Chapter 39. Vegas (Part 1 of 2)

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A/N: Thank you @donzadarling for the new female character introduced into this chapter. Sorry if I changed a thing or two though! And I promise she will be in this more!

Vegas (Part 1 of 2)

Song: Vegas by All Time Low 

*June 27, 2013*


It's been about two months since everything happened. Since Kellin and I broke up, since I've gotten help, and since I've gotten a… better attitude. I don't want to be depressed. I thought I would be, considering how much I've needed Kellin lately, but I'm not. I guess the thought of being better, better for him, is keeping my chin up. 

Also the fans. They heard about what happened. They give me gifts at shows, tell me they are proud and that I make them want to get help with their own problems, and that I'm strong. I guess I  really am. 

Sometimes I do get upset, like after a show or when I see something or hear something I don't like. After shows I'm tired and when someone shoves their phone in my face, showing me something from someone's twitter that I don't like, it kind of pisses me off. I can also get a bit upset about my image. But at least now I'm back to curvy I stead of a stick. 

I've stopped constantly getting tattoos, smoking, not eating, dressing like a tramp, and changing. I feel really nice again, like I had a year ago. Speaking of that, I can't believe it's been one year since I met Kellin. 

Tour started about a week ago. We are touring with a band called 'For All I Am' which consists of three people, two boys and one girl. Dylan Siks, the lead singer and guitarist, Marina Danes, the bassist (Blu is incredibly happy to know another female bassist), and Reese Larson, the drummer.

Hailee, Blu, Marina, and I being the only females on tour, we have gotten pretty close. Marina is a good person with a great style. She's funny and always tries to make others smile. Lately I've been going to her when and if I feel down. She is also pretty deep and mature when she needs to be. But she is one hundred percent down to Earth. 

Warped Tour 2013 started on the fifteenth. I've had to see a lot of posts on the Internet from fans that are mad because Sorry We're Late isn't playing Warped. But hey, maybe next year right?

Hailee and Sam have been touring with us. Most people would probably think that Hailee is a bad mother for bringing her five year old on tour. I don't think so though. Sam is a smart young boy who gets the chance to tour with amazing bands. 

At night during the shows I have Hailee come on stage of the last song. She'll come on with her acoustic guitar and we jam. It's really fun, especially since I'm great friends with Hailee. 

The song is called Painting Flowers. It's about going through so much all for one person. Hailee can relate because of her thoughts and emotions about her son. I can relate because of my thoughts and emotions about Kellin, my family, and friends, and my fans. 

In other news, our new album is coming out in a few days. After this tour we will take a short one month break and then tour for it. It's got more of a punk sound to it instead of an angry one. The album is called Devil's Own Luck.

I named it at the last minute. The title represents everything I've been through this past year. Some of the songs on it are the ones I wrote from last years Warped Tour. Therapy and The Morticians Daughter. The album title, and some songs, were also inspired by fans and friends with their hard times. They give me hope. If they can get through their hardships then so can I. I'm strong. 

That's pretty much it. Right now I'm currently stalking Kellin's twitter and other social sites. He still hasn't unfollowed me and vice versa. He doesn't try to contact me himself, but sometimes people will ask me how I'm doing for him, or they'll tell me he's doing fine. 

I do really miss him. And I do really believe getting help was for the best. Now I have help. 

It's about seven at night right now. We are currently in Oregon, going to San Francisco. I really like Oregon. Maybe someday I might move there, but for right now Cali is pretty good to me. That's were my band, friends, and family is. That's also where my band and I are setting up the studio or our new record label. You know, speaking of family I need to go to the cemetery soon.

Anyway, we played earlier at an outside venue, around three. And then at four For All I Am played. After that we met some fans then loaded. I don't know why we haven't left yet, and whenever I ask anyone they tell me something like I need to wait, or to hold on. 

I'm sitting in the front lounge on the bus with Ian and Zack. They, like me, aren't talking and are busy on their phones. But now and then they will look up and smirk at each other. Is there something I'm missing? I know River is gay, but Ian and Zack? What about their girlfriends, Dakota and Carolyn? I wonder what they would think about this.

Finally, I spoke up. I'm tired of them mentally flirting with each other. It's like they're in some fan fiction where they are in love with each other but have to keep it a secret. What would their ship be? Zian? Iack? Their names don't go together. "Guys, what's up with all the smirks and winks?"

Ian chuckled and looked down at his phone, avoiding eye contact with me. Zack chuckled too, but at least decided to say something. "Nothing, Summer," he assured me. "I promise. Ian and I are just remembering something funny from earlier today."

I frowned and looked back at my phone. Kellin hasn't tweeted since this morning… "Whatever," I mumbled. That only made them smirk and giggle. 

What's up with these boys?

I sighed heavily. "Why haven't we left to go to the next venue yet?" I asked. But I knew they wouldn't answer. I asked them about half and hour ago and they kept their lips shut. Thank you, best friends of mine. 

Suddenly Blu came rushing into the bus. Once she was in she shut the door quickly, but not loudly. Sam is sleeping in the back lounge and Hailee is on the phone with his godmother. Trent and Steve are outside, calmly talking to our new guitar and bass tech, Cole. Trent drum checks for the band, when he's not at the merch table. 

Blu was breathing heavily and had a look of worry on her face. "Hurry," was the first word out of her lips before she caught her breath again. 

"What?" I asked, confused. What's up with my band lately?

"Justin just texted me saying that Beth is flying to Vegas tomorrow while they're there on Warped Tour!" Blu shoved her phone in my face, showing me the text. 

From Justin: tell Summer to come here quickly! Kellins making a mistake and wont listen 2 any of us. Beth is flying out to the vegas warped tour date and they want to get married!!! Theyre getting married sometime tomorrow evening. Kellin isnt letting any of us come, its like a private thing. Not good! HURRY!!!

Anger filed into me. What? I thought he still loved me… I thought he hated her…

"You need to go! Now!" she shouted. 

I nodded, standing up from the leather couch and pushing my phone into my pocket. "You're right. He can't do this! He's so stupid!" I groaned, walking to the bunks where all my stuff is. 

"Finally you want to get back together with him. You two need to be with each other," Zack said with a grin. 

"Where are you going?" River asked as I rushed to my bunk in a hurry. He walked onto the bus quietly, leaving the door slightly open. I grabbed my black backpack that was currently empty. When tour started it was full of my hair and makeup stuff. Now all of that is in the bathroom. I began shoving my pajamas and clothes for tomorrow in the backpack.

"Vegas. I'm going to stop the wedding before it happens," I replied back. 

"Who's getting married?" Steve questioned, walking onto the bus after River and missing the first part of the conversation. 

"Kellin, to Beth," I muttered to them. 

Steve smiled at me. I guess he's happy that I'm now realizing that now since I'm better I need to get Kellin back. It's time anyways. "I'll drive you to the airport. It's only about twenty minutes away. We can use one of the vans here at the venue." The venue has three vans in case someone needs to go somewhere real quick and doesn't want to go through the hassle of taking the tour bus. 

I paused my rapid packing to give him a thankful look. "Thank you," I whispered gratefully. 

"No problem." He smiled even wider at me. 

I threw my hairbrush, basic makeup, a pair of hot pink TOMS (I'm wearing a grey pair right now, the other pair is for back up), my phone charger, toothbrush, iPod, ear buds, gum, money, and a few other small things into the backpack. I still haven't given Kellin back all the gifts he gave me. Hopefully I won't have to. 

"Come on, lets go!" Steve exclaimed as we sped out the bus door. Hopefully I have everything I'll need. 

"Good luck SJ." Blu called from behind us. The van was already outside the bus. I guess Steve told someone to get it ready. 

I turned back to Blu. She had hope in her eyes. And from her expression, I do too. That's good. "I'll be back tomorrow night before the set, hopefully. I'm not too sure though. If not then Hailee can sing for the night. If the fans are upset that I'm not their then tell them I'll make it up to them and that it's for love. Bye!" I yelled at my band member and sister before crawling into the passenger seat. I pushed my backpack onto the floor near my feet. Steve started the van and we were off. 


I got off of the plane and to a hotel early in the morning, around one. It would have been sooner, but there was a two hour flight delay. I was so tired that I fell asleep in my clothes. Gross, I know. I slept until about ten in the morning. I took a quick shower and then dressed myself in my grey TOMS, black skinny jeans, matching black bra and underwear, a red tank top, colorful fan-made bracelets I have gotten from my current tour (probably about ten to fifteen on each wrist), and I left my red and black hair down and wavy. I put in white diamond studs in my first ear piercing, black diamond studs in the second, and red diamond studs in the third. I didn't put in my wrist piercing or belly button, but I did have a diamond nose stud in and a thin silver lip ring that almost looked fake. I slipped on my music note ring from my father onto my thumb for good luck. I put on my makeup and brushed my teeth. 

After all of that it was 11:39 AM. Wow, I take long. I walked out of the hotel bathroom and grabbed my phone. Luckily I still have Jesse's number. I shot him a quick text. 

To Jesse: Hey Jess, it's me Sum. Blu told me that Kellin is getting married in Vegas to Beth. I'm here to stop the wedding before it happens. Kellin can't go through with this. He'll crush me if he does. So please please please tell me where this wedding is taking place. 

He replied in no time. Lucky me, huh?

From Jesse: :) im glad youre here! It's been too long! & I'm glad youre stopping the wedding. Kell won't listen to us when we say hes making a mistake. The wedding is at the silverton casino/hotel. His room number is 26C. It's on the third floor. He doesnt know youre coming so you can surprise him. 

To Jesse: Thanks duder! You're a lifesaver!

From Jesse: he's getting married sometime around seven. Tomorrow we aren't playing so he plans on staying the night in Vegas. Be at his room sometime around 6 pm. & dont worry about barging into a room Kellin is sharing with Beth. Beth is off somewhere for the day getting pampered. Mason has Scarlett back at home. Hes a good guy, you know? I like him a lot. Good friend. 

To Jesse: Kk. So, he's not letting anyone go to it? Not even Matty is going???

From Jesse: :( nope. Its just him & Beth

To Jesse: :( oh. Well hopefully I'll stop it. I gtg. I'll see you tomorrow before I leave to go back to my tour, alright? Bye Jess!

From Jesse: Alright. Later Summy. 

I'm upset that I'm going to miss tonight's set, but happy that I might get Kellin back. 

I sent my band a text saying I would be missing the set. After that I put my phone in my pocket and left the room. I might as well go find something to do to pass time for the next six hours. 


I rushed through the Silverton lobby, trying to find the elevator. Of course, they put it in corner behind fake potted plants to hide it from me. Whoever built this place, I swear to God I'm going to get them…

I should have never let time slip. I was busy trying to take my mind off the stress of stopping a wedding. I got my nails done, shopped for some new clothes that I don't need, and ate lunch. Once I got back to my hotel and put my stuff away I noticed the time. I'm so stupid. So here I am now, rushing through some casino/hotel thirty minutes past the time I should have been here. 

Finally I got into the elevator and pressed the third floor button. I checked the time on my phone. 6:37 PM. He's probably not even in his room anymore. It won't hurt to try, right?

I looked down at my hands and the ring on my thumb. Please, please, please bring me good luck. I need it, I silently prayed. 

The elevator dinged and opened. I shakily breathed out and walked into the hallway. The first door I saw was 20C. I kept walking down the hall until I stopped in front of a brown door with a gold doorknob and sign. The sign, in fancy font, said 26C. 

I inhaled and exhaled, crossed my fingers, tightly shut my eyes, and prayed once again. Please be in there…

I knocked softly. No one answered. He's not there, just as I thought. I slowly turned to go away. But then I took a quick look at the closed door. I wonder if he's actually in there and just hiding from me. 

Fuck it, lets find out, shall we?

I grabbed the knob and twisted it, pushing the door inwards and stumbling in. Who the hell leaves their hotel room unlocked? 

I was shocked at first because the door was unlocked. But once I looked up from the floor I was surprised to see Kellin standing in the middle of the room. Candles that smelled of vanilla were scattered around the room. A nicely wrapped present was on the nightstand next to the only bed. 

Kellin stood in black TOMS, black skinny jeans, a black band tee that he cut the sleeves off, making it a tank top and showed his sides. In his left hand was a single red rose. His right hand was behind his back, making his look very proper. On his left ring finger was the gold and black ring I gave him. Around his neck was the cross necklace that I gave him from my father. On his left arm was a tattoo of Scarlett's name and birth date. On his face was a smirk.

Realization just slapped me in the face. 

This was a set up by none other than Mr. Quinn himself. 

A/N: First of all, can I just say that I've been waiting so long to write this chapter? It's true! Also, thanks to all those who commented on the last chapter. For anyone who cares, my grandma is better. I'm so happy! :D

Pic on the side is of Summer's new friend Marina.

Song is the beautiful Vegas by ATL. 


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