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After getting her calmed down enough to where the four of us weren't stressing over her passing out, we brought her downstairs.

"I'm going to call in" I mumbled, looking and seeing that it was two in the morning and I already knew that she wasn't easily going back to sleep.

They stayed with her as I called in, explaining the situation which they were more than sympathetic to.

I went back in, seeing Calum almost whispering to her as she looked to him, her eyes still puffy and red.

"You guys can go back to bed, I'll stay up with her until she's comfortable" I spoke.

The three of them gave me firm nods, Calum watched as Ash and Michael kissed her head, leaving the room, Calum stayed seated in front of her.

After a moment he exhaled, standing and kissing her head gently, holding her for a moment.

"Just relax, we aren't letting anyone hurt you baby"

Her and I stayed in the kitchen and she asked me questions about sleep paralysis, I answered back truthfully.

"Could it happen again?" She asked.

"It could" I mumbled

"We just have to make sure before you go to bed that you're stress free and thinking about something happy- it'll reduce the possibility."  I spoke, seeing her nod.

"I'm sleepy" she spoke after a few quiet minutes.

"Wanna go to bed?" I questioned.

"Not alone" She shot back.

"We'll go to my room, we'll put Friends on the tv and I won't go to sleep until you do" I suggested, earning a slow nod.

She walked right beside me, we went into my room and I did as said, turning the tv on and selecting friends, laying down with her.

"What happens if it happens again?" She asked me quietly.

"I'm a light sleeper, I'll wake up seconds after you make the smallest noise, but just keep in your mind that it's fake, close your eyes- start by making a fist with your hand, slowly move to your wrists, then your arm and then you should gain control" I spoke slowly, pulling her small body closer to me.

She exhaled, turning into my chest, her hand resting on my side.

I gave her a small squeeze, closing my eyes into her.

After about fifteen minutes I felt her body loosen completely,
Feeling her fingers twitching against my sides.

I kissed her head gently, closing my own eyes and feeling the relief.

As long as she was in my arms, she was safe- and I would always keep her safe.

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