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"We have to start the pain a little early, but don't worry, I'll go easy on you, I can't kill you before they get here, and I'm not even sure when they'll get here" he sighed, carefully untying the ropes

"Just- atleast let him go" I begged, nodding to Lane.

"He'll tell-" "no he won't, I'll make him promise-" "I'm not fucking leaving you, Kayden!" Lane yelled out.

"You're killing yourself!" I yelled back to him.

"Both Of you shut the fuck up!" The man yelled, grabbing my face to make him stare to me.

"Neither of you are leaving here until you're dead"

Why did I actually believe him?

I watched in disgust as he untied the ropes the rest of the way, and I prayed that the plan in my head would work,

I prayed so hard.

As soon as he was close enough, I head butted him with my own as hard as I could manage.

I immediately felt dizzy, letting out a whine myself as I heard him groan as he fell to the ground, holding his head.

"Kayden- what did you do?" Lane panicked, I could feel his chair moving from trying to look.

"Fucking bitch" the man spat, delivering yet another firm slap across my face before grabbing my wrist, jerking me to my feet

From there everything went downhill.

He basically tied my hands to a beam on the ceiling and lifted me to where my feet hung maybe an inch above my head.

All of my weight rested on my wrists, and it was more than uncomfortable, but I didn't say shit.

"I'll make fucking sure he knows how much of a bitch you are" he spoke, delivering yet another slap to my face.

I felt tears running down my face as I looked to Lane, who was looking to me.

"Your nose is bleeding" he spoke quietly.

"That's the least of my worries right now."

After an hour of trying to wiggle my wrists out of the ropes, I was beyond frustrated and in pain

I let out a sob, gasping for air as I hung from my wrists.

"I'm so sorry, Kayden" Lane spoke, sitting in the chair tied up.

"We're going to die, Lane" I cried towards him.

He stared to me, an expression I couldn't read.

"They're going to kill us" I sobbed out.

"Don't say that- someone will find us" his voice cracked.

two days later

I was beyond the point of weak

I let my body hang as it had been the past almost three days

We had been given one sip of water today, which was a blessing

At this point, I was praying for death

I had been hallucinating
Blood was constantly dripping from my wrists and down my arms

My shoulders felt as if they were both dislocated from the position

I was sure I had no blood flow to my fingers

I stared to Lane, who I wasn't even sure was alive anymore

We hadn't been able to speak, it was too much energy

I hung there, letting my head fall forward, looking to the floor.

As I looked up again- I saw my dad

But he wasn't scary

He was smiling lightly, he held a glass of water

"You're okay" he assured me, coming to me and carefully putting the cup to my lips, helping me take slow sips.

"Don't close those eyes, Luke's on the way" he spoke.

"Stay" I spoke as he turned to leave me.

He shook his head, stepping back to me

"Take me with you" I spoke, feeling his hand gently touch my cheek.

"Not yet baby"

I blinked slowly, and when I opened my eyes he was gone.

"Dad" I called out, feeling my body starting to shake

"Daddy, don't leave me" I almost begged, searching the room for him as I cried

"Take me with you" I sobbed out

"Please, just make this end"

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