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"Just please tell me what to do" I cried out, bringing my head to my knees.

"I can't do this alone, giving me a fucking sign, please."

Not even seconds later I felt the rain stop, making me open my eyes- seeing it raining around me, just not on me.

I looked up- seeing Luke, holding an umbrella and a towel.

He threw the towel over me, rubbing my shoulder.

"Whenever you're ready" he spoke, leaning close to me.

I felt a tear fall as I looked to the grave

Dad was still slick as hell

That was my sign.

"They call it discipline" I spoke as I stood turning to him.

He stared at me, his hair also wet as we looked at each other.

I lifted my shirt, showing my bruises to him, feeling his hand immediately touch my tummy.

"It's not discipline, Luke" I cried, seeing him nod

"I know baby- I know."

As soon as we got into the car Calum threw a blanket around me, pulling me close to him.

"Going to give yourself pneumonia." He mumbled out, rubbing my shoulders at a fast pace.

"You can't take me home" I panicked as we turned in the direction of my house.

"You've got to get your stuff baby."

By the time we got there it was full of cars and police.

Luke turned to me as he parked.

"They're being questioned in your kitchen- you don't have to say anything, we have proof- just don't listen to a word they say."

I gave a nod, stepping out with him and Cal, waddling into the house.

Police looked in our direction, sending me sympathetic smiles.

I ignored, going straight to the back hall where I grabbed my duffle bag.

"What do I need-" "everything that you can pack- we'll come back for the rest later" Luke spoke, giving me a nod.

They watched me pace back and forth, packing my bag before Calum stopped me.

"You're so frantic, relax- get out of these wet clothes first." He spoke slowly- making me realize that I was still in heavy, cold ass clothes.

I nodded, turning and finding some clothes before moving into my bathroom.

I carefully took off the brace, putting on sweatpants before slipping the brace back on.
I threw a t shirt on, tying my hair into a neat bun.
I took the remaining make up on my face off before walking out to meet the guys, while slipping socks on.

They helped me finish grabbing my last few items before Calum threw the bag over his shoulder, giving me no chance to do it myself.

I grabbed my pillow, looking to Luke, who gave the smallest of smiles.

As soon as he opened my door an officer was stood there, waiting.

"I just need to take pictures of the bruising" he spoke to Luke, who gave a nod, stepping to the side.

Luke held me close as the officer took pictures of my wrists, neck and stomach, giving me a nod.

"Thank you"

We walked down the hall, and we were almost out of the door when I heard it

"How could you do this to us"

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