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One week later

Kayden was seated on my office desk as I filed papers- listening to her talk about a test she had at school today.

"Yeah- I completely failed it" she spoke, making me immediately turn to her

"Kayden- you said it was easy" I quickly shot to her

"I said that I thought it was easy- apparently there was more to it than I thought" she spoke, sending me an innocent smile.

"Just study more next time, okay?" I spoke slowly, seeing her nod, looking to her phone.

"Wanna go get ice cream toni-" I cut myself off when I saw a nurse enter with a small knock.

"Dr.Hemmings sorry to interrupt" she smiled, making me smile back

She was beautiful to say the least.

"I was told you ask you if you'd like us to send these records to corporate or not." She spoke simply, making me look to her hands, seeing my familiar records.

"Oh no, that's just for the hospital." I confirmed, seeing her nod slowly.

"Okay, I'll file them for you." She sent me a small smile.

She walked away, making me quickly return to my filing.

"Seriously?" Kayden's voice spoke, making me look to her.

"What?" I asked back.

She threw her hand to the door

"You were almost drooling and you didn't even ask her name-" "I was not drooling" I quickly responded.

"You weren't- but you almost were." She shot to me.

"You're exaggerating" I spoke, hearing a small hum.

I watched her get up, going to the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked her.

"To get her number for you" and she literally ran out of the door- which was against her knee restrictions.

I ran after her, hoping to catch her before she could find the girl.

I threw my arms around Kayden just as we were right in front of the nurse.

"Excuse me- psycho patient- you know how this works." I laughed lightly, throwing my hand over Kayden's mouth, lifting her and easily carrying her away at a fast pace as she laughed loudly

"Well you did a good job" Kayden laughed as we entered my office.

"With what?" I shot to her.

"Luke that same nurse sees me here everyday- with you, she knows I'm no patient" she smiled, making my heart drop

"But at least you don't have to face rejection" 

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