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Dr. Sloan by TheHarrietteMoon
Dr. Sloanby Harriette Moon
Natalie Johnson is the best oncologist in New Orleans. But despite her success of being a physician, she has a very dark past that she'd prefer not to talk about. Ethan...
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A Different Virus: Heartfire by CrystalScherer
A Different Virus: Heartfireby Crystal Scherer
In the future, everyone who's bitten by a zombie turns into one... until Diane doesn't. Seven days later, she's facing consequences she never imagined. ...
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16 and Pregnant by Lovely_Bell
16 and Pregnantby Bella
Samantha is spending the summer with her brother across the the country. But she's keeping a big secret from him. She's pregnant.
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for her by 5secsmendes
for herby A
"I'm doing it for her and I can't even be home to fucking kiss her goodnight" "You have to remember the end result"
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The Heart Exchange by Rebecca-Jade
The Heart Exchangeby Rebecca-Jade
Maddie can't remember the last 2 years, but she knows Ethan is the handsome boy who's been haunting her dreams. Do they have an insta-spark, or a past? *** When a skiing...
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Burn Crash by Filippa2003
Burn Crashby Filippa Olander
"Sweetie can you hear me?" A faded voice spoke making me groan from pain and meet his brown eyes. "Where's Scott?" I asked. "And dad?" &quo...
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Promise  by trashpandaleader
Promise by trashpandaleader
"I promised i would i always stay with her. Even if it meant i was suffering. " A story in which a girl who wants to help everybody finds out whith the help of...
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The Golden Couple by knightsrachel
The Golden Coupleby Rachel
Sophie and Bryce are known as "the golden couple" at their high school, but everything changes for them when Bryce is diagnosed with cancer. ...
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runaway  by 5secsmendes
runaway by A
"so you're all alone?" "yes, but I'm free at least."
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Running With Scissors by Sam_le_fou
Running With Scissorsby Sam Camp
Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Peter Katz hires a hitman to take him out. But when a cure is discovered, Peter's got to outrun the assassin to stay alive! ***** When...
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STUCK by Filippa2003
STUCKby Filippa Olander
"You gotta get Luke out of there! Get him out of there!" Sophia cried, trying to pull the doctor back towards the house, where her and her new friend Luke, had...
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silence by 5secsmendes
silenceby A
"You're quiet" "Yeah"
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Unexpected by pseudoannie
Unexpectedby Annie
(Complete) Nick has suffered sorrow and loss. He has relied on his family to help him survive. Can Nick ever find happiness and a love? Sara has spent the better part o...
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Linked | 5SOS by lovelydarling_x
Linked | 5SOSby Ali
"We're sisters. You can't just unlink us." "I wasn't planning to."
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stuff happens // 5SOS by Ash_giggles94
stuff happens // 5SOSby ashton’s ass😗✌️
Highest Rank: #1 on hospital "We were all freaked out" "It came out of nowhere" 5SOS Fanfic
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She needed to be saved by user25329740
She needed to be savedby Becks
When Ella is taken by complete strangers and forced into the life of infantilism she finds her self questioning her existence. but with a new life slowly building will s...
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Doctor Imagines | dode_zengana by dode_zengana
Doctor Imagines | dode_zenganaby dode_zengana
This book means a lot to me . In the past I used to write but I didn't give it my time truly . When I got depressed, one of the things that helped get through my depre...
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protection   by -angelwings
protection by sophia 👼🏼☁️
"we can protect you, hon, just trust us." "i don't need protection."
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Chasing Cars | A Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction by penmanshipped
Chasing Cars | A Grey's Anatomy penmanshipped
Ella Jones is far from being normal. Orphaned as a child by being thrown into a box and left at a fire station, to being pushed away by fosters, her tough shell shut eve...
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Grey's Anatomy by JustTry23
Grey's Anatomyby trying
Adira was working undercover but when a drug deal goes bad and she ends up at Seattle Grace - Mercy West and finds Derek, the man who took care of her while she grew up...
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