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Michael left with the nurse to go get Luke, everyone thankfully slowly left, leaving me and Calum, who was stitching my wrists.

"Everything's weird" I told him.

"You're beyond dehydrated and you have a lot of medicines in your system, everything is going to be a little weird for your body right now" he explained slowly.

He stopped his stitches, surprisingly hugging me.

I held him gently as he basically just laid on me- without putting any weight down.

He slowly got up- putting his back to me and wiping tears.

"Don't cry" I spoke quietly, making him turn to me, revealing his tears.

"Scared the fuck out of me, I'm so happy you're okay" He exhaled quietly.

I patted the bed lightly and I saw him hesitate

"The stitches can wait"

So he sat with me, holding me gently.

I felt myself getting more and more tired, until Luke entered- immediately breaking into pure sobs.

I had never even seen Luke cry before- so this was shocking.

"Come here" I spoke- seeming to be the only stable person in the room.

The five of us ended up in the bed, laying in silence.

"I think I almost died" I spoke quietly- getting the one thing off my chest that was actually bothering me.

"Honestly, it surprises me how alert and responsive you are considering your health" Calum mumbled.

"I saw my dad" I mumbled, making everyone in the bed look to me, all holding the same expression.

"Like- the sleep paralysis?" Luke asked.

"I was awake" I spoke quietly.

"I was crying and hanging from the wrist thing, and he just walked in with water- he gave me water" I spoke quietly.

"And I begged him to take me with him, but he didn't, he told me that you were on the way" I mumbled to Luke, who's eyes looked to be welling with water again.

"Was that him telling me to hang on?" I let my voice crack.

Everyone was purely silent for a few moments

"I think that was him supporting his daughter, and making sure she knew that everything was going to be okay" Michael spoke, hugging my side into him a little more.

"I'm so sorry I let this happen to you" Luke suddenly broke out into cries again- making me feel even weaker- I hated seeing him crying.

"We all know that if this is anyone's fault, it's definitely not yours"

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