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We were all called into the courtroom again, where we stood as the jury and judge entered the room.

"You may be seated" she dismissed.

She cleared her throat, tapping a few papers on her desk.

"the accused, please stand" she spoke, not even using their names.

Kay's mom and dad stood, holding hands.

"I would first like to say that I wish I could send you to jail for life, I truly do." She nodded slowly.

"Most people in this courtroom agree with what I just said." She continued, staring to them.

"But- let's get this over with so I can stop looking at you two." She spoke, looking to her papers

"The jury has appoint both Mrs.Gomez and Mr.Rodriguez to sixteen months in jail with no bail- the only chance of you getting out is good behavior, which you and I both know is slim to nothing" she spoke quickly and firmly, making her mom break out into mad sobs.

we watched as police handcuffed them, easily walking Derek out of the room- but having to almost drag her mom away who was just purely sobbing.

Everyone stayed seated once they were both gone- everyone mainly silent due to the judge not yet dismissing the courtroom.

"Ms.Kayden and Mr.Hemmings, will you please come to my side of the stand"
We both looked to each other- a little shocked, but we did as said.

She held my arm as we walked on the other side of her desk, seeing her stand, immediately pulling Kayden into a hug.

Kayden hugged back- not hesitating for a second.

"I'm sorry baby- I'm so sorry" she spoke into Kayden.

"You didn't deserve that, and you know that" she spoke, holding her chin gently.

"And if you ever need anything- from the littlest favor to the biggest, you tell those people outside the courtroom that your name is Kayden Gomez and you need to talk to Judge Tracy, is that okay?"

"Yes ma'am, thank you"Kayden's voice cracked lightly, making the judge turn to me.

"You already have all of the custodial papers filled out?" She asked me.

"Yes ma'am" I nodded firmly.

"Good" She exhaled, looking between the two of us.

"She trusts you, I can tell by this- this isn't something abused kids easily do." She spoke, touching Kayden's arm, which was intertwined with my own.

"Don't lose that, keep her happy, fed and healthy, and I shouldn't have to see you in this courtroom" she spoke- telling me she was giving me full custody of Kay without needing a court date.

"Thank you, I promise you- you won't see me in here." I nodded, seeing her nod, hugging Kayden once more.

"You stay close to this one, Kayden- he's a good one."

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