call up Alan. 

"Alright, baby girl. You know what day it is today?" I asked her. She was starting to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes. 

I continued, staring into her eyes that were just like mine. "You are one year old today! Yay!"

She giggled at me. "Dada!" Her voice is so precious. It's the cutest voice I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot. 

I kissed her nose gently and carried her back into my room. There I sat down on my bed and held Scarlett, waiting for Summer to finish her shower. 


It was around noon when everyone came over. And by everyone, I mean everyone. More people than last night. A lot of Kellin's family came over. I even got to meet his cousin, Ciera. We have a lot in common. I think we are going to have a beautiful friendship. 

My band members came over, Mom, and Hailee also came over. Kellin's band mates came as well. Earlier he got a call from Beth saying to tell Scar happy birthday and that Beth, Mason, and her family will celebrate Scar turning one next weekend. 

It's now currently 3:30 in the afternoon. Everyone is up, talking, and eating cake (except for Kellin who is cleaning it off of Scarlett). Blu and I are sat on the couch, chatting. She's been jittery today. Probably because she ate a bunch if sugar today. All she's been eating is chocolate. She showed up with a candy bar in her hand, ate three slices of the chocolate cake, and is at the moment eating a bag of M&Ms. 

"You know, I can't believe he proposed again," Blu said quietly. 

I shrugged. "Yeah, I know. Hopefully it will work this time. I don't plan on screwing things up."

She smiled. "You didn't screw anything up the last time! You two just weren't ready. You are now, though. When do you want to have the wedding?"

I chuckled. "Blu, he just asked me last night!" I exclaimed. 

She rolled her eyes, popping a few M&Ms in her mouth. "SJ, so what if you just asked you?"

I sighed. True. "Well, we do already have a few things planned from when we were engaged before. Like how many people we want there, we will be walking me down the aisle, the wedding colors, and things like that. I don't want to plan much right now, considering we just got engaged again," I explained. She nodded, understanding. "I think I know two things I want to plan right now, though." A smirk crept its way onto my face. 

She raised her eyebrows. "Yeah?"

"One is when I want it. Back when Kellin and I met, it was the bringing of summer break. So, I was thinking early June. Maybe the first weekend of June. That will give us three and a half months or so to plan the rest, since we already have two months worth of planning down from our last engagement.

"The other thing is something I want to make sure of right now. I do need Kell's opinion on the date, but not this. Blu, you are my best friend of all time. You're closer to me than my sister! You've always been there for me. Yeah, Hailee, Ivy, Honor, Willow, Marina, Bre, and the other girls are all my best friends too, but you are more than that. You are like my sister. That's why I want to make sure of this now. Blu-"

"Shut up," she hissed. But not like she was mad. It was like she couldn't believe it. She probably could already tell what I was going to ask her. She was smiling and bouncing with joy and excitement. 

"Blu, will you be my maid of honor?" My smile widened as the words slipped out. 

She squealed, nodding. People turned to glance at us, but they didn't seem to care much. "Duh!"

I giggled. "Thank you. I hope you realize being a maid of honor is a big thing. You've got a big job. Bigger than my grandpa, the person giving me away." I was the maid of honor in my sister's wedding. I know that it's a lot of work being one. You're like the boss of all the bridesmaids. You have to make sure nothing is wrong with the bride, what she's wearing, or anything. You have to give a speech, hold your bouquet and the brides during the ceremony, and you are the last one the walk down the aisle before the bride. It's a big job, but also an amazing honor. I guess that's why they call it the "maid of honor". 

"Don't worry, babe! I'll be the best maid if honor ever! I'm just glad I'm apart of the wedding!" 

"Are you kidding me?" I laughed. "Blu, what made you think you wouldn't be apart of the wedding?" 

She shrugged. "I don't know. What if something comes up that interferes with the wedding or something?"

"Like what?" I wondered. 

"I, umm… look, I've got something to tell you." Blu was still happy. She did sound worried, but I doubt this is something big. No matter what, she is going to be my maid of honor, even if she is in her pajamas during the whole thing!"

"What is it?" I quizzed. 

"Well… ya see… sometimes two people like to… hmm…" She was smiling too big to speak. What's going on?

"Spill it!" I begged. 

She squirmed around and giggled. Sometimes, I swear, she is an eight year old girl. "Okay, okay. So last night, after the concert and after we had that little celebration party, I went back to the hotel that the dudes, Hailee, and your mom are staying at. Ian and Zack are sharing a room, your mom and Hailee are sharing one, and I'm in one with River. Hey, did you know that River shaves his-"

"Holy crap, Blu!" I interrupted. "Please, get on with it."

"Fine! So, I was getting cramps and genuinely not feeling good. My first thought was to check when I was having my next period. I went and checked the app I have on my phone, and it said I was a day late. The last time CC and I had sex was around mid January, before he left for tour. I told River this and he went out to get me a pregnancy test. While he was gone I was on FaceTime with CC. I brought up the possibilities of having a kid. When Riv got back I said goodnight to CC and took the test. It turns out that I'm-"

"Shut up," I excitedly hissed. Just like when Blu told me to shut up. "I… seriously! No freaking way. Blu, you're-"

"Pregnant?" Blu grinned wickedly. "Summer, I am most likely about one month along with mine and CC's child."

"Ah!" I yelped. I hugged her tightly. I can't believe it! Blu is with child! With freaking child! 

Again, people turned their attention to my almost sister and I. And again, the attention didn't last long. They were having conversations of there own.

She laughed and pulled away. "I Skyped CC this morning and again brought up possibly having a child. Last night he didn't say much, but this morning he said that now, with touring and all, isn't a good time. But, if it happens then he will be the best dad he can be. Summer, I can't freaking believe this! I'm having a baby!" Blu said. She was glowing already. She'd always seemed like the mother type. I guess her being pregnant means no more heavy touring and no more of our two minute fist fights. 

"So, does CC know this?" I asked, still shocked. My best friend and bassist is pregnant. This is pretty shocking to me. I'm so happy though. 

She shook her head. The smile never left her face though. "I'm telling him tonight when we FaceTime or Skype. Only you and River know. And my parents, since I called them before I came over. I'll tell the boys tomorrow, after I tell CC," she explained.

"So you're going to be four and a half months prego for my wedding?" I asked. 

"If you still want me to be your MOH," Blu shyly said. 

"Of course I want you to!"

This is just… so insane. She's not going to be able to play bass and jump around on stage after like four or five months, right? And she's already a month in. If so, her baby should be due sometime in October. So, we can play shows up until May or June and then start them up again in December. I guess we can do acoustic shows and stuff. 

"Oh, and I have something important to ask you!" 

I smiled. "Yeah?"

"Well, I have a feeling it's going to be a girl. I don't want to find out until I give birth though. So, if it's a girl I want to name her either Blair Layne or Brenna Haven. Blair after my mom and Layne after CC's grandmother. Brenna because its a beautiful name and Haven because CC told me he loved that name. But, if she turns out to be a boy, I want to name him Beau."

I chucked. "Like Beau Bokan?" I asked. I cocked an eyebrow. 

She chuckled with me. "Spelled the same, but because Beau is my dad's name." Blu and her father are very close. He loves CC and agrees with me when I say Blu and CC are a match made in heaven. 

I nodded. "Yeah, I know."

"Anyway, I really like the name Beau Rider Mora…"

I froze. Rider… my father's name? She wants to use my father's name?

"I wanted to ask if I could name him after your father? You know, use his name as a middle name?" Blu asked nervously. Still, she kept a huge smile on her face. She bit her lip to try and hide it, but it was impossible. Her smile was just too big. 

I slowly shrugged. I didn't know what to say. What could I say? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? "Umm… why, if you don't mind me asking?"

She shrugged too. A lot of shrugging is taking place today. "Besides Beau Rider sounding really good, you're dad inspires me. I know I never got to meet him, but from all you've told me I could tell he was an amazing person. Probably the best. He did everything a good person should. He risked his life to save others, he treated his family and friends with love and respect, he taught you right from wrong, taught you how to play guitar, and his job was taking good care of the ones passing on to the other world. He was a kind, gentle man, who loved everything around him. Summer, he lived in moment, never waisting time dwelling on the past. You're father inspires me."

Wow. That's pretty cool, I guess. "Umm, Blu I like the name. You can use my dad's name if you'd like." I smile at her.

"Yay!" She hugs me tightly. "I can't wait for this baby!"

"Hey, neither can I!" I chuckle. "I'm gonna be an aunt!"

Well, Blu is having a baby will a drummer and I'm getting married to my angel-voiced rockstar. Cool.

A/N: I don't think I've ever told you guys Summer's parents names before. Her mom's name is Melody (that's my mom's name too), her dad's is Rider, her sister's is Seirra, and her brothers is Rick.

Fun fact: Kellin and my daddy have the same birthday. On the twenty-fourth og this month my dad will be fifty-two and Kellin will be twenty-seven.

So, I liked the names you guys thought of. I also have a couple myself. So, I'm letting you guys chose which one! Whichever name gets picked most will be the name of the sequel. Here are the names:

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4. These Things That We've Done (@InnocentDemon69's name)

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