Chapter 47. The Last Party (Part 1 of 2)

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The Last Party (Part 1 of 2)

Song: Jezebel by Memphis May Fire

Picture: The wedding invitation. The left side is the front and the right side is the back.

*May 30, 2014*


A club, but no strippers.

Drinks, but no getting shit faced. 

Dancing, but not with any girls. 

Laughing about random shit, but no getting too serious. 

Tonight is my second to last night as a free man. In two days I'll be getting married. A lot has happened to make this upcoming day happen. I've made Trent one of my groomsmen since Summer is walking down the aisle with Ian. We've spent a lot of time stressing over the wedding. Now it's two days away. There is no more stressing to put the wedding together. We have the venue, we sent the invitations, we've got the bridal party, we decided the colors, and we picked the song we're dancing to for our first dance as a married couple. We've got our wedding license, photographer, videographer, suits, dresses, bouquets, garter, ties, and whatever else. 

Now all we need to get through is the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the rehearsal tomorrow, the dinner tomorrow night, and then the wedding. 

Summer already left an hour ago for her party. She's heading out to a club with her friends too. Except they won't be at our club. Her club is on the other side of town. My club is ten minutes away. 

The doorbell rang, signaling that it's time for my party. My last party with the guys before the wedding. 

I inhaled deeply once more before answering the door. Jesse was there, smiling. We were driving together to the club where we would be meeting up with everyone else. 

Ian, River, Trent, Zack, Steve, Gabe, Matty, Jack, Cole, Justin H., Justin V., and a few other dudes are gonna be there. We're going to drink, play pool, dance, and have fun. 

"Hey, you ready?" Jesse said excitedly. 

I nodded. "Yep! Lets head to the club." 

We walked outside and got into his car. We made small talk and said a few jokes on the way there. Once we were in the club I immediately saw the guys. Some were drinking. Some were dancing. And some were drinking and dancing. 

They all greeted me. Zack placed a shot in my hand and smirked. I took it without hesitation. We all sat in the back of the club where there were leather couches. 

"I can't believe you're getting married, Kellin," Jack said with a laugh. 

I shrugged. "I can't believe I'm going to be a husband!"

"Dude, now you gotta take care of three people. You, Scarlett, and Summer," Zack exclaimed. 

I shrugged once more. "I already do take care of Summer." I winked. 

"Oh! Shit!" Zack laughed. 

"Nah, but seriously. Who would have thought you two would end up marrying each other? Who would have thought you two would even meet after nine years?" River pointed out. 

"I sure didn't!" Justin said, laughing. 

I chuckled at him. "Same here!"

"Anyway, congrats Kell! We all can't wait for the wedding. You're a lucky dude, ya know?" Gabe patted my back while speaking. 

I nodded. "Yeah, I know. I can't wait to see her all fancy and I can't wait to call her my wife. At first I was kinda worried. I've never been married before! This is a brand new stage in my life, one I'm not very familiar with. But I know I'll be okay and Summer and I will have a long and happy marriage."

"For sure!" Ian agreed. 

"Well, who's ready to dance, play some pool, celebrate Kellin's last night as a free man?!" Jesse joked. 

We all cheered. Half of us went to the pool tables and the other - the half I was in - went to the dance floor. We danced like idiots to random hip hop songs. We heard some Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Usher, and even Blackout and Hit And Run by Breathe Carolina. Both great songs from great dudes. After a bit we were all caroled back to our couches in the back by Zack and Jesse. 

I sat next to Matty while Zack and Jesse stood facing the couches. There was a waitress with a tray of shots she was handing out. "Kellin," Jesse started, "we're all very happy for you and thankful that you chose us to be apart of your wedding, whether it be just a guest or apart of the wedding party. Like you said earlier, this is a new chapter in your life. So, tonight us guys all just wanna say good luck with the wedding, honeymoon, and the new chapter." We all cheered. Jesse took his shot. 

"Kellin, you are a very lucky dude. Summer is sweet, kind, beautiful, funny, has an amazing voice, and is a great catch. In this new chapter please, for the love of God, take good care of her. If you don't… well, I won't be very happy. I hope that you two have a wonderful marriage that will last a lifetime. You and Summer are meant to be. Congratulations and good luck!" Zack said. He quickly took his shot, cheering with us when he was done. 

"Matty, as best man you wanna say anything?" Jesse asked. 

Matty shrugged and stood. "Ah. Well, first of all thank you Kellin for making me your best man. It means a lot. Dude, you are my best friend. I only wish the best for you. I wish for you and Summer to have a great wedding and marriage. You are an amazing dude, and your bride is just as wonderful. And she is beautiful; you are very lucky. You two are a match made in heaven. With that being said, lets all drink our shots in celebration to the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Quinn that will be in only two short days!" Matty exclaimed. The rest of us took our shots and got back to dancing and playing pool. 

Not many people are at the club since it's only Thursday night. It's not packed. I like that. 

I was busy dancing to Let It Rock when a blond came over. She wore black heels, a too-short-for-her-own-good cocktail dress, and her face was caked with makeup. She looked pretty, but that was probably because she painted her face. Her hair was long and straight, reaching to her butt. I noticed a huge ass engagement ring with a huge ass diamond on her finger. I saw her friends behind her. Some were dancing and some were leaning against the wall and talking. There was a lot of girls with her, just as many girls as the guys at my party. 

The blonde smirked at me and said over the music, "I couldn't help but see you over here dancing without a girl. So, what's your name?" She was moving her hips in time with the song. I has stopped dancing completely. 

"Kellin Quinn," I answered. 

She bit her lip. "Mmm… I like that name. I'm Lacey Rose."

"Nice name. Ya know, my fiancée loves roses. She likes the name Rose," I said. Maybe that will make her leave. The mention of the woman I'm marrying in two days should be enough, right?

Wrong. "Oh, so you have a fiancée?"

I nodded and swallowed the nothingness in my throat. "Yeah. I'm here with my friends. It's my bachelor party tonight."

She looked me up and down. "Wow, how weird! My girls and I are here celebrating my bachelorette party! See over there," she pointed to a brunette with a dress just as short as her own. "That's my maid of honor. Her name in Bethan. She doesn't like Bethan though, so we all call her Beth." Wow, does this girl ramble or what?

I smirked. "I like the name Bethan. It sounds cool without a Y. I don't like Beth though." 

"Why?" she asked in a seductive tone. 

"Because Beth is the name of the mother of my daughter." There! Now that should scare her away. 


Guess what. It didn't. She moved closer to me. "So, when's the wedding?" 

I gulped. "Two days."

"Wow, that's soon. Mine is in three weeks."

"Uh, that's… cool. Look, I don't think your fiancé would like you dancing with me so-"

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him." What a whore! 

"Okay, well my fiancée wouldn't like me dancing with you, so maybe you should go back over to your friends," I said. Before I could walk away she grabbed my arm and pulled me back to her. 

"Wait, before you go," She reached into the front of her dress and pulled out a small piece of paper from her bra. Weird. She slipped the paper into my back packet. "Call me. I'd love to… chat…" She let go of me, flipped her hair, and walked away. 

I shook my head and walked over to the pool tables. Since there was a trashcan nearby I threw away the paper. Matty and Jack noticed my mood. It wasn't good. 

Why would someone do that? I told her I have a fiancée and daughter. And she has a fiancé as well! I bet it's some old guy with a lot of money. She's probably some gold digger who will cheat on the poor love-struck dude. 

"What's wrong?" Jack asked. 

I scoffed. "I was dancing and some fake blonde named Lacey started flirting with me. I told her I have a fiancée and daughter, hoping she'd leave me alone. Instead she told me about how she has a fiancé and that 'what he doesn't know won't hurt him'. She gave me her number but I threw it away. Seriously, who does that?!" I explained. 

Matty just shrugged. "Does it matter? She'll never get you and you have Summer. She's nothing compared to Summer! Just ignore her."

I nodded. "I guess your right."

"Yep. Tonight is your night. Celebrate! Have fun! I bet the girls are having fun at Summer's party."

"Yeah. I wonder what Summer is doing…"

Jack shrugged. "Probably drinking and dancing."

"Yeah, probably…"

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