Chapter 6. Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

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I sighed as I stepped off of the airplane. It didn't take me long before I found my mother. I, being the child I am, ran up to her and hugged her. I didn't care about how much my head hurt. I missed my mommy. 

I let go of her and looked at her. She looked so old but was so young. She looked tired, weak, and hurt…

"Oh mom… I know I haven't been gone for long but I've missed you." I said, hugging her once again. 

"Sweetie, I've missed you too! When we get home you best tell me how tour is going so far! Oh, and happy birthday!" she exclaimed. 

Yep, it's July fourth. I'm finally twenty-six! 

We pulled away. I wanted to talk about Kellin already. But I didn't. I kept my mouth shut. 

We walked to the car and put my stuff in it. We got in and we started talking as soon as our seat belts were on. 

"Okay, so tonight we are going over to your sister's house and celebrating the fourth of July and your birthday. Does that sound good?" my mom asked. 

I nodded vigorously. If I can't spend this day with my band mates then why not with my family. Plus I don't usually talk to my sister. She is a big lawyer now, with two kids and a husband. I do miss being able to talk to Sierra though. 

My mother and I rambled endlessly. I told her that Warped Tour is fun, she told me about her raise at the office. We just… talked. Talked like we had so much to say. 

We drove by the cemetery and that’s when we stopped all the talking. I wanted her to stop the car so I could go see my father and brother. 

I miss them. They were caught in a fire. It's hard to remember the night, but I will never be able to forget it either.


~ I was just twelve. I couldn't sleep, as usual. I started smelling smoke. I got up and walked downstairs, only to see that a candle had been tipped over. The candle my sister Sierra was using earlier. The candle that was on the coffee table, near the couch where my dad fell asleep. 

"Dad!" I screamed. He woke up in an instant. 

Before I knew it I was brought outside and told to wait there. Soon my mom and sister were outside with me, coughing from the smoke. But what about my dad? And my brother Rick? Where were they? I knew that my dad went back in the house to get him but shouldn't they be out by now?

I heard sirens, and saw a fire truck coming our way. Everything happened so fast. They stopped the fire, dragged out my father and brother, and checked us to see if we were okay. 

I ran over to my dad who was on a gurney next to my brother. "Dad! Dad, are you okay?!" I panicked.

He coughed. "Summer. You saved your family. Thank you for waking me. I love you sweetie." he said with a weak smile. His eyes shut. My brother's eyes were half open though. 

"Rick!" I said, moving to him. He was a seventeen year old, strong, kind brother. He taught me so much. 

"Summer. I love you baby sister." he coughed out. 

"You guys say that like your dying!" I cried. No, they can't be. 

"Summer… go comfort your mother and sister. They need you now." Rick muttered weakly. 

"I love you guys…" I mumbled, but they heard me. I know it. ~

*End of Flashback*

I wanted to cry, remembering the night. I sometimes still do cry. I know my mom does a lot. She always tells me that she wants me to find someone like my dad and never lose him. 

We pulled up into the driveway to her house. The house that we moved into after the fire…

I got my stuff and walked into the house. I set my stuff in the guest room that used to officially be mine, but then I moved out. My mom walked into the room with her eyes watery. I sat on the bed and motioned her to do the same. 

She did and tears started rolling out of her eyes. "B-before you g-go b-back on tour," she said between sniffles. "I think we sh-should go to the cemetery. Ya know, and see your father and b-brother." 

I kind of gasped. My mom hasn't been to the cemetery ever since the fire. It's been about fourteen years. I go every year though. Whenever I'm home and I am alone I always go. I always sit next to their gravestones and tell them what happened during the year, and then I would say how much I miss them and want them here, and then I would cry. I nodded. 

She tried to stop her tears. She couldn't though. She's too hurt. She will always be too hurt. 

"Mom, we should get ready to go over to Sierra's place for the party." I said, helping her up. 

She went to go take a shower. I called Blu while my mom was busy. "Hello?" Blu answered. 

"Hey Blu!" I exclaimed. 

"Oh hey! How was the flight?"

"It was okay. I was perfectly happy until my mom and I drove by the cemetery. Just a few seconds ago my mom was crying her eyes out." I explained. 

"Oh SJ, I'm so sorry." Blu said. She doesn't know how weak and hurt my mom is though. No one does, except for me and my sister. 

"Thanks. Hey, I need your advice."


"Well," I started. "I want to talk to my mom about Kellin. When should I?" I asked. 

There was a long pause before Blu said anything again. "When you come back on tour we need to talk." Then she hung up. 

I looked at my phone, confused. "What the hell?!" I asked myself. 


We pulled up into my sister's driveway. When we went to the back yard we saw almost my whole family. A lot of people were already in the pool. Some people were eating pizza or hot dogs. And my sister was sitting with her kids and husband, while rubbing her bloated stomach. I didn't know she was pregnant! 

I walked over to them. "Hey guys!" I exclaimed. 

They all smiled at me. "Hey sister!" Sierra cheered. I leaned down and hugged her.  

"I didn't know you were pregnant again!" I smiled. 

"Well, surprise!" she giggled. 

I hugged Luke her husband, Sarah her six year old daughter, and Seth her five year old son. 

The evening went really well. Before it was time for the fireworks Sierra brought me into the house and into her room to talk. 

"So," she said as she shut the door and sat on the bed next to me. "Tell me. What happened on tour that made you want to come home?"

"There are a few reasons actually. One, I hurt my head and I can't perform for a few more days. Another was because I need a break. And the last reason is because… I met someone." I said shyly. 

She basically freaked out with excitement. "You met someone?! Who? When? Where? How?!" 

"Well, I met him because he is in another band, we met because he thinks I knew him before, and his name is Kellin Quinn. From Sleeping With Sirens." I smiled. 

"Wait, Kellin Quinn?" she asked. 

"Yeah. Apparently I knew him before. He says that we met when I spent that one summer in Florida." I explained. 

She froze. "Kellin Quinn as in Kellin Quinn Bostwick?"

"That's his real last name?" Wow, I did not know that. 

"Oh my gosh! You need to talk to mom ASAP!" She stood up and dragged me out of the room. 

We went back outside and Luke was about to start the fireworks. I made my way over to my mom. "Mom, can I talk to you?" I asked. 

"Not right now sweetie. The fireworks are about to start." She smiled up at the sky as the first explosion of colors happened. 

I waited patently for the fireworks to end. I waited patently for my mom and me to get home. But as soon as we stepped into the house I let everything out. "Mom, who is Kellin Quinn Bostwick? I met him before and I can't remember him." I said as we sat down at the table. 

She looked horrified. "How do you know about him?" she asked sternly. 

"I tour with him. He is in a band called Sleeping With Sirens."

She sighed angrily. "He's bad news, okay?"

"What? How is he bad news?" I almost shouted. 

"He just is! He wanted you to stay with him when you went to Florida! He tried to take you from your sister and me!" she yelled.

So I did know him. So we did date. "Mom, tell me what happened during that summer. Tell me now." I ordered in a whisper. 

She sighed. "Well, you and him met through your cousin Jessica. You guys started dating. I didn't have a problem with it until you turned seventeen. On your birthday he…" 

"He what?!" I shouted. 

"I'll tell you! I'll tell you…" she cried. "The day started out with me visiting you and Jessica for your birthday and Fourth of July…"

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