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Chapter 5. Hello Thurman, It's Your First Year At Warped!

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A/N: I'm sorry that this is short! It's mostly just a filler chapter. 

Hello Thurman, It's Your First Year At Warped!

Song in the side bar: Young Blood by The Naked and Famous


I woke up around four in the morning. I was in an uncomfortable position and with all these cords in my arms I can't get up and fix it. I was lying on my back and I was as straight as a board. I can't stand sleeping on my back! I need to either sleep on my side or my stomach.

I wonder if the guys are still in here...

I looked to my side and tried to see if anyone was in here. It's really dark in here, by the way! I saw Jesse and Kellin cuddled up together on the couch that they converted into a bed. They were just sleeping away...

"Jesse! Kellin! Someone! Wake up! I need help!" I whisper-shouted. I wasn't really in the mood to be nice to Kellin at the moment. I was only concentrated on getting up.

They groaned and quietly opened there eyes. When they saw that they were cuddling the sat up as fast as lightening. I giggled while they glared at me.

"Are you okay? What do you need?" Jesse asked.

"I need to get up and all these cords plugged into me are restricting me from doing so myself." I said, motioning to the cords.

Kellin shook his head as Jesse chuckled and smiled. They each got on one side of me and helped me sit up. "Thanks guys," I continued. "And I'm sorry for waking you from your cuddle fest." I laughed.

"Shut up, we were cold!" Jesse ordered, but I kept laughing.

"Whatever." I chuckled.

Kellin was silent. I thought he wanted to talk to me about 'my side of the story'? I wanted to talk to him about my side too. I wanted to find out my side.

"Umm... thanks again guys. You can go back to sleep." I said as I got on my side.

They trudged back to their couch-bed and easily fell asleep. I wish I could do the same. But no, all because of some stupid thoughts. Thoughts about Kellin.

What would I even think about him that way anyways?! He's been a jerk to me since the whole tour started.

I sighed and shut my eyes, hoping I would just magically fall asleep.


'Got out of the hospital! #happyasfuck' I tweeted while we were going back to the venue in our fifteen passenger van that we borrowed.

I sighed as we pulled into the venue. I sighed as we walked to our tent. I sighed as the day went by slowly. And I sighed when we were supposed to perform but didn't.

I wanted to do something! I got up from my seat and walked around. I saw some pretty crazy stuff. I also saw the normal stuff that went on everyday. Pierce The Veil was spraying people with water guns like they have been since the tour started. Mod Sun was just chilling at his tent, I guess he was just enjoying life and being happy as fuck. See what I did there? Wink wink.

I saw Ronnie Radke getting attacked by fans. That's kind of crazy, right? I watched as his manager saved his lucky ass. Those girls looked like they were going to rape him. No joke.

I walked up behind Ronnie and saw that he was shaking off the scary feeling from the almost-rape. "Is Warped Tour always this crazy?" I asked Ronnie, curiously and quietly. I'm surprised that he heard me.

He turned around and smirked. "Well, Hello Thurman! It's your first year at Warped!" he joked. I bet that meant yes, Warped is always this crazy.

I laughed and nodded. "Yeah. I already got injured. I can't play for the rest of the week and I can't scream for two weeks." I explained.

He nodded too. "Well if the craziness is too much to handle right now why don't you go home for a few days since you can't perform." he said.

I thought about it for a second. If I go home for a few days I could ask my mom about what happened during the summer I went to Florida. I smiled. "You have good ideas Mr. Radke." I laughed.

He smiled. "Thanks. Make sure to hang with us when you come back." he said before going to his tent.

I walked back to my bus and thankfully no one was there. I grabbed my laptop and decided to make a video.

I looked into the camera on my laptop and pressed record. "Hey all of you on YouTube! I have a few announcements to make. One is that last night I was in the hospital and that's why we couldn't perform. And I was really sad. I hate the hospital so it really wasn't fun. I definitely would have rather been performing.

"Another announcement I need to make is that I'm going to spend the next few days at home. I know that in two days it's gonna be the forth of July and my birthday, but I really want to spend it at home.

"My last announcement is that I am not allowed to scream for the next two weeks and that I need to take it easy on stage. I hope you guys understand. I gotta go, but thanks for listening. I'll see you guys when I get back!" I said.

I stopped recording the video and uploaded it. Now all I need to do is find my band and tell them I'm flying home for the next few days.

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