Chapter 32. Approximately Six Hours

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Approximately Six Hours

Song: Safe & Sound (TeraBrite cover)

Picture: The ring (isn't it a pretty ring?)


"Summer, I understand if you say no because you might think its too early but please hear me out. These past few months have showed me that you should never compare time to love. As long as we love each other then who cares about the amount of time it's been. Summer will you marry me?" Kellin asked. 

He was proposing. Unbelievable. I had no doubt we were supposed to be together or else we wouldn't have met on Warped Tour nine years after he supposedly dated me. But I didn't think he would propose, not this early. Only KC had asked me to get married before. No one else. Of course I was frozen. I'm not ready to get married, but I know that I want nothing more than to be with him. Someday get married. Have kids of our own. And Scarlett would be there. Calling me her step-mom. And Beth? She wouldn't be there. And my band? They definitely would be there. We would be taking over the world, one album at a time, producing our own music at our own record company. Sorry Records. 

And I couldn't say no to him. We would end up breaking up because "I was a bitch for saying no". 

But I didn't know what to say. Like I said, I was frozen. I had never been put on the spot like this. Not even with KC. Plus I would never think he would do it here, if at all. Asking someone to marry them at someone else's wedding? 

I bet that the suspense was killing him. 

Finally I felt the courage to speak up. "Kellin," I whispered. I pulled my hand away so I could wipe away the tears I hadn't noticed were falling down my face. He was making me cry. Shit. 

Pros? He's wonderful. I love him. He loves me. Marriage would show that we are committed. It would make KC madder than ever. And it would also allow me to be around Scarlett. 

Cons? It's too soon for us to get married, right? What if I'm not ready? We could always stay engaged for awhile though. But then I wouldn't be able to see Scarlett. Kellin and I would have to be married for that to happen. What if we decide to divorce? What if I get pregnant? I can't perform pregnant! And then I have to take care of a baby so I won't be able to tour for what? Eighteen years? 

I exhaled and smiled at him. I guess I will tell him whatever I can get out of my mouth. "Kellin, I love you. I heard you out. I want to do whatever you want to. If you want to, I want to too. Yeah, I'll marry you." My voice was so quiet. What if he didn't hear?

Surprisingly, Kellin did hear me. He got the biggest smile on his face as he stood up an slid the beautiful ring on my finger. It was a gold ring with black diamonds all in a huge circle, looking like one big black diamond instead of a bunch of tiny ones.

At this point tears were spilling out of my eyes. Kellin chuckled and kissed me passionately. He pulled away and wiped away the tears with his thumb. 

"Hey, don't cry…" he mumbled softly. 

I laughed. "It's all out of shock and happiness, babe. And I can't really help it." I said. 

He pulled me into a hug, picking me up off of the ground. He twirled my around like in those romantic movies. He kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "Summer, you have just made me the happiest man alive. I love you with all my heart." 

Kellin set me down and I giggled while he wiped away the remaining tears. "Ah Kell, you're so cheesy." 

He smiled and blushed. "Oh…"

"But, you're also very sweet." I whispered before kissing him. He moaned quietly before moving to my neck. "Kellin," I moaned. "Kell, maybe we should go to your hotel room." I suggested. 

He chuckled. He grabbed my hand and lead me back to the hotel. We ran into the lobby like little kids, jumped into the elevator, and once the elevator doors were closed we began unbuttoning Kellin's dress shirt. 

They opened and we ran to his room. We got in and he kicked his door shut. I unzipped my dress and pulled it off while he removed the top half of his outfit. I kicked off my heels and literally ripped off my tights, throwing them somewhere else. I laid down on the bed in only my underwear and waited for him. He smirked at me and pulled off his belt before climbing onto the bed with me. 

Well, that escalated quickly. 


~Kellin's POV~

I grumbled and answered my phone, which kept ringing at four in the morning. I looked over my shoulder at Summer, who had wrapped her arms around my waist from the back. I smiled at her. "Hello?" I whispered into my iPhone 5. 

"Kellin! You need to get to Michigan now!" Mason screamed at me. 

Summer shifted and woke up. He probably heard Mason. She gave me a confused, tired, and angry look. "Kellin…" she mumbled. 

I mouthed sorry to her. "Why Mason?" I asked. 

"She's gone into labor! The doctors said this might happen the last time we went, remember?" 

My eyes widened. I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair. "What?!"

"The doctors say it could be awhile though. You have time to fly here if you hurry!" he yelled before hanging up. 

I hung up too and bolted out of bed, searching for my clothes on the floor. "Kellin, who was that? What are you doing?" Summer groaned, getting out of bed as well and slipping her underwear back on.

"It was Mason. Scarlett's coming. I have to be there, Summer." I mumbled quickly, pulling on some black skinny jeans that I packed. I handed her an extra shirt of mine that I brought. 

Her frown turned into a small grin as she pulled on the shirt, covering her torso. "Wait, so Beth's water broke?" I nodded while pulling on an Anthem Made tee. "This early?" I nodded again while stuffing my suit into one of my suitcases. "I can't believe it Kellin," she said excitedly. "You are finally becoming a daddy."

I grabbed my iPhone and began looking up the phone number for LAX. "Yep. And in a few months time you'll get to be a stepmom." I winked at her playfully. 

She looked down at her left hand and made an expression as if she had forgotten last night. That expression turned into one of regret. Then she smiled and looked back up at me. But her smile didn't seem real. "Oh yeah. Last night…"

"Yep! So, did you get a room here or are we going to stop by your place?" I asked quickly, wanting to hurry up. I found the number to LAX and typed it in my phone. 

Summer shook her head. "Kellin, I'm not going. I can't." she mumbled. 

I paused. I slowly turned to face her, turning off my phone and setting it on the bed. "Summer, why wouldn't you come? My daughter will be here in a few hours. I just asked you to marry me. Summer I love you. I need you  to be there with me. It's not like Beth can kick you out of the hospital just because she's jealous of you."

"Kellin, it's not that I don't want to go because your ex doesn't like me. Remember a few months ago when I said that it's going to freaking suck when I see you three together? I can't do it yet. I can't go and watch you three. And you need to respect that. I'll see her a billion times in the future, I just can't see her birth. Trust me on this one, Kell. I'll see you when I come home after performing at Soundwave. I'll be in Michigan ASAP once Soundwave is over, that is if you can't go." Summer said ever so calmly. 

I was dumbfound. I needed her with me so badly. How could I make it without her calming me down? I couldn't. But I couldn't make her come with me. I had to respect her wishes. I sighed. "Okay. Okay, you don't have to come unless you want. But if you aren't going to come, will you at least FaceTime and Skype me every chance you get?"

She smiled. "Don't I already?" 

I chuckled and walked over to my suitcase. "Okay babe. I gotta go. Do me a favor and tell the guys I left when they wake up?" I asked. 

She walked over to me and hugged my waist. "Of course Kell. Good luck with everything. Call me when you can. Stay safe and sound." She kissed my cheek. 

I hugged back. "Defiantly. I love you Summer. I'll call you and tell you if I can play Soundwave or not. Bye baby girl." I picked up my suitcase and walked towards the door. 

"Later Kell." Summer mumbled before walking into the bathroom. 

I exhaled and left the room. While walking down the halls I called LAX. "Hello?" a women said on the other line. 

"Hey. When is the next flight to Michigan?" I asked. 

"In about an hour." she answered. Perfect. 

"How long do you think it would take?" I asked her. 

"Approximately six hours." she replied. I groaned. Great, just great. I hope Scarlett waits for me to get there.

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