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"Are you hurt?" Luke brought up.

"It's just a cramp-" "show me" Calum interrupted before I was even finished.

"You can't see a cramp, Calum" I spoke, making him cross his arms.

"You're worrying me." He spoke out.
"I swear it's nothing-" "if it's nothing then show him, you trying to avoid it is making us all suspicious." Michael chimed in.

"You're not going to understand" I spoke, looking to mainly Calum.

"Self harm?" Luke questioned, using his index finger to turn my head to make me look at him.

"No- I wouldn't do that" I quickly spoke.

"Then you have nothing to hide" Calum spoke, his eyes more than concerned.

If only they knew what I had to hide.

"It's just-" I stopped speaking as Luke took my hand into his own, lifting my sleeve- and I didn't push him away, there was no point.

"Just- rope burn?" Michael spoke out, the three of them looking to me.

"What the hell have you been doing, this is completely raw, Kayden." Calum spoke, taking my other wrist into his hand.

I stayed silent- every excuse in my head not good enough for three doctors.

"I need an explanation for this, Kayden"

I opened my mouth, wanting to say something but I shut it again, looking to Luke.

I shook my head towards him, seeing him look to Calum and Michael.

"Give us a second?" They immediately agreed.

"They're gone, talk to me" Luke spoke.

I rubbed my eyes lightly.

"Kayden I know there's something going on." He spoke.

"You aren't yourself, you're lying, you're hiding things, you used to try to see me every time I was anywhere close to you and now you hide under dirty jerseys, what the fuck is going on." He spoke, holding my shoulders.

I felt my eyes water at his words.

"It's not you" I managed to say.

"This isn't you." He spoke, making my head turn to look at him.

I looked away again, making him gently hold my face as a tear fell- a similar position Derek had put me in, which now made me so uncomfortable.

"Luke" I spoke, jerking my body out of his grasp- almost falling out of the bed, but he caught me quickly, his eyes focusing to my own as he held me tightly.

"You're scared" he spoke, reading my expression like a book

He knew me too well

"Holy shit, Kayden"

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