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Just as I was about to say goodbye she spoke again

"Princess you've got to understand" she cried.

"I was only trying to make myself happy."

I couldn't even speak

"You loves him at one point, or so you claim-" "do not speak like that- you know I loved your father!" She almost yelled

"Oh yeah- you loved him so fucking much you couldn't even get him the help he asked for!" I yelled back.

"He asked you to help him because he felt that way" I almost sobbed out.

"And what did you do?" I shot to her.

"You went to fucking Derek and left me home alone that morning- making me have to face my dead dad." I cried.

I noticed officers coming to both sides of us.

"You're so fucking selfish" I cried.

"But I'm so fucking happy that you're happy and that you're with the man you love." I sobbed.

"I'll be with Luke and the guys, from this point on I'll always consider them more family than you and Derek, I promise." I then threw the phone on the hook, watching guards make her stand.

"Mrs.Kayden- do you need a minute?" A guard asked as Luke's hands rubbed my shoulders.

"I want to talk to Derek" I felt Luke's hands stop.

"That's pushing it Kayden-" "I'll only speak- I won't let him talk, I need to say one thing and I'm done- we can put this all in the past, I swear." I hiccuped lightly.

Luke looked to the guard, who was already looking to Luke.

The guard got on his radio, requesting Derek.

And soon I saw the familiar man entering with a smirk.

I picked up the phone as he did.

"Made your mom cry-" "here's how this is going to go." I spoke.

"I'm speaking- you're not going to say a fucking word, you sit right there and shut the fuck up, okay?" I shot to him.

I saw an amused smirk slip across his lips and a small nod.

"I've figured it out finally- and I'm aware that my dad killed himself because of you and my mothers affair" I cleared my throat.

"And I just have a little bit to say" I spoke, leaning up to look at him closer through the glass.

"You calling my dad a coward is bullshit, because at the end of the day you're the fucking coward who forced a man into depression, abused his daughter and sits in prison now" I spoke.

He raised an eyebrow lightly

I realized I was wasting my time with him.

So I finished it simply.

"You know what?" I laughed out.

"Fuck you" I spoke, seeing both of his eyebrows raise.

"I hope you burn in Hell, you piece of shit." I spoke, slamming the phone down before standing and grabbing Luke's arm, walking away.

I had a pure surge of energy.

I was so light- so happy, everything was off of my chest.

"Luke- I fucking did it!" I yelled as we walked to his car, his smile looking to me.

"I'm very proud of you baby- I'm glad that you feel good about everything." He spoke as we got into his car, himself looking to me

"It's all Gods plan I guess"

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