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Like said, it was only seconds before the stranger was gone and they were back in the room.

"While we wait, I'm going to ice your knee because it's swelling pretty bad" Clifford spoke as Calum came beside me, resting his hand on my shoulder.

"There's a Josh Marvin in the lobby asking to see Ms.Kayden" a nurse spoke, making both men look to me.

"Do you know a Josh?" Calum asked.

"My soccer coach" I spoke, making them give the nurse a nod, making her leave.

I readjusted my grip on the bed- which caught Calum's attention.

"Still feeling it?" He questioned, putting his hand on top of my own.

I gave a nod, soon seeing Josh was in.

Calum and Clifford shook hands with Josh.

"Calum Hood" Calum introduced himself.

"Michael Clifford" the same was done.

"How's my girl?" Josh asked, looking to me.

"In pain" Calum spoke almost immediately before a nurse ran a folder in, Michael immediately taking it, throwing my x-rays onto a light.

"No surgery, but two more degrees and you would've needed it" Michael spoke, turning to me.

"You were very, very close to your bone coming out of your skin" Calum spoke.

"So, are her parents coming?" Michael asked, clicking a few things on the computer- and speak of the Devil

"We're here"

His caused another introduction spill, my mom and Derek's eyes scanning over me.

"You love to give us bills, don't you?" Derek spoke, and I was in no mood for that comment,

"So" Calum cleared his throat.

"Your daughters knee needs to be popped back into place, but you do have to sign a few papers before we do, so we'll give her some relaxers and pain relievers and while those kick in you can be doing the papers." He finished, making my mom nod firmly.

As a nurse read through all the papers with my mom, Michael inserted a few things into my IV.

"I might need assistance popping this back" michael spoke, taking the ice away, making me look to them.

"I can assist and we can call Luke or Ash to help" Calum spoke from beside me.

"Good idea"

The longer we waited the harder I found it to stay awake,

I had let go of the bed, Calum's hand was stroking my hair due to me leaning into him.

Josh sat on my other side, watching patiently.

Soon a vibrant doctor came in, his dimples showing through his smile.

"This is Kayden- Kayden this is Doctor Ashton Irwin, he's going to be helping us in a few minutes" Michael spoke slowly- his eyes meeting mine.

"You can call me Ashton, what did you do to your knee?" He asked, making me raise my eyebrows tiredly.

"Fell in a hole" I spoke the least amount that I could, making them all laugh lightly.

"Soccer practice- she fell into a little rabbit hole" Josh explained through I little laugh.

"She's good to go" the nurse helping my mom announced.

"Okay, Kayden, Calum and I are going to get your knee back into place, Ashton is going to hold your hands and keep your body relaxed, hows that sound?" Michael spoke, making me nod.

Everyone moved around in the room- and soon Ashton was sitting beside me in the bed, pulling my body into his, holding my hands gently, making me lean into his hold,

"I just wanted a nap"

"Okay sweet heart, stay relaxed- just as you are" Michael spoke as their hands touched my own.

I felt Ashton squeeze me tighter and then, everything went back into pure pain,

I immediately felt an involuntary cry come out of my body, completely waking me up as I felt my knee throb.

Michael and Calum talked among themselves as I grit my teeth- trying my hardest not to cry.

I felt a tight ass brace put on my knee, making the pain almost unbearable.

"So we're going to keep her overnight because we have a lot of pain medicine and such in her body, we want to make sure she has positive reactions to everything" michael spoke.

"Oh- we'll just go home and come back later tomorrow, I'm not staying here all night" Derek spoke, making an awkward silence fill the room.

"We'll stay with her" Calum spoke, making Ashton nod in agreement as Michael stood- almost astonished.

"See you in the morning"

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