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"He's such a dick" I mumbled towards Josh as soon as I knew they were far enough away.

Something else was injected into my IV before Michael exhaled

"Let's get you to a room"

All three of them helped me to the real bed- making sure I felt no pain the entire time.

Josh threw a blanket over me as I rubbed my face.

"I'll stay with you until you fall asleep" he spoke, giving my hand a squeeze, making me quietly thank him.

Calum soon returned in sweatpants and a t shirt, falling into a recliner.

"You guys don't actually have to stay" I spoke, seeing him look to me.

"We're not leaving you alone" he spoke quickly, giving me a firm nod.

I stayed on my back- staring out the window where I could see a perfect view of the moon.

I soon felt the tired feeling returning, making me look to josh, who's head was against the wall, out cold.

I looked to my other side- seeing Michael and Ashton had now joined, Ashton also asleep on the couch as Michael and Calum played on their phones.

As I felt my body giving into the medicine another doctor entered, sitting beside Ashton's feet as if he knew what was happening.

I managed to focus to his face- immediately recognizing him

Luke Hemmings

The one doctor who cared for me that day

The one doctor who pried my body off of my dads- stopping my compressions and taking me to wash the blood off of my body as I sobbed into him.

He stayed with me overnight also, he stayed awake the entire time, because he knew I'd have the nightmares that I had.

I wondered if he remembered me.

I thought about that day and all the things he told me, how much he cared after only ten minutes

How he went to every therapy meeting I had with me because my mom was too sad to even leave the house.

And I remembered how he hugged me at my last therapy meeting, telling me to call him if I needed anything- but I never called

Even when I needed him

I felt like such a bother


I looked to Michael, seeing him asleep, making me lock my phone, plugging it up before looking to the patient, seeing her asleep- and as I studied her face, it hit me

Kayden Gomez

The girl that changed the view of everything for me the day I became an actual doctor.

The paramedics ran her and her dad in- them steady encouraging her to continue her compressions- her tired body was getting no where.

His blood was all over her- a clear gun shot wound to his head.

I was the one to make it stop as the other doctors stood around staring- shocked at the sight.

I pulled her off of him- letting her fall into sobs.

I brought her to our sanitary room, cleaning her as she cried into me, swearing to me that her father wasn't suicidal.

I stayed with him, because I knew it was impossible for her to see something like that and not dream about it.

I created a bond with her, because she had no one else.

Her mom shut her out due to depression and she was a fifteen year old girl, she needed someone- and I was determined to be her someone.

I gave her what she needed, noticing her happiness increasing everyday- which made me happy, she was becoming normal again.

Until her last therapy appointment, where she hugged me tightly, thanking me multiple times.

"Make sure you call me if you ever need anything- I'm serious" I spoke sternly to her

"I will" she smiled

But she never did

And I always worried

And now she was here

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