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She fell asleep around 8, and when 8:30 rolled around I grabbed an intern, assigning him to my own job.

"She's been having sleep paralysis, if she moves or makes any noise, wake her up with soft touches and page me. You can take this time to study" I smiled, patting him shoulder before walking away with my other interns.

We did rounds, checking in on patients and determining who needed surgery and scheduling them.

"How's our girl?" Calum asked as we met at the nurses station.

"In my office sleeping, an intern is watching her" I hummed lightly.

"Did you schedule an appointment with her therapist-" "it's hard for me to make her go to him when she hates him" I mumbled out.

"But it's also hard for you to watch her scream and cry because she's seeing her dead father trying to touch her" he spoke truthfully, sending me a compassionate look before turning to walk away.

I exhaled, going back to my office.

"The pit needs a few hands with sutures, you can help out there" I spoke to the intern, who closed his book- immediately leaving,

I went to my computer- clicking through a few files before I got to Kayden's file.

I scrolled through- looking for any change in hormones, medicines or attitude that could cause sleep paralysis.

Just as I almost gave up, I saw the name of the medicine the therapist put her on.

I moved to my bookshelf, grabbing a textbook before searching the medicine, reading everything I could on it.

And in the last sentence

Could cause night terrors along with sleep paralysis due to PTSD or other forms of trauma.

Why didn't I look the fucking medicine up before I gave it to her?

But also, why didn't her therapist at least warn me that this was a symptom.

So this entire time

She's been fearing her sleep- the one place she should be a hundred percent comfortable

And it's mainly my fault because I didn't look into the damn medicine

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