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I panicked- immediately moving to kick them before I heard a calm

"Kayden- Relax" lane.

I exhaled, moving into a hug with him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I think someone is watching me" I mumbled.

"Oh shit- let's go to my car and I'll take you home-" someone walked up to us, his hand hitting both of our shoulders.

"I have a gun in reaching distance of my hand, both of you walk with me without panic and no one gets hurt, but if you choose not to, I'll kill everyone in this fucking building"

Lane and I made eye contact, and we both knew we had no fucking choice.

Slowly, him and I walked with the man, his hand holding my arm with a firm grip as I held Lane.

"Please, don't make us go-" he pulled his gun out as we got to the backdoor

"Not another fucking word"

I felt tears breaking my eyes as he easily opened the back door- setting an alarm off

From there, everything went into fast motion.

Another set of arms grabbed me, holding me tightly as a rag went over my nose and mouth

I held my breath

"Kayden, Kayden's friend, meet my friends"

After fighting for as long as I could- I watched Lane pass out- and I was right behind him.


We pulled up to the skating ring, seeing police all over the building already- which made me panic even more.

The four of us ran inside, immediately seeing April's mom crying all of April's friends in tears, hugging each other.

"Where is she?" I panicked out.

"Sir, we have this under control-" "if it's under control, tell me where the fuck my daughter is." I spat.

They gave no response- which made me instantly panic even more.

The four of us searched the entire building

The entire time cops assured us that she wasn't here anymore

"How are you so fucking sure?" I yelled to one as they told me.

"The back door alarm was set off- she was taken out of the back door"

I felt tears start rolling down my cheeks as I looked to Calum, who's hands was in his hair

"Security cameras"

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