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I kicked the ball to my teammate- and it all went downhill.

The ball was intercepted and taken to the other goal- allowing them to score their winning point.

"Shit" I cursed as the buzzard went off, knowing that meant the game was over.

Totally my fault,

I walked to the huddle my coach had, standing at the back as everyone listened.

"We were very close- but like said, mistakes happen- things change, we've just gotta be positive and strive for better next game."

With that, he dismissed us.

I followed the group into the locker rooms, quickly showering and getting into a pair of Nike shorts, a t shirt and my slides.
I grabbed my bag, throwing it on my shoulder before walking to my moms car, where she stood with her boyfriend of two months.

"Good game baby" my mom spoke to me, kissing my head gently.

"I lost it" I rolled my eyes, throwing my bag into the trunk.

"No need to roll your eyes, Kayden, I'm just trying to let you know you did good-" "stop babying me mom, I lost the game for the entire fucking team-" "you know our rules on swearing she spoke as I shut the trunk, rolling my eyes, seeing Derek- her boyfriend.

"Catch an attitude one more time, and we're all going to have some issues"

I exhaled, stepping around him before getting into the car.

I wasn't going to say shit to him.

He tended to get physical with me.

It wasn't something I enjoyed, but my mom assured me that it was a way of discipline that my real father had never enforced- it certainly wasn't an abusive situation

Or so she claimed.

I listened to them play music and talk as I scrolled through my Twitter.

We got home, us all running inside.

"I'll heat up the left over spaghetti for dinner-" "not hungry" I dismissed the meal, heading down the back hall, towards my room.

"Kayden you need to eat, you went through a long game!" She yelled out, but I ignored, going into my room and dropping my bag.

Within five minutes I heard my door pushed open.

"Did you ignore your mother?" Derek spoke.

"No- I told her I wasn't hungry" I spoke, plugging my phone up, preparing to go wash my face and such

"Come eat-" "I ate before the game"

He caught my wrist in an instant, pulling me to him, his hand going around my throat, making me immediately tense.

"Stop with this fucking back talk" He spat.

"Get your ass into the kitchen before I beat it"

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