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As the day moved on, the guys had to go check on patients and Josh left to go bring his niece to school.

Soon it was just Luke and I- sitting in bed together, watching Netflix.

"I wanna show you something" he spoke, clicking out of the Netflix app and going to his camera roll, scrolling to July, clicking a picture before flashing his phone completely to me.

It was me, across the table from him- ice cream all over my face as I laughed, I remembered the moment vividly.

"You kept that?" I laughed lightly, seeing him look to me.

"Of course I did, why would I delete it?"

I shrugged
"Just a patient" I dismissed quickly, making him turn his full attention to me.

"If you were just a patient, I wouldn't have went to your house once you were discharged but I did, didn't I?" He spoke, raising an eyebrow.

"You did more than that-" "exactly" he emphasized.

"You'll always be more than a patient to me- you'll always be that little girl who was strong enough to do compressions on her dad for over an hour" I leaned my head on his shoulder as he spoke.

"Why do you think he did it?" I asked quietly.

"You're back on that question?" He asked, making me shrug.
"I don't think he'd take his own life"

Luke sighed out, pulling his arm over my shoulder.

"What if someone murdered him-" "kay, you were home, you heard the gunshot, you ran to him, you saw him with the gun in his hand- there was no one else-" "no one else that I saw" I spoke quickly.

"What has happened, Kay" he spoke, looking to me fully.

"You were okay, you weren't questioning any of this baby- what made all of this come up again?" He asked me.

"I don't ever want to accept the fact that my dad willingly left me"

Before he could speak my mom and Derek entered, making me nudge him silently, hoping he got the hint.

"Luke" my mom spoke out- surprise taking over her face.

"Mrs.Gomez-" "Rico" she interrupted, even though it wasn't her legal last name yet.

"Sorry- how are you?" He quickly dismissed the topic.

"I'm great- it's a surprise to see you here" she spoke, making him smile.

"Her doctors are my roommates- I had to stay with my girl" he smiled, glancing to me.

"It's so nice to see you again" She exhaled, her eyes moving to me.

"You ready to go home?"


"Sure" I smile lightly.

"I'll go get her discharge papers and get Michael to come explain all of her restrictions" Luke spoke with a smile before leaving.

Mom looked to Derek, who was locked in on me.

"Who's that?" He asked to me.

"The doctor who helped me through my dad" I spoke quietly.

"The suicidal one" he pointed out.

I felt my jaw tighten.

"How'd he help you?" He asked.

"He took her to therapy and let her stay at his house a few nights when I wasn't home- he was a big help"

"So your daughter is fucking a doctor-" "seriously Derek, that's not what happened." Mom spat out quickly.

"She was mourning- he was all she had at that point, it was nothing like that."

"Just like how she thinks her dad didn't kill himself- it's all bullshit"

That certainly got me.

A tear fell down my face, making me quickly wipe it.

"Suck that shit up or I swear to god, Kayden" he spat stepping closer to me

"You can't talk about my dad like that and expect me to be okay!" I almost yelled, making him immediately grab my face, my hands hitting his wrist- a monitor immediately sounding, but he wasn't worried.

"Your dad was a fucking coward- he killed him self knowing it was only you home, he knew you'd have to see that-" "what the hell is going on" Michael spoke as he entered, making Derek immediately let me go, my hands quickly wiping my face.

Michael switched the monitor off, looking at our three silent bodies.

"Someone going to speak on what I saw or should I go ahead and alert the authorities?" He spat.

"It wasn't what you think it was."

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