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"Explain." Michael spat as Luke entered- pausing and looking around at all the tense bodies.

"She's got a mindset that someone killed her dad" Derek spoke slowly.

"Derek wasn't hurting her, he's just trying to get it into her head- he doesn't want this to affect her future" mom finished for him.

"Is that true?" Michael asked me, touching my shoulder.

I cleared my throat


He looked to me for a moment more before nodding.

"You two can go outside and sign her discharge papers, I've highlighted all the necessary points" michael spoke, handing my mom the papers.

Derek and my mom left making Luke and Michael move closer.

"You okay?" Michael spoke first, making me give a fast nod.
"Why are you crying?" Luke asked, making me wipe my face again.
"They just don't listen" I lied in an exhale, making him rub my shoulder gently.

"I'm going to talk to your mom about possibly picking up therapy again"

"Okay sunshine" michael spoke as Luke left.

"So you're going to be very sore, but you get no pain meds. Take Tylenol every four hours, get plenty of rest and stay off of it as much as you can" He exhaled.

"You're not in crutches because the brace is going to stop any movement and pressure, just try your best to keep most of your weight on your right side" He spoke, grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet, making to switch my weight to my right side.

"Perfect" He exhaled.

We took slow steps to the door, going into the hall where my mom spoke to Luke, both looking overly concerned.

Derek shook hands with Michael as he kept his arm around me.

"So the basics are to stay loaded up on Tylenol and let her relax as much as she feels necessary, I'm giving her an excuse from school for the next two days because she'll be the most sore then- and do little things like driving her to school and practice and such rather than her walking" he informed him, making Derek give a firm nod.

Michael handed my excuse to Derek who took it into his hand before my mom thanked Luke, hugging him tightly, making Luke turn to me after.

"I want to see your baby back a week from today" michael spoke as Luke brought me into a tight hug, which I held him back to.

"Promise me you're okay?" He spoke into my shoulder.

"I'll text you if I'm not" I spoke, pulling away and smiling to him.

My mom put her arm around me, helping me out of the building.

As soon as we got into the car Derek ripped the school excuse into two pieces.

My mom stared at him as I sat there- shocked.

"I don't want you to be home with me for two days."

The next morning was absolute hell.

I woke up and as soon as I stood I let myself break down crying at the pain.

I drug myself to the kitchen where I popped my Tylenol, before going back to my room.

I showered before carefully managing to tighten the brace back.

I slipped on my skirt, tucking my shirt in before buttoning it.

I struggled- but yet managed to get my socks on before brushing the knots out of my hair

I slipped my Sperry's on without struggle before limping down the hallway.

I saw my mom sitting on the couch.

"Are you driving me to school?" I asked.

"Derek took my car keys, sorry baby" She exhaled.

I rolled my eyes, walking to the door where I grabbed my backpack.

"Have a good day" my mom called out, which I didn't respond to before slamming the door shut

As I walked to the stop sign I got a text

Derek: slam that door like that and I'll slam something too.

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