Chapter 31. A Blond With Black Hair

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A Blond With Black Hair

Song: Iris covered by Paradise Fears


I looked the ring over once more before closing the tiny box and sliding it into my coat pocket. Jesse and I went ring shopping before we flew out here with the guys and I got the perfect ring. I took in a deep breath and sat down next to Jesse on the groom's side. I took the aisle seat. We were in the third row. The wedding was starting in fifteen minutes. I turned to look at the guys. "I'm nervous. She's going to say no, Scarlett's going to be stuck with that evil mom of hers, and I think I'm going to piss my pants. Help me!" I hissed to them. Sweat was dripping down my neck, even though it's freezing in this room. 

Steve was finally marrying his bride today in a nice hotel here in Cali. It's also Valentines day. It makes me upset that I haven't seen or even talked to Summer today. All I wanted to do was tell her happy Valentines day and have fun, but now everything is complicated. 

I keep thinking about what would have happened if when I came home from Warped Tour Beth never called me. She was never pregnant. Summer and I were just us, together. There wasn't our ex loves involved. There was no baby. There was no drama. It was just her and I. 

"Dude, chill out. You aren't proposing for a few more hours so just relax." Jack hissed back. 

"Jack, it's almost 7:00 PM right now. I was planning on doing this as soon as we start dancing." I muttered to him. 

"Dude, you aren't doing it until we play Iris so calm down." Jesse grumbled. 

"Oh no! Summer at twelve o'clock!" Gabe chuckled as we heard the doors at the end of the aisle open up. Heels clinks, men whined about their suits, and Blu giggled. 

I turned around in my seat and saw the six of them walk down the aisle. Steve looked as happy as ever while taking his place next to the minister. Zack, River, and Ian followed him and stood still like the good groomsmen they are. Blu walked to the front row in her long, black, sleeveless dress and black heels. And Summer… oh, Summer. She made eye contact with me while strutting over to where I sat, my jaw dropping more and more with each step. She wore a tight, short, strapless pink dress with see-through tights and wedges, making her four inches taller. To bad for her though, she's still shorter than me. 

She smiled at us and walked over, turning heads with her stride. She came over and gently sat on my lap. "Hey guys! Long time, no see." Summer said happily to us. 

They all laughed, nodded, and said hi. I hugged her tiny body to mine and kissed her cheek, glad to finally see her. She was insanely skinny though. Note to self: talk to Summer about her diet. "I missed you Summer…" I whispered in her ear. 

She kissed my lips quickly. "I missed you two. I missed all of you guys. I'm really glad you guys came." Summer smiled at all of us. It was genuine. She's very happy today. That's good, right? The happier Summer is the more likely chance she will say yes. Although, just like me, she'd probably rather wait until we've dated a bit more. 

To be truthfully honest, the main reason I'm doing this is for Summer to see Scarlett. I already know Summer loves Scarlett. And Scarlett will without a doubt love Summer. Summer is a loving young woman, she loves kids, and is the nicest thing ever… when you don't piss her off. 

"M'kay, well the wedding is about to start so I'm gonna go sit by Blu in the front." she informed us before getting up and strutting over to her seat. 

It wasn't too long before we heard faint music only getting louder by the second, heels clanking slowly, and chairs slightly being pressed back as the bride walked down the aisle with her father after the flower girl and bridesmaids walked. I saw Steve smile at her with red eyes that were about to burst with tears. And the bride was about to cry to. 

We sat down and watched the ceremony silently so we could hear their quiet voices. Finally, the minister spoke up to end the ceremony. "You may now kiss the bride."

Steve kissed his bride for a couple seconds before pulling away and smiling at the crowd. He looked happier than ever. We all stood as he and his bride walked down the aisle, the groomsmen and bridesmaids following. I looked over at Summer and smiled at her. 

She blushed and smiled back at me. She mouthed something but I couldn't tell what. I was busy looking at her eyes. Her smile looked real. Her happy completion looked real. She looked genuinely happy, all until you looked into her eyes. Her eyes showed pain, hurt, want, fear, and something else that I couldn't comprehend. 

What's wrong with my Summer?


"Alright, who's next?" the DJ asked. 

Blu and Ian stood up and basically skipped to the stage. At the moment "karaoke" was going on. I'm not sure if you could call it that though. People were going up on stage, singing, and playing an instrument. 

When we first got into the room where the reception was taking place was mingled, then ate, then the bride and groom danced after the mother-son and father-daughter dances, then danced to a few upbeat songs, and now we decided to do this. It was 9:30 PM. I was going to take Summer outside and do it but the. Songs were upbeat. 

Ian sat down at the drum set and Blu took the mic. I didn't know Blu sung or that Ian could play drums. Blu looked over at Jesse and smiled. "Alright, I have a slow song in mind. Does anyone want to come up and play guitar for me?" she asked sweetly. Jesse ran like a little kid on Christmas morning going to open presents. He ran on stage and pounced on the guitar. Once he was settled and sitting on a stool he grabbed he nodded to Blu. "Awesome. So this song is by The Goo Goo Dolls. I remember how my dad once showed me this song when I was a little kid. It really is a beautiful song. Almost as beautiful as the bride and groom. This song is dedicated to them. Here we go."

As if on cue Jesse started strumming Iris while Ian kept a beat. Gabe leaned over the table we were sat at and whispered to me, "I think this is when you propose. Good luck dude."

I huffed and nodded. It's now or never. Steve lead his bride to the dance floor. Other couples went as well before Blu even started singing. As I stood to get Summer Gabe and Jack started dancing together. I swaggered over to Summer with a grin. I leaned down as she sat motionless in her chair. "Summer, would you care to… dance?" I asked with a cheesy accent before kissing here check and holding out my hand. 

She blushed and giggled. "Of course, kind sir." Summer whispered. She took my hand and stood. I walked her over to the dance floor and gently placed my hands in her waist. She wrapped her arms around my neck as we slowly swayed back and fourth on the crowed floor. 

"Our song. Did you set this up?" Summer whispered with a smile. 

I shook my head. "No. I promise." I lied. She couldn't tell, luckily. 

She nodded then placed her head on my shoulder. "I love you Kellin." she whispered. 

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "I love you too Summer." I looked at the stage and saw Jesse looking directly at me. He gave me a quick look that said it was time before looking away. No one could suspect a thing tonight. I pulled away from Summer before grabbing her hand. "Let's go take a walk." I mumbled to her with a smile. 

She smiled back as I pulled her outside the hotel. 

~Summer's POV~

I felt his thumb rub the back of my hand as we walked. I couldn't help but look down and blush. Everything felt perfect. Kellin is going to help me be able to see Scarlett, I don't know how though. He is going to have a healthy baby girl. My friends just got married. My band and I are starting to record our second record. Everything is amazing right now. Pure bliss, as some might put it. 

Kellin chuckled. "Summer, you're beautiful when you blush. It's adorable. Why do you always look down?" 

I shrugged and shivered a bit. "It's a girl thing. We can't help it."

He smiled widely at me and chuckled once more. "Well I think it's cute. Are you cold?" he asked. 

I shrugged again. "Yeah. A little bit. I mean, it's winter and I am in a sleeveless and short dress." I giggled. 

We stopped walking. Kellin, being the cheesy but classy gentleman he is, took off his suit jacket and wrapped in around me. Again, I blushed. He kissed my red and burning cheek and wrapped his arms around my waist from the side. "Summer…" he mumbled into my neck. He started to lightly kiss my neck. 

I cleared my throat. "Kellin, even though I love you kissing me I need to remind you that we are outside in the cold and that there is a wedding reception happening at the moment." I laughed. 

He let go and laughed too. He took my hand and we began to walk again. "I love you so much Summer." Kellin smirked. 

"I love you back." I whispered in the most serious tone. 

He made us stop walking once again. We stopped by the fountain the hotel had outside. He cupped his hands around my face. "You have gorgeous eyes…" he murmured close to my lips, making me tingle. 

"And you have an amazing voice." I murmured back.

"Summer, I want to make a promise with you."


"We need to promise to stay together. To stay faithful. To stay in love. To stay by each others' sides. And I know a way to do that." Kellin's voice was so shaky. 

"Kellin, I don't get what your talking about…" I muttered. How could I? I'm a blond with black hair. 

He smiled wider. "When your gone in California or on tour and I'm stuck in Michigan or on tour I feel like a part of me is missing. It fucking sucks."

I cocked my head to the side. "So you want me to move in?" I asked, taking a guess. 

He chuckled and looked down. The next thing I knew was that Kellin was kneeling on the ground. He grabbed and held my left hand gently while he pulled out a small little black box. 

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