Chapter 9. Cheaters and Bryan Stars

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Cheaters and Bryan Stars

Song: Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low


I sighed walking into my mom's house in Michigan. I don't feel like going to my house yet. I need to talk to my mom. 

I know it seems extreme to go home from your for two days JUST to break up with a girl. It isn't though. I've been with Beth since I was twenty-three. Hell, we've even talked about marriage before. 

The thing is with Bethany I just can't be with her anymore knowing that I love someone else. I've loved someone else since I was seventeen. Imagine if Beth and I got married and then I saw Summer. I wouldn't be able to be with her at all then. 

But Summer hates me. I was a dick to her. I know that I act like I hate her, but it's easier than admitting that I really miss her. I even told my friends from Pierce The Veil that. 

I know that Summer broke my heart, but looking back on that I would have made her stay and we would have fixed our relationship. 

I dug my hand into my pocket and gripped the 'K' necklace I gave her. I remember when she gave me this back. She was crying, begging me to take her back. I was almost crying too. I don't normally keep the necklace with me, but at some points I absolutely have to have it. It's sometimes my good luck charm. And for the next two days I need good luck. 

"Mom? You home?" I asked. Yes, I did walk into my mom's house without knocking. 

I saw my two little brothers run into the living room, where I was. "Kellin!" they exclaimed. This made me smile like a fool. 

"Hey guys!" I exclaimed back at them, hugging them. I saw my mom walk in and smile. I smiled even bigger back at her. 

She joined in on the hug. "Hi Kellin! I've missed you!" 

"I've missed you too Mom!" we all pulled away from the hug. 

I heard a clutter of questions. Mostly from my brothers. 

"Kellin, why are you home from tour?" my mom asked sounding a bit concerned. 

"Well, I… Mom, I need to talk to you. Alone." I looked down at my brothers and they understood. They ran into another room as my mom and I sat down on the couch. 

"What's wrong Kellin?" My mom looked at me with big eyes. Her eyes grew even wider. "Oh my! Did you get Beth pregnant?!" She all of the sudden got really mad and upset. I thought she liked Beth. 

"What?! No! But Mom, I need to talk to you about Beth."

"So do I." she said. Wait, she wanted to talk to me about Beth? Why?


She put her hands over mine. "Kellin, I was at the park with your little brothers and I saw her… with someone else. I thought that he was just a friends or family member, but Kellin… they were kissing. I'm so sorry Kellin." 

I shook my head and chuckled. I was feeling sorry for her because I was breaking up with her. Now I'm glad to do this. And I'm glad to say that thanks to Summer I have no more feelings for Bethany. "Mom, I came home to break up with Bethany." 

"What, why?" 

"I met someone else…" I smiled, thinking about how I'm perfectly fine leaving Beth. 

"Who?!" My mom looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. 

I smirked. "Do you remember a girl named Sunny?"

She thought for a moment then gasped. "That girl who cheated on you?! How did you see her again?!"

"She's in a band that we're touring with. She's the vocalist actually. She's a wonderful singer and… screamer."

"But why would you want to get back together with her?!" 

"Mom, I know I shouldn't like her. She cheated, but shouldn't people get another chance? I've loved that girl since I first saw here. And I've spent almost ten years trying not to remember her." I sighed. 

My mom stayed silent. She just sat by me and smiled. 

"She was in a car accident." I blurted out randomly. 

"Oh! Is she okay?!" My mother, always worrying. 

I laughed a bit. "Yes, she's fine. But the accident caused her to lose some of her memory. She didn't even know we met, but when I saw her at Warped I knew that was her. Everything gave it away. Her chest tattoo, her naturally black and beautiful hair, her style, her love for music, her sweet and kind heart, and her one-of-a-kind eyes," I exhaled. "I know, I sound really lame right now. I just, wish I forgave her before she left Florida. If I did she would have stayed and not gotten in that car accident." 

My mom engulfed me in a hug. "Kellin, I only knew Sunny for a short time, but I do know that she is better for you than Bethany."

"Summer." I murmured. 


"Her name is Summer. Sunny was just a nickname." I smiled. 

"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful young woman." 

I smiled even wider. You know what?! Who the fuck cares if she cheated. That was years ago! I had to spend almost ten years of my life without Summer, do you really expect me to be without her again?

I stood up. "Mom, I gotta go. I need to talk to Bethany. I'll see you in about an hour, okay?"

She smiled. "Okay. Bye." 

I waved and left the house. Crap! I forgot I took a taxi here. I didn't drive myself! Oh well. I shrugged and started running. 


Huffing and gasping for air, I stopped in front of Beth's house. I slowly walked to the door and used all my strength to knock. Seriously, I thought it would be way easier to run. It wasn't. Don't try to run to someone’s house when they live a half hour away from you by car. 

Before I knew it Beth opened the door and jumped into my arms. I gasped and tried to hold her up so we both didn't fall. 

"Beth, I need to talk to you." I said bluntly. 

She dragged me into her house and we sat down. "What's wrong baby? Why aren't you on tour?" she asked. 

I glared at her while catching my breath. When I could finally breathe I spoke. "We need to break up."

"What?! No! Why?!" she shouted. 

My jaw dropped. "Seriously? My mother saw you sucking faces with some other guy! And besides, we've grown apart. I can't be with you anymore."

She sighed, trying to form fake tears. "Kellin, I'm sorry. Please don't do this." she begged. 

I shook my head and stood up. "No. I've met someone else anyways." I started making my way to the door. 

"Who have you meet?! You've been on Warped Tour for five seconds!" She stood up too and followed me. 

I exhaled and turned to face her. "Her name is Summer."

"Summer?" she scoffed. 

"Yes. It's a beautiful name for a beautiful woman." I smirked. 

"Kellin, we've been together for three years. You can't just give up on me for someone else!" 

"But you can?! YOU cheated on ME! I have never cheated, not once." I shouted at her. 

"Kellin, I-" I cut her off. 

"No! No explanations or excuses. How long have you been cheating anyways?"

She smirked. "How long have we been together?"

I shook my head and started walking home. "We're done Beth. Goodbye."


"She fucking cheated on me throughout our whole relationship! I've been thinking for three years about how sweet she is and she's just some whore! I've written her songs, and said all this other shit. Fuck! She even said I took her virginity! I bet she hasn't even had hers since she was twelve or something!" I yelled furiously as I sat down at our tent. I was ranting to Jesse, Justin, Gabe, Jack, and Pierce The Veil.

Yes, I was back on tour. A day earlier then I expected. Oh well. It doesn't matter. 

"Dude, YOU wanted to break up with her!" Vic laughed. 

"I know," I exhaled. "But it still sucks to know that the girl you thought you were going to end up marrying cheated on you throughout your relationship."

Everyone nodded. They stayed silent, until Vic spoke again. "Hey, why did you want to break up with Beth anyways?"

"I don't have feelings for her anymore. Even if she didn't cheat I still wouldn't have been able to give her the love she needs. Or needed I should say."

"And why is that?" Jesse asked, grinning. 

"Because Kellin likes Summer! Kellin likes Summer!" Jack teased me while pointing. 

It took me seconds to respond. Instead of just telling him to shut up I did something bold. "I know. And it sucks for me because one, she hates me for being a dick to her. And two, because she cheated on me also."

"Why do you like her if she cheated too?" Justin asked, looking up from his phone. Why's he texting at a time like this?!

"Who are you texting?" Jesse asked him. 

Justin grinned. "Blu." 

I shook it off and continued. "Because. I don't know! It's just that…" I couldn't speak. No words could form when it came to Summer. 

"It's just that what?" Vic asked. 

"No one, not even Summer herself knows how hard I fell for her." I groaned. 

Vic's lips turned into a big smile. The kind of smile he gets when he has something up his sleeve. "Go tell her that." he said. 


Vic put his hand on my shoulder. "Go. Tell. Her. That. Look, I was talking to her and I'll tell you what I told her. Forget about your stupid past with her and get to know her now! Become friends! What happened like ten years ago was that Kellin Bostwick met Sunny Parker. Now Kellin Quinn needs to meet Summer James Parker. Plus, Summer wants to talk to you anyways."

I smiled and nodded. I got up from my seat and made my way to SWL's bus. I knocked quietly on the door and River let me in. He walked into the living area of the bus and I followed. I saw that Bryan Stars was sitting on the couch next to Summer. Summer had the glasses that I bought her on. River sat on the other side of Bryan and I saw that there was a girl with a camera on the other couch across him. 

I shyly walked fully in. Bryan and Summer saw me. I gave Bryan a handshake and we said hi. It's been a while since my interview with him. That was pretty funny. And weird…

Summer saw me and she smiled. Wait, she smiled at me?! I smiled back coolly. I sat next to the camera girl and the interview started. 

"In three, two, one. Hi I'm Bryan Stars and I'm here with 'Sorry We're Early'! How are you guys doing today?" Bryan said. He moved the mic to Summer. 

"We're doing good. We got up every early today. We were just so excited for this interview." Summer joked. 

Bryan laughed. "That's great! Well, in all seriousness this is 'Sorry We're Late' and can you please say your name and what you do in the band?" Bryan moved the mic back to Summer. 

Summer chuckled. "Hi, I'm Summer and I play my voice."

The mic moved to River. "Hi, I'm River and play guitar."

"Awesome! Let's start out with a fun one. If you were a porn star what would your porn star name be?" 

Summer was answering first. "Well, you’re supposed to pick your middle name and the street you grew up on. So mine would technically be James Fox Hills. But I don't like that since James isn't really a girl’s name. So, mine would be Jamie Fox." She smiled. 

Bryan laughed and handed the mic off to River. "Well, I spent the first eleven years of my life living on one street, then I moved, then I moved once again. So my name would be Lucas Maverick Miller Stoner because of the streets I've lived on." River laughed. 

"Yeah but for you it's not really the name. Your catchphrase could be 'let the River flow'!" Summer added. 

"That's awesome! Next question, what are you on a scale from 1-10?"

"I'll say I'm a seven, but I know I'm a ten." Summer smiled. 

"I'm a ten. No doubt about it." River answered. 

Bryan laughed. "Okay! What do you want God to say to you when you get to the Pearly Gates?"

"What do I WANT him to say or what will he PROBABLY say?" Summer asked while laughing. 

"Both." he said. 

"Okay, well I would like him to say that I did well and that I'm going to have fun here in heaven. But, he would probably say that I made the wrong turn when I died." she joked. 

"Wow, that bad huh?"

She laughed and nodded. 

"What turns you on and what turns you off?" he asked River. 

River laughed. "Before I say anything else I would just like to note that I am gay. So, a good turn on is tattoos. A turn off is when he smokes." 

Bryan smiled and moved the mic to Summer. "You have any answers?"

Summer grinned and shook her head. I could have sworn she grinned at me. Oh crap, what am I even doing here?! Vic did say she wanted to talk to me though. 

"River, what's your favorite feature about Summer?" he asked. 

"Her eyes! Her eyes are freaking fire balls! They are so beautiful!" he gushed. 

Summer blushed and looked at me through her sunglasses. I looked back at her and gave her a reassuring smile. 

"Can we see your eyes?" Bryan asked. 

Summer shook her head. "Not today. I'm not in the mood. Maybe at the end of the interview if you are nice." 

"Okay, I will remember that. So Summer, what do you want written on your tombstone?" 

"Umm… probably some song lyrics. I've been working on a song called 'Therapy' and I think I would use some lyrics from there." 

"What are the lyrics?"

"A handful of moments I wish I could change." She smiled. 

"That's so beautiful. So, do you have any advice on breaking up with a girl?"

She nodded. "Yes, fuck one of her friends or sisters in front of her. It's all over from there." We all laughed. 

She always was really funny… God, I really do miss her don't I?

"Can you lick your elbow?" he asked. I remember when we were getting interviewed and he asked Justin and me that. I said 'maybe if you stretched the skin'. I laughed to myself. 

River and Bryan tried. They both fail. Summer tried and actually did it. Everyone cheered. 

"That was so cool! So, what is the biggest risk the band has taken so far?" Bryan asked both of them. 

"I don't think we've taken any bug risks. We aren't very risky." River answered. Summer nodded, showing she agreed. 

"Someday you guys will be though, right?" 

"Hell yeah!" River answered once again. 

"How do you want to die?" 

"I think I would like to die in my sleep when I'm all old and shit like that. Plus I don't really want to get hurt since I'm weak and have a low pain tolerance." Summer answered. 

"If you were a Disney character what one would you be?"

"Hannah Montana! Duh!" Summer answered. 

Everyone laughed. "What the hell?! Why?!" River asked between laughs. 

"One, she's famous as fuck! Two, she has a kick ass closet! And three, I could make her so much cooler. I'd be hardcore Hannah Montana." Summer smiled. 

"Okay, well we have three more questions. What is one question you are sick and tired of getting asked?"

"Why is your hair so emo?" River answered, still laughing from the Hannah Montana thing. 

"I get that one too! No one believes that I have natural black hair." Summer added. 

"That must suck! What would you characterize the bands taste in sex? Like, raw, passionate, exciting?"

"Wow, these questions are very… wow. Um, Rivers taste is wet because he is a river. Mine is hot because I'm Summer. Blu's is colorful because of her multi-colored hair and her name. Zack's is violent because he is Zack-Attack. And Ian's doesn't get a taste in sex because he never has it!" Summer joked. 

"I really liked what you did there! That was creative! And last question. What is the most important thing to you?"

River said the band, his friends, and his family. 

"Umm… besides my family and friends it's probably music. I know it sounds cliché because so many people, especially kids today would say that their most important thing to them is music. But, I've loved music for my entire life. Hell, I've been singing since I was five and screaming since I was ten. I've worked my whole life just for this moment, so it has to be music." Summer answered. 

"Would you have picked music as your most important thing when you were younger?" Bryan asked. 

"Not when I was just starting. When I had just decided that this is what I wanted to do I guess I still had more important things to do, cause around then I was finishing up middle school. But in high school music was actually more important to me than like my mom or friends. But now it's a good balance." She smiled. 

"What did your mom think about you wanting to music your whole life?" 

"She knew it was coming. She always tells me that the moment I sang my first note she knew that it was all over. That making music was, and is all I ever wanted to do."

"Well guys, there you have it. This was a very great interview and very inspirational at some points. We gotta do this again. So, what do you say we finish off with a goofy face?!" Bryan asked happily. 

River and Summer cheered. On three the three of them made faces to the camera. River crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out. Bryan's face… well I can't really explain that one. It was just really funny. And all Summer did was take off her glasses. She made sure that was camera could very nicely see her face and smirked. She smirked at me. 

I sighed as I stood up and left the bus. I decided I will talk to her later, when I'm more capable of doing so. Right now, I need to go write. Write all the emotions out of me.

A/N: I wrote this shit in like a day! Fuck, my thumbs hurt! And you know what? I don't care because I love you guys and you wanted me to update. So, anyways the video in the side bar is in fact not a song, but an interview. It's the Bryan Stars interview with Sleeping With Sirens and it is super funny! I watch it like three times a day. No joke. And the picture is just a snapshot from the interview. I must warn you, the pic is kind of weird. It's of Kellin, Justin, and Bryan doing "sexy" creepy faces.

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