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"My chest is tight again" she spoke as soon as we got into the car.

I looked to Calum who was in the backseat- he immediately brought her close to him, pulling her to rest her head on his chest.

He spoke to her calmly, giving me the nod to ensure that it was okay to drive.

"Two anxiety attacks in one day- she's going to sleep for hours when we get home" Ashton mumbled, making me nod.

"That's only if we can stop her from having more anxiety attacks." I spoke quietly.
We got home and I brought her to her room, sitting in her bed, but she stayed standing at her door.

"Why are we in here?" She asked quietly.

"It's best to take naps after anxiety attacks because it wears your body down so much-" "can we go to your room?" She asked

I nodded, immediately standing, taking her hand and going to my room.

I turned on Netflix- putting on a random suggested show before laying with her- the tiredness radiating off of her body.

"Why only sixteen months?" She whispered to me.

"It's a year and four months" I spoke slowly.

"It's such an odd time frame" she spoke again.

"They deserved longer" I agreed with her.

"But they'll get what they deserve- you know that" I whispered- kissing her head gently.

"Hopefully more time" she spoke.

"Even if they don't get more time- they won't be getting you- ever, they'll have to kill me before they do." I spoke into her head

I felt her body stiffen at my words.

"I'm not going to let anyone kill you- ever." She spoke out.

"It's just a saying baby-" "I know" she finished quietly.

"But don't ever put your life in front of mine- I don't have as much to lose" her voice cracked, making me hug her into me.

"You're not dying on me- that's a fact."

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