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With assistance from Ash she pulled her body up, still sitting on her knees, tears still rolling down her face at a fast pace.

"He was in here" she cried.

"Who baby?" I asked, grabbing her hands tightly.

"My dad- he was in here- or i thought he was, i don't fucking know." She sobbed out.

"Baby explain what you saw, what was he doing, what did he look like and where did he go?" Calum spoke, wiping some of her tears.

"He had the gunshot- there was blood and everything" she gasped for air slowly, trying to calm herself visibly.

"He was standing over me- just fucking looking at me, I couldn't move- it was like something was holding me down- it was so fucking scary" she cried.
"As soon as I felt like I could I screamed and he just fell- but then he wasn't on the floor, he just- wasn't there." She cried again.

Sleep paralysis

With one of the scariest things you could ever see.

Your dead father

"Baby, you were experiencing sleep paralysis, do you know what that is?" I asked her.

She shook her head, leaning into Ashton again.

"To sum it up, its basically your body waking up completely before your brain does, therefore you have the power to open your eyes but yet your brain is still in a dream state- and sometimes your dreams break the barrier, this one just was traumatic" I explained slowly.

"I don't even want to see him again- not like that" she cried.

I looked to Calum as she tucked her head into Ashton, who looked to us.

"You're okay baby, nothings here, nothing is going to hurt you"

"Especially your dad, he's watching over you to protect you- not to scare or hurt you."

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