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"Mom please don't tell him" I begged, sobbing as I sat on my knees at her feet.

"You need to be disciplined Kayden- after all the trust we gave you, you start bringing boys over to fuck-" "mom you can discipline me, just please- fucking please don't let him do it" I cried, literally holding her leg as I gasped for air.

"I'm not hitting you-" "mom he hurts me, it's so bad" I sobbed.

"Discipline isn't supposed to feel good, Kayden" she spoke, walking to the sink.

"He leaves bruises mom- he makes me bleed." I sobbed, sitting onto my butt to get off of my knee- that now hurting more.

"That's our form of discipline Kayden!" She yelled as I heard the door open.

"Now get fucking used to it, because apparently you need your ass beat more often."

"What the hell is going on" Derek spoke, entering the kitchen, looking from my crying body to my mom.

"I caught your daughter in her room with a boy on top of her- I'm not sure what would've happened if I hadn't came home." She spoke, his eyes moving to me.

"We weren't doing anything- we wouldn't have done anything, I swear." I cried loudly.

"That's certainly not how it looked, Kayden." mom spat out, making me cover my face, sobbing into my hands.

"Kayden get up" Derek spoke.

"Please don't" I begged as he angled his body to me

"Get up." He spoke through gritted teeth.

I stood, putting my weight onto the counter, seeing him standing inches from me.

I cried out, trying to stop- but I couldn't.

His hands went around my throat, making me grab them quickly.

"You like little boys touching you?" He spoke, his face inches from mine

"It wasn't like that" I cried out- making him tighten his grip.

Soon he had his grip so tight, I was struggling to breathe.

"Derek" my mom spoke as I gasped for the last bit of air I could get

He let go, making my body fall,gasping for the air I was deprived of.

Just as I got a breath- I felt a sharp kick into my side, taking that away.

I stayed on my side, struggling to breathe as he starred at me.

"For the next two days you will be on pure punishment." He spoke.

"No phone, no tv, no school, no friends- you don't even sit freely, you will be tied up." He spoke- surprising me, but I wouldn't dare argue.

"And if this happens again- believe me, you won't just be laying here gasping, you'll taste your own fucking blood, I promise you that."

He walked away before returning, throwing my phone on the ground beside me.

"Text everyone that may worry about you."

I texted our gc

Won't be at school the next few days, doctors appointment.

I then texted Luke- knowing he would once again be looking for me tomorrow

Taking more than the excuse says, just need some more time away

I felt a tear fall as I handed him my phone, him snatching it from my hand before putting it into his pocket.

"Go upstairs and shower- just get out of my face."

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