Chapter 19. When & Where

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A/N: Hey, so this might be a bit short. Also I just wanted to note that for me school starts on the 13th of this month. That means updates might slow down, but I'll stay up at nights and write, okay? I'll be trying my hardest to update. Also, go congratulate Jesse Lawson on geting engaged! :D Oh, and check out the external link. It's the link to the music vid for 'King for a Day'! And the pic on the side are Summer's new tattoos. Now you may read on...

When & Where

Song: Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens

*August 21, 2012*


Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls played from under my pillow while I was trying to sleep. That's Kellin's ringtone, and also our song. And it's the first time I've heard that ringtone for two weeks. Not talking to him these past couple weeks have been hell. I know that I'm really busy and I guess he is too, but when I said I would call him everyday I meant it. He just hasn't been picking up.

And why would he call now? My band and I just started our tour for our album 'When & Where' and he chooses to call me now? Now isn't a good time. Now I need sleep before we get to our first venue.

I groaned and grabbed my phone from my pillow. The bright light from my phone burned my eyes. And also seeing the time was terrible. It's four in the morning! We just left L.A. about two hours ago. And in Michigan isn't there like a three hour difference?

"Hello?" I hissed. I didn't want to wake the rest of my band. We will be in Nevada, at our first venue at nine in the morning. That's early! We need sleep. They need sleep.

"Hey babe." Kellin said a few seconds later.

The fuck is his problem?! He calls me at four in the morning and then acts like nothings up?

"Umm... hi? Kellin, what are you doing calling me right now?" I whispered.

"I've been up all night. I couldn't sleep. I'm sorry; I forgot it was early there. It's 7:00 AM here. I'll call later..."

"No! Kell, I haven't talked to you in two weeks, you just said you stayed up all night 'cause you couldn't sleep, and you sound... depressed. Kellin, what's going on?" I asked quietly. I got out of my bunk and walked into the back lounge.

"Everything! I've been so stressed lately. Ever since I got home I... I don't know Summer. I just really miss you. I'm sorry I haven't called or texted. I need to tell you some news, but I can't talk to you over the phone. I need to be able to see your face. Do you think that maybe we could Skype later?" he asked. He sounded like he was about to cry. Or was already crying.

I really just wanted to hug him and tell him that it was alright, whatever "it" is.

"Kellin, what's wrong? Are we breaking up or something?" I asked, a lump forming in my throat. It made me unable to talk anymore. Why else would he need to talk to me, face-to-face?

"No!" he said quickly. Good, very good.

"Okay. Well I guess we could Skype after my set tonight. Does that sound good?" I asked.

I heard him sniffle. "Sounds great babe. I'll see ya then. Goodbye Summer, I love you. So much..."

I wanted to start crying too. Kellin was crying. Something was most definitely wrong. "Okay... I love you back. See you later." I hung up.

Why was he doing this to me? Why would he call and not tell me anything? Now this is all I'm going to be worrying about today.

I felt a tear run down my face. I hated it when people were crying. Though, I hated it even more when people I know and love cry and I can't see them.

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