Chapter 13. Date Time!

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Date Time!

Song: For The First Time by The Script 


I slid on my sunglasses and made sure my hair looked good. I was ready for my date. Kellin just finished his signing and now we were both going to sneak off and go get something to eat. We both decided to not tell anyone yet, thinking they would freak out. 

I walked out of the bus bathroom and was about to go meet Kellin behind his bus. That's when Steve walked onto the bus. 

"Hey, where are you going? You look like you're going out." Steve said. 

I looked around me, thinking of a lie. "Umm… I was just gonna go hang out by the tent and sign some stuff." I lied. 

He nodded. "Cool. I was just about to go see Trent over there so I will walk with you."

My jaw hung open a bit. I didn't know if he knew I was lying or he actually just wanted to walk with me over there. 

"Is something wrong?" he continued. "Were you actually going to go sneak around with Kellin instead of going to the tent?" Steve laughed. Yep. He knew I lied. 

"What?! How did you know?" I asked, shocked. Was he a mind reader or something?

Steve laughed even more. "I ran into Kellin and asked him why he was in such a rush. I noticed he was lying and I made him tell me."

I smacked Steve's arm. "You dick! Leave him alone and stop laughing." I said, chuckling. I wasn't serious. Steve is never a dick and I could never call him that with a straight face. 

He kept laughing and walked to the back room. "Okay, okay. Anyways have fun and be back soon. And I promise I won't let anyone." 

I smiled and thanked him. I hopped off the bus and made my way to the back of SWS's bus without being seen. 

I saw Kellin at the same time he saw me. We both smiled and stared at each other through our sunglasses. He was also wearing his hat that looked ever so wonderful on him. Yes, I did just say that. I know, I'm fangirling over Kellin Quinn. So what?

"Hey! So we only have an hour and thirty minutes. Let's get goin'!" Kellin said, grabbing my hand. 

As we walked away from Warped I noticed we were holding hands. I sighed, only because our fingers weren't intertwined. It looked more like he was holding my hand in a brotherly way instead of the way I wanted. He's my date, we should intertwine our fingers. 

We walked in perfect silence to McDonalds. I know McDonalds is a very sucky place for a date, but I have like two dollars and same goes for him. Plus I love fast food! I know it's not healthy but I don't give a fuck at the moment. I'm really hungry. 

We ordered and got our drinks. After we filled our cups up with soda we sat down in a booth. I took off my brand new glasses that a fan gave me (A/N: Pic of glasses in the side bar. They are awesome!) and set them on the table. In an instant I found Kellin staring at my eyes and smiling. 

"You have very beautiful eyes, Summer. I don't know why you choose to hide them." Kellin said, still smiling. He reached across the table and held my hand. He didn't intertwine our fingers though. 

I chuckled a bit. "Thanks Kellin. That was very sweet. I hide my eyes for the same reason you hide yours." 

"I don't hide my eyes! I just like wearing sunglasses." Kellin defended, acting like he was insulted. 

"Well maybe I like wearing sunglasses too!" I snapped back at him playfully. 

We were laughing up a storm when the McDonalds people came over and handed us our food. 

Kellin, being the pig he really is, ordered a Big Mac Burger with small fries. I just got large fries. Even though I love fast food like the fatass I am I don't want to look like a pig in front of my date. 

We had little conversations about random things while we ate. He ended up finishing his burger before I finished my fries. We were both eating our fries when I got a call. I checked to see who it was and it was an unknown caller. 

I gave Kellin a confused look and answered it. "Hello?" I asked. 

Kellin looked at me as if me being on the phone during our date annoyed him. I wouldn't blame him if it did. It's totally rude to be on the phone while you're on a date. Even if that date is at McDonalds. 

"Hello Summer. It's been awhile." the voice on the other line said. I could recognize that voice from anywhere. 

"KC?!" I chocked out. Kellin gave me a worried look but I reassured him with a smile. 

KC was my last boyfriend. We broke up because we weren't going anywhere and I knew our relationship wouldn't ever go any father then us being boyfriend and girlfriend. Especially since I'm always touring. He hated how I would always be gone. I need a relationship that I know will last. He even broke up with me. I wasn't complaining though. I'm sure he felt the same way I did about our relationship.

"Yeah! It's me. I just wanted to see what was up. I heard you were on Warped Tour." I could practically hear the smile in his voice. 

"Uhh, yeah. I'm on tour right now. Look, I'm kinda busy so I need to go." I said. 

"What are you doing that's so important?"

I scoffed. What a dick! "I'm on a date. Something that you don't get to do regularly." I said rudely back at him. 

Kellin's jaw dropped as I hung up. "Umm… who was that?" Kellin asked. 

I propped up my elbows on the table, held my head in my hands, and groaned. Instead of telling him who it was I said something entirely different. "What are all guys such tools?!" I asked in a yell.

Kellin frowned. "We aren't. Well, I hope I'm not anyway. So, what happened and who was that?" 

"That was my ex, KC. And he didn't really say anything mean, but just the way he said it made it sound like he owns me. I'm not some object!" I said, leaning back. 

Kellin reached across the table and held my hand once again. He still didn't intertwine our fingers, Gadammit! "Don't be upset. He's your ex, just forget about him. Come on, let's go somewhere quieter." Kellin said, leading me out of the booth and away from McDonalds. 

We walked to the park and sat under a tree. That's romantic, right? Yes, yes it is. He even put his arm around my shoulder and held me close while we just sat against the tree trunk. I rested my head on his shoulder as he spoke. 

"So Summer, how is our date going so far?" Kellin asked, a smirk forming across his face. 

I chuckled. "Better now. This is nice, really nice. Thanks Kellin and I'm sorry." 

"Sorry? For what?" he asked. 

I exhaled. "I was a bitch to you and your band when you guys were actually telling the truth." 

He exhaled too. "It's okay, you didn't know. And I'm the one who is sorry. I'm sorry for acting as if I hate you. I guess acting as if I hate you is easier than actually admitting that I miss you." he mumbled. 

I picked my head up off his shoulders and looked at him. "What?! You miss me? That was years ago though." I said. 

He nodded and kept mumbling. "Yeah, I know it was. Summer, know one understands how hard I fell for you. Not even you yourself. If I ever got over our break up I wouldn't have gone through all this trouble and we would just be tour mates. Nothing more. Not even friends. But I decided to make a big deal out of this because I missed you. I didn't even realize I missed you until I realized God wouldn't have brought us both on this tour if he didn't want us to be fixed. I know I've put you through bullshit since the tour started, but I'm sorry. I swear I'm sorry." 

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Kellin, I'm the sorry one here! I cheated on you."

"I don't care if you kissed some other guy while you were seventeen and drunk. We're older now. I have never forgotten about that summer. I remember how I would ask you if you think we would last. You'd say 'I'm sure if it's right' and we would smile. Summer, I loved you and after years of being apart then seeing you again I realized I still love you. We met again for a reason. God wanted us to be together. Fuck what anyone else thinks. Fuck our past. Fuck anything that could get in the way. I love you Summer James Parker. I always have and always will. Even if you reject me." Kellin said, looking into my eyes. I forgot that my glasses were in my pocket and not on my face. He could probably see every emotion I was feeling just by looking in my eyes. 

"Kellin, I don't know what to say," I smiled. "No one has ever said anything like that to me before. And that was seriously the sweetest thing I have ever heard. It's just that I don't know how I feel. I mean, I obviously like you a lot. I just, don't know…" I said, putting my hand on his cheek. 

"Maybe this will help…" he mumbled as he placed his hands on the sides of my face. He leaned in and shut his eyes. 

I smiled, shut my eyes, and leaned in too. This was it. I was actually going to kiss Kellin. This kiss was going to be perfect. I could tell. 





His lips were about to touch mine, then we were ever so rudely interrupted! 

"HEY I JUST MET YOU, AND THIS IS CRAAAZY! BUT HERE'S MY NUMBER, SO CALL ME MAYBE!" The song ‘Call Me Maybe’ blasted from my phone. I love that song. 

Kellin leaned back against the tree again and groaned. "Great. Just great…" he muttered as he leaned his head back. 

I answered my phone. "Hello?!" I answered quiet rudely. 

"Damn! Kitty got claws! What's got you so pissed?" Alex from ATL asked from the other line. 

"Well, I was about to-" I stopped. He is NOT knowing about Kellin and I. 

"About to what?"

"Come back to the venue…" I said sadly. 

Kellin glared at the phone as I listened to what Alex had to say next. "Okay, well do you know where Kellin is? His band is looking for him. They went out to go look for him."

My eyes widened and I looked at Kellin. "Nope. I haven't seen him. Look, I gotta go. See ya soon." I hung up. 

Kellin looked at me worriedly. "Summer, what's wrong?"

"Your band is looking for you. We need to go and not be seen." I said as I stood up and slipped my phone into my pocket and put my sunglasses on. 

Kellin stood up too and grabbed my hand. He started to walk back to the bus. I stayed still, causing him to stop walking. "Summer, what's wrong?" he asked. 

I smiled. I stood up on my tip toes and lightly kissed his cheek, leaving him wanting more. He smirked and with his free hand touched his cheek. 

"Guys stop fucking around! We need to find Kellin!" I heard Jesse shout at the rest of SWS. Oh crap. 

Kellin and I grinned as we quickly got out of that park. Once we were out of view we stopped running and laughed. While Kellin was laughing I stole his hat from his head. I put it on and smirked. 

"You look cute." Kellin gushed. 

I blushed. "Thanks."

We started going back to the venue, making sure to stay hidden. 

We made it back to the venue and behind a small building. Kellin and I spent about two minutes smiling at each other while catching our breath. 

"That was fun. So, now I only have one question." Kellin said, holding my hand. Once again, he didn't fucking intertwine our fucking fingers!

I exhaled and took a risk to do it myself. I maneuvered our fingers and soon enough they were laced together. I smiled, our hands looked good together. It's like we were made to hold hands throughout all eternity. "What's your question my good sir?" I asked politely. 

Kellin grinned. "Would you mind taking a chance and being my girlfriend?"

I grinned back. "Kellin, like I said I obviously like you. A lot actually. I just need to think about this, okay?" I asked, not wanting to hurt him. 

Kellin's face fell. That almost killed me. 

"Don't be sad," I continued. "I just need to think a lil' bit. It's not like stomach surgery. I think I can decide on an answer pretty fast. I'll tell you yes or no at our next city, okay?" 

Kellin nodded. "M'kay. I'll see ya tomorrow then. Goodnight Summer." He kissed my cheek and walked to his bus. 

I smiled and walked back to mine too. When I got there all of my band mates were staring at me. "What?" I suddenly felt self conscious. 

Everyone started laughing. "You're wearing Kellin's hat!" Blu blurted out between laughs. 

I got wide-eyed and quickly took it off. 

"So," Ian started. "Are you guys a thing or what?" 

I shook my head and walked to my bunk. "No, we aren't a thing." I told them. I climbed into my bunk and closed the curtain. "Yet." I whispered.

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