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"Kayden, princess" Luke spoke again, slower.

"She did this" I mumbled.

I turned to him, seeing his eyes captivating mine.

I didn't have the good feeling I felt anymore- it was horrible, it was dark.

"Get me out of here, please Luke" I felt my own voice crack.

Luke didn't hesitate to almost lift me, getting me out of the house- where it was immediately easier to breathe.

The three boys followed behind slowly as I clutched the picture frame to my chest- everyone confused but Luke.

"Can you lock it back, please?" I spoke towards the police, who nodded slowly.

He did as said and I looked to Luke.

"Talk to me, how do you feel?" He spoke slowly.

"My mom has been acting like a victim this whole time" I mumbled out

"And she's the reason this happened."

They took me home- I showered and I'm sure Luke explained what happened as I did.

As I slipped a bralette and shorts on- I recognized the lonely feeling I didn't want to feel and I felt my chest tighten- almost immediately freaking me out.

I threw a big shirt on exclaiming a loud "Luke" before pace walking to my door- hoping the anxiety didn't kick in until I was with someone.

I wasn't even to the stairs before I saw him, his body immediately engulfing mine.

"Breathe slow." He spoke, his lips touching my forehead gently.

"I don't want to be alone" I declared into his chest quickly.

"Okay- you're not alone, look- I'm holding you" He spoke, kissing my head again.

We ended up sitting on the floor in the hall together, his body captivating mine.

"I want to talk to her" I mumbled out.

"Who baby?" Luke asked.

"My mom" I spoke.

I felt his arms tighten a little.

"We'll talk about it with the guys in the morning and see what we can do."

I was so glad he didn't shut the idea down the way I pictured him doing

He was open to what I wanted and that's what I loved

As soon as I was ready we went downstairs where the guys were cooking, Calum looking to me first.

"You okay love?" He asked, making me nod, walking into his arms as he opened them for a hug.


Before even bringing up the topic, I gave Kayden the medicine Andrew had prescribed to her but yet not mentioned to her, he said it was something to help her sleep without stressing over the topic, which is what I explained to her.

"You sure you don't want to sleep with me?" I asked her as the four of us sat on her bed with her, each of us worried.

We knew she was stable- we wouldn't be giving her any alone time if she wasn't, but we wanted to be there if she wanted us there- and sometimes it's not the easiest to voice what you want.

We're just trying to make that easy.

"I'm okay" she nodded slowly.

"If you change your mind during the night just come to my room, I'll leave my door open" I spoke, kissing her head gently before standing.

Calum, Ash and Mike did the same before we pulled her door and left her, hoping she would be truly okay.

I woke up to the sound of a distant bloody scream and then choking.

I threw my body up- running into walls but still running to where I knew it was coming from.

By the time I made it there I saw her light was on and I heard Ashton's voice.

I walked in, seeing Calum and Ashton both holding her body on the floor.

Michael came behind me, focusing to the scene of her crying harder than I've ever seen, not even able to hold her own body up.

I ran downstairs, grabbing a relaxer from our emergency cabinet before running it back upstairs.

"Cal" I spoke, handing it to him.

He didn't even hesitate to find an easy spot an inject it, earning a whine from her before he handed the needle back to me.

"Shush princess" Ashton spoke, holding her head into his stomach as she choked out cries, tears never stopping.

"What the hell happened?" I asked, finally crouching to the floor with them, grabbing her wrist to her her pulse.

"I haven't got the story from her- but when I walked in this room I've never seen a face so scared, Luke." Calum spoke, and I could tell by his expression, he was nothing but serious

"Baby, talk to us, what did you see?"

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