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one month later

"You can go if you want to" I shrugged to her, seeing her debating in her mind

She wanted to spend the night with a friend, but she was nervous- which I expected.

But she hadn't had any sleep paralysis
She hasn't been thinking about them

Everything was finally becoming normal.

"I don't know" she mumbled, her bright green eyes looking to my own, making me smile.

"You'll be fine" I assured her

"And if not, I'll come get you- she only lives about ten minutes from us"

She sighed, rubbing her eyes gently.



I grabbed a small bag filled with some of my clothes.

I texted my friends in a groupchat, telling them that I was coming.

"Where am I dropping you?" Luke asked as I walked downstairs, walking into one of Ashton's hugs.

"The skate ring on elm street" I mumbled, knowing that's where we were all meeting.

I hugged all of the guys before leaving with Luke.

"Now, leave your locations on your phone- if they turn off, I swear to god I'll hunt you down" he threatened as I laughed lightly, smiling to him.

"No boys- stay close to your friends, don't go anywhere alone-" "you're going to make me paranoid" I mumbled, looking to him.

"You've alway gotta stay alert Kayden, you never know what bad people are around" he spoke, making my nerves slowly invade my body.

"Maybe I shouldn't go" I mumbled lightly as he parked, turning to me

"You're going to be fine, April's mom has already texted me and said she will be with you guys, I'm just trying to make you be safe" he spoke to me.

I couldn't help but still feel the nerves in my stomach.

I gave a nod, sighing lightly,

"I love you, Ray" he smiled, making me laugh with him.

"That nickname will never go away" I mumbled to him, seeing him smile

"Never" he agreed

"I love you too" I spoke, hugging him over the glove compartment.

"I'll see you in the morning" I spoke, opening the door.

"Keep me updated!"

I went into the skating ring, immediately seeing April's mom, who smiled to me.

I left my bag beside her before joining the girls, us all talking and taking a lot of pictures.

We were soon eating pizza, when I felt my phone vibrate.

I took it out of my pocket, knowing it was Like, but I was surprised to see a blocked number

how's the pizza?

I let my eyebrows move together before glancing across the room- looking for anyone who may be capable of having my phone number.

Who is this?

I locked my phone, looking to the girls

"What's wrong?" Maddie asked me quietly.

"Nothing" I smiled, not wanting to make it a bigger deal

It was most probably just a friend playing a trick on me- no big deal.

But then I got a second text

your stepdad knew some big people.

I immediately stood, almost pace walking to the bathroom where I called Luke.

"What's wrong?" He immediately answered.

"Someone's texting me about Derek." I panicked.

"Slow down- what do you mean?" He spoke calmly.

"Luke, I think someone is watching me and I think it's because of Derek."

"Okay, I'm on my way, I'm going to call the police and Calum is calling April's mom, go sit with her." Luke spoke.

"Luke" I felt my voice crack.

"What, Princess?" He spoke calmly, which was honestly shocking.

"I love you" I spoke.

"I love you too, go sit with April's mom and keep your phone on you."

We hung up and I walked out of the bathroom- immediately hitting a chest, feeling someone grab my wrists

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