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"Does your mom hit you-" "no Luke, it's not like that."

"So it's Derek?" He immediately accused.

"It's not abuse." I almost yelled as he yelled back his accustoms.
"Then what the fuck is happening, Kay?"

I stuttered on my words

"It's discipline" I quoted my parents.

I saw his eyes go to my neck, something he had done several times within the last few minutes.

He went to the door, letting Calum in- who informed us that Michael had been paged.

Luke grabbed something from a drawer, handing it to me, revealing a make up wipe.

"Luke-" "take the make up off of your neck" he spoke.

"Luke what are you doing?" Calum shot to him.

"This is abusive-" "it's not" I corrected.

"Then take the make up off of your neck."

I had no choice, that was clear.

I handed it to Calum, who looked to Luke, nodding to me.

Calum held my head gently, wiping carefully at my neck.

Soon he stepped away, him and Luke both silent.

"How did I not notice- it was my gut fucking instinct!" Luke hit the wall forcefully.

"Stop" Calum spoke quickly.

Calum brought me into a tight hug, making me immediately break out crying.

Derek was going to fucking kill me.

"You're okay, Luke call the authorities please" Calum spoke calmly, not letting me ago.

"No, you can't- please." I sobbed out, gasping for air.

"You're okay, you're going to be safe." Calum spoke, squeezing my shoulders.

When the cops got here, I didn't know what to fucking do.

I couldn't get caught snitching Derek out, that would get me killed

But I also couldn't sit here and lie in front of Luke

So I left.

I peaked through the door- seeing them all the way on the other end of the hall, barely standing inside of Luke's office.

It was easy.

I just walked out

I threw my jacket over my shoulders, walking as far as I could, feeling the odd feeling of being able to bend my knee again, realizing how sore it was.

I first when and bought a water from a store, thanking the guy and leaving.

I went to a random park and sat beside moms who watched their children play.

The later it got- the more I got text messages from everyone, including Derek

There was no going back, I was dead.

I found myself walking to a spot I used to go everyday until Derek came around.

I walked into the cemetery, feeling the raindrops hit me, and I prayed it wouldn't pour, I had to figure out who's house I was going to. I found the grave, sitting beside the headstone, seeing the old flowers.

"Sorry" I spoke to it, as if my father was there.

"I haven't been the best daughter" I admitted quietly.

"I don't know what to do" I cried out, needing for the second time today to just sob.

I felt my body shaking as the rain got harder.

"If I tell Luke, Derek would fucking kill me and if I hide it, I'm lying to Luke and that's going to kill me too, just why isn't this fucking easy." I sobbed out.

I leaned onto the head stone, crying involuntarily.

"I see why you did what you did now"

"Because life fucking sucks"

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