I don't think that they'd understand. ~Kellin Quinn~

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Hey guys! So, this isn't an update. But don't turn away just yet! This is to tell you about my friend, her new story, and about how you all should check it out! Her username is @ArianaWeasley so hit her up! :P

First of all, I helped the author of this story. She asked me over a message. I gave her a plot and ever since then we've been workin' on it! It is in fact a Kellin Quinn story, so I know all you readers already seemed interested and don't act like you don't care! I know ya do! ;) It takes place at Warped Tour and he ISN"T married nor has a baby so don't go getting yo' thong in a twist, k?

Second, this story is going to be amazing. I know it! I can feel it! You just gotta give it a shot. You won't be let down, I promise you guys. When I started this story did people think it was going to get this many reads? No! Did people think a story about some girl with a forgotten past and cheated on Kellin without knowing it sound like a good story and wasn't confusing at all like this sentence? No! Did people give me a shot? Yes! In fact, they have given me a shot on every single chapter in this story! That's like... 29 chapters! And you've loved all of them right? I hope so, because otherwise I seem foolish. But the point it, don't doubt me, don't doubt the author, and don't you dare doubt the book because it will be great! 

So, with that being typed I will post a link in external link thing, a link on this update, and a link in the comments. And now, here is the description: 

~Iris Lawson, Jesses younger sister, needs to get a new job. When Jesse hears about this he offers her a job selling merch for his band. What could possibly be better?! Spending the whole summer at warped tour with your brother and a bunch of famous people? Of course Iris agrees. This starts out perfectly fine, but what happens when one night lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens kisses her and tells her about his feelings for her? Does Jesse find out about them sneaking around together or do they get away with it? If he does find out, what does he do about it? Surely he wants his little sister to be happy with the person she loves... Doesn't he?~

Sounds amazing, right? I know! :D The story is called "I don't think that they'd understand. ~Kellin Quinn~"

I can't wait for you guys to read it! Please tell me in the comments if you checked it out! Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/2388263-i-don%27t-think-that-they%27d-understand-~kellin

The picture in the side is of the cover so you can see it, and the song is so you have something to dance to while reading it! :D I hope you enjoy! Peaceskies! <3

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