Bonus Chapter [RATED R... kinda]

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WARNING! This is a sex scene chapter that I wrote for any older viewers. Although I bet that most of my readers, younger or older, will read it because that's just how society is. Anyways, this chapter might skip around with the point of views just to let you know. 

SECOND WARNING! If you can't handle the bedroom game, turn away now. The next chapter will be up soon, which picks up after they did the unspeakable. Hehe… ;)

Also, there is no song for this chapter. Sorry. 

Without further stalling, please read on. ;)


I slowly rubbed up and down on what my hand was resting upon. Skin. Warm skin. Someone's body. I could tell from the tuft of hair under the navel, the belly button, the slow rising from his steady breathing, and the raised tattoos on his chest. And I could hear a heartbeat. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was sleeping peacefully on top of my handsome boyfriend. Who, by the way, was still sleeping.

Has anyone ever mentioned how abnormally perfect he looks in the morning?

I smiled, remembering the contents of last night…

*12 hours earlier*

I moved over to him, pushed him on the bed, crawled on top of him, and pinned him down. I slowly leaned down and brushed my lips against his then leaned back up, teasing him. I leaned down again, but actually kissed him this time. 

He groaned and bit my lip, wanting me to part my lips and grant him access. I did as he wanted and parted them. My hands trembled in weakness as he completely dominated the kiss. This made it easy for him to grab my arms and flip us, not breaking the kiss even if his life depended on it. 

He was now on top. 

Holding himself up with one hand on the side of my head, he ran the other up and down my body. I moaned loudly as he trailed butterfly kisses from my jaw line to my neck, where he began giving me love bites. His hand trailed up and down for the fourth time but this time while trailing up he stopped at my chest. 

I moaned again as he slid his hand under me and unclasped my bra easily. He took his hand back and let me take it off. I slid it off while he lightly kissed my neck. He settled, holding himself up over me and stared at my chest. He grinned and kissed my lips again, trailing down to my belly button. He played with the ring that was currently in the piercing with his tongue before continuing to kiss lower. He slowly slid my underwear off with his teeth, making me bare and in front of him. 

Lying down naked in front of him. 

On his bed, lying down naked in front of him. 

With him over me, on his bed, lying down naked. 

Nice, right? 

Kellin kissed me all over as he became more and more… excited. I felt him press against me as he kissed my chest. 

"Kellin…" I moaned. "I'm growing old waiting." 

He chuckled. While distracted I switched our positions and slowly ran my hands down his torso area. Then back up. Then back down until my fingertips placed themselves on the elastic of his boxers. I grinned as I pulled them. I grinned even more when I saw what he had to revile. 

I leaned down, kissed his neck, and listened to him groan out of pleasure as my hands worked south of the boarder. His hands, that were busy searching the usually covered parts of my body, were trembling. I felt his shaky hands grip my waist and flip us over. 

I giggled as he nestled his head in my neck and gave a little butterfly kisses on my weak spots. I felt him smirking the whole time. He kissed my lips again and bit my lip. 

Our tongues fought over dominance as he slapped him hand down on the nightstand, searching desperately for the condom. He found the square with our only protection in it and tore it open while still kissing me. Kissing me like nothing in the world would ever matter from here on out. 

He rolled it on and immediately pressed his body against mine and entering me with longing. 

I gasped at him. 

He smirked at me. 

We kept eye contact the whole time. 

I moaned, feeling him fully in me. "Kellin…" I couldn't form any other words after that. 

"Summer…" he groaned back and started off slow. 

The faster he went the more I moaned. The harder he went the louder I screamed out his name in pure pleasure. 

He started going really fast, hitting harder every single time. Then he slowed down and went gentle. He did this for awhile as my breathing increased. 

I felt like I was approaching a waterfall. My toes curled uncontrollably, my nails dug into his back, and to stop myself from screaming his name so loud that the neighbors know what we're doing, my teeth sank into his shoulder. I felt totally ecstasy. 

Kellin groaned as I did this. He knew what was happening. This only helped him please me more. He buried his head into my neck. He also grabbed the sheet under us as if his life depended on it. I felt him shake on top of me. 

He rolled over to the other side of the bed, breathless. We stared at the ceiling while trying to regain our breath. I felt his eyes on me, but I didn't dare to look over. If I did I would lose it again. So I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. 

He grinned and chuckled. He pulled me on top of him and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pressed his lips to my forehead, then my cheek, then my neck. He moved his lips to my ear. "Thank you babe. I love you so much." 

I smiled. "I love you too."

And with that, we feel happily asleep.

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