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"So this is your room" Luke spoke as we walked into a room beside what I remembered as his own.

"You know this house, you know you're welcome to everything here, the only new things are where the guys stay and they won't mind if you wake them" he spoke, clapping his hands together.

"So yeah- if you need anything, my room is right next door" he smiled.

"But hurry and shower because you're going to get sick with your wet hair-" "wet hair isn't going to make me sick" I laughed quickly.

"You'd be surprised" he sang, walking out.

I rolled my eyes before quickly showering, braiding my wet hair before washing my face.

I got into leggings and a big t-shirt before I slipped my brace and socks on.

I fell into the bed, rubbing my face gently, letting the entire day get to me.

I wiped the tears that slipped down my face as my door opened.

Luke entered, shutting the door behind him.

"You know it's okay to cry" he reminded me with a smile, sitting beside me.

"I used to have to tell you that everyday, because you never cried- and that worried me" He smiled, throwing an arm over me, pulling me close.

"Seems like I haven't changed" I managed to laugh out.

"You have" he quickly spoke, pushing my baby hairs out of my face.

"You've matured a lot- you're trying to handle yourself-" "you see where that gets me" I finished with a laugh, making him gently rub my cheek.

"You just tried to handle a situation that was too big- even a fifty year old would need help out of that" he spoke; focusing to me.

"You okay, ray?" He spoke, making me laugh at the use of his nickname from a year ago.

Ray because I was his ray of sunshine.

"I think I'm okay" I spoke, seeing him nod.

"I'll be sure to make you know that you're okay"

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