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I froze in place.

"You can keep walking." Calum suggested gently, but I couldn't.

I turned to my crying mother
"I'm all you have and you're getting me sent to jail" she sobbed out.

"Your actions got you sent to jail" I mumbled.

"It was fucking Derek, Kayden- and you're sitting here telling them I helped-" "I fucking sat on my knees begging you- screaming and crying, pleading that you wouldn't tell him what happened the other day" I yelled back.

"But as soon as he walked through the fucking door- you told him, with no hesitation- he fucking choked me and you couldn't do anything but watch" I cried.

"If he would've killed me you probably would've helped him hide my body" I cried out continually.

"You're my daughter, Kayden- you know his is nonsense." She cried.

I shook my head towards her.

"I'm going with Luke, I'm staying with him" I spoke, feeling a hand gently touch my elbow.

She stared at me.

"I wish you the best in prison"

I gave her a nod before letting Luke lead me away.

We got into the car- I could still hear moms yelling.

"I'm proud of you" Luke spoke from beside me, due to him sitting in the back with me.

I leaned into his hold.

"They won't ever be let out, right?" I asked quietly.

"We'll have to see at the court date" he spoke into my hair.

"When's that?"

"Next week, but you don't have to testify, they already have all the evidence they need, the judge is just going to decide how long they're going for" he informed me quietly.

I gave a nod, looking to the dark road ahead of us.

"I won't be put in a foster home, right?" I asked carefully.

"Not unless I'm dead."

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