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I held her small body as she slept.

I ran my fingers through her wet hair from her shower, kissing her forehead multiple times

Calum and Ashton were watching the tv from the couch, Michael sleeping in a chair directly beside the bed.

Before we completely sedated her, she was demanding a shower

We allowed her to shower as long as a nurse stayed with her- which she complained about, but agreed to.

She was sore, she was in pain

And this was visible on her face anytime she stood, walked or even went to move.

She was still dehydrated, but between us making her drink and the IV fluids, we were getting her levels up.

Once she was done showering and dressed, I carried her to bed, making sure she was comfortable.

"Why can't we go home?" She asked tiredly as Calum slipped a pain relief and a sedative into her IV.

Mainly to knock the pain out so she could sleep and to assure that she didn't have nightmares, most of the time sedatives make you sleep so hard, you don't even dream.

I held her close into my chest as her blinks got slower.

"Don't leave me" she whispered lightly, making me immediately touch my lips to her forehead

"Never" I mumbled

Once I felt her body relax, I closed my eyes

"I'm so sorry"

I felt as if I had failed my job

I let a man hurt her.

Physically hurt her.

I promised her I'd never let anyone hurt her again, and just like that- she slipped out of my fingers.

I could promise you multiple things

- I was never taking like for granted ever again

-I will always make sure people know that I love them, because you never know when you won't be able to tell them again.

-Kayden was never spending the night with anyone besides us ever again

And lastly.

I would make absolute damn sure she never has to go through this again




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