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"I haven't talked to the guys Kay" I spoke to her.

"I have to ask her Luke- it'll be the last thing I ever ask you to do concerning my past life- I promise, just please."

And that's how we ended up in the jail

Waiting on the other side of the thick glass, a phone hung on one side, connecting to one on the other.

I held Kayden's shoulders, rubbing them gently- I wasn't leaving her


I could've cried at the sight of my mom appearing.

She looked worse than before she was sentenced

She had lost weight, she had a bruise covering her neck, her hair was graying due to no hair dying appointments.

I almost wanting to back out just as the sight of her.

I picked up the phone as she did, putting it to my ear.

"You came" she spoke slowly.

"I went to the house" I spoke immediately- wanting to hear nothing but the answers to the questions I had.

"Why would you go back there?"

"I'm asking the questions" I mumbled quickly, seeing her almost shocked expression.

"You know what I found on the counter, right above where he killed himself?" I asked slowly.

She just stared to me.

"A picture frame of him holding me in the air and on the back of it was a note- a receipt for a gun and bullets" I spoke slowly.

"Want to know what the note told me?" I watched a tear roll down her cheek

"You weren't supposed to go back there-" "why were you leaving him?" I asked slowly.

She leaned forward, resting her head on her hands slowly, rubbing her forehead.

"I wasn't in love with your dad anymore" she spoke slowly.

"I hadn't been in love since you were like twelve, but he continually begged me not to do it to you, not to hurt you, so I stayed."

"And then I met your stepdad" she mumbled.

"And I was selfish- and I didn't listen to your dad," she spoke.

"He asked me to help him before I left- he asked me to go to counseling with him or even some sort of therapy- but I wouldn't, I didn't want to." I felt a tear slip down my cheek.

"Three days after I had my lawyer serve him with papers I got a phone call from Luke saying that my husband had killed himself and my daughter had performed unsuccessful CPR." She spoke, wiping her own tears.

"So you left my dad for a man that was abusive to me?"

She just looked to me.

"Please don't hate me" she spoke after a moment.

"I don't hate you" the words made me cry- because I didn't know whether that was true or not, and it truly hurt.

"I'm just glad I finally have a fucking answer to the questions I've been asking for a year now"

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