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"Your daughters attitude is getting out of control" he spat as we all sat at the table.

I withdrew from rolling my eyes- staring at the spaghetti on my plate.

"You know how to handle it" my mom barely spoke, raising her eyebrows to me.

Why would you ever give anyone besides the mom and dad permission to discipline your child?

"I certainly do."

In order to get out of it, I ate a good portion, looking to them

"May I be excused?"

My mom glanced to me
"Wash your plate"

I did as said, throwing my excess and quickly washing my plate before going to my room.

I showered, washed my face and brushed out the knots in my hair before slipping into a pair of velvet shorts and a big t shirt.

I got into bed- seeing my door open as I turned my Netflix on my tv. 

Derek entered, making me pause the show I had started, looking to him.

He grabbed my face- making my body tense.

"I don't want to have to hurt you ever night"

I saw my mom move into the doorway

"But I will if this attitude doesn't change" he spat, and I felt a sharp sting across my cheek.

I withdrew from any noise, remembering what happened after I yelled the first time he hit me.

I rubbed my cheek as he left my room, trying my hardest to blink the tears away.

"Goodnight Kayden" my mom spoke after a moment, kissing my forehead, which I didn't respond to.

"I love you" She spoke as she turned off my light, looking back to me.

"Love you too" I almost whispered, making her pull the door shut where I fell into my pillow, pressing my stinging cheek into the cold part of the pillow.

If this was a form of discipline, I felt bad for the kids who were disciplined from when they were babies.

But three more years and no more discipline- just me, myself and I

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