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I got to the stop sign, seeing my friends along with Lane, one of my male friends who normally catches the bus.

"What are you doing-" "I didn't like the fact that all of my favorite girls walked to school alone daily, so I decided to join."

About three blocks away from the school my knee was throbbing and the brace was rubbing all the skin around it- to say the least, I wanted to cry.

I ended up at the back of the group, trying to walk as slow as I could without being late.

"Come on." Lane spoke, handing me his backpack.

"Lane I can barely carry myself" I laughed out, immediately thinking he meant for me to carry it.

"No dumbass, piggy back, let's go"

This was the one time I didn't argue against a piggy back.

He helped me onto his back, bouncing me lightly before continuing the walk with no struggle.

"You can put me down whenever you get tired" I spoke, making sure he was holding my skirt to where no one could see my panties.

"I lift more weight during football- this is literally nothing."

Once onto campus he carefully set me down, walking me to first hour, where I immediately sat- looking at my half finished coloring sheet.

I felt my phone vibrate, making me lift it up slow- trying not to get caught

Luke Hemmings:
Am I tripping or did I see a girl who looked just like you getting carried to school this morning?

Technically, I wasn't carried- I was piggy backed.

I thought of a response, it hitting me

No, no- I'm in home in bed, the school excuse is a blessing

I got a response literally the second after I sent it

Well good, you're luckily missing the two days the doctors go to your school for yearly assessments

I am so fucking screwed.

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