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"How's lane?" She asked me quietly as I carefully helped her put a shirt over her head, it immediately covering the shorts she had on.

"He's really good. He'll go home in a few hours actually." I told her slowly.

"He wasn't hurt?" She asked.

"No, he was just dehydrated like you." I told her, pushing a few hairs behind her ear.

"What if there are more people like that?" She asked.

"The police will bribe him to tell them if there are more" I spoke, seeing her slowly nod.

She had a look I couldn't read.

"Say what you're thinking" I mumbled to her.

"I thought it was all over" she spoke quietly to me, her eyes watering up.

"It is." I told her firmly.

"I know I've told you this already, but now I'm even more prepared and I'll be able to prepare you more to defend yourself, nothing like this will ever happen again." I told her.

An hour later, Lane was brought in, a smile on his face.

"Hi" he spoke.

"Hey" Kayden immediately smiled back.

"How are you feeling?" She spoke after.

"Good actually, still a little weak, but I have no injuries, so" he exhaled slowly.

"How's your wrists?" He asked her slowly,

She lifted her hands, showing the bandages.

"Twelve stitches in each wrist." She spoke slowly.

It went quiet for a moment- making the room almost awkward, and then Lane spoke, an attitude apparent in his voice.

"Why were you so quick to lose hope?" He asked quickly.

"What?" Kayden asked him slowly, making me glance to Calum, who was pushing his wheelchair.

"In the room, the first three hours we were there- you were hanging from your wrists and you looked me in my eye and told me that we were going to die." He spoke.

"You're telling me you were confident that we weren't going to die?" She shot to him, awfully defensive of herself.

"Of course I wasn't, but we should've had hope for each other." He spoke.

"Derek abused me for months, Lane" she spoke to him quickly.

"He beat the living hell out of me and I got him put in jail for it, I'm confident that if he ever gets the chance to get out- he's coming for me and it's not going to end well." She spoke to him.

"He wasn't there- we could've worked together to get out quicker, but you couldn't stop crying-" "what the fuck was I supposed to do?" She asked quickly, the entire room tense.

"You were tied up and my feet were barely even touching the ground, we were fucked and you know that, but even if you didn't- I didn't hear you making any escape plan," she spat.

"You did this to me, Kayden." He spat back to her.

"This is not my fault; I was trying to help you and you almost got me fucking killed-" "okay stop." Calum spoke as I watched Kayden look to me, water in her eyes.

"This isn't Kayden's fault- the person that is responsible for this is now in jail and that is no one to blame but him." Calum spoke firmly.

"But you're both still dehydrated, tired and traumatized, you need time away from each other, but soon you will be wishing to have each other back." He finished as Kayden held my name slowly.

"Just let him go home, he got what he needed to say off of his chest."

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