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I went into a full blown panic.

What the fuck was I supposed to do?

Before I even had five minutes to think something up, I heard the intercom.

"All eleventh graders to the nurses hall immediately"

I went into the hallway, searching for someone I knew.

I found Lane, grabbing him.

"Help me get out of this, I'm not supposed to be at school"

He was full of confusion- but he knew I was serious, so he didn't question.

He took me to a classroom full of football equipment, directly behind the nurses hall.

"I'll come get you when they're done with everyone, just stay here, no one should come in" he spoke, giving my arm a squeeze, making me thank him.

I sat in a random chair, propping my leg.

I exhaled, pulling my phone out, going to Twitter.

Within ten minutes I got a text

Lane❤️: abort, doctors coming ur way

I've never stood so fast in my entire life.

As I went to run out the door I heard them laughing, so I searched the room- seeing a table covered in football jerseys.

I threw all of the jerseys off the the table, hiding under them.

They certainly weren't clean.

I heard to door open, the sound of laughter and a few bags dropping.

"No matter how old these kids get- ninety percent of them still hate shots."

I heard the door open and heard the one person I didn't want to hear.

"There's an asston of juniors, we're never going to finish" Luke fucking Hemmings.

I got fully comfortable, because it seemed as if they were doing the same.

Maybe they'd finish faster if they got the fuck out of here.

"This is a nice school" a voice spoke.

"You've gotta be the best of the best to get here."

I listened to them talk for forever before I heard a clap and Luke's voice
"We better go help, or we'll be here the next three days"

I heard everyone leave, staying still for a moment to be sure before I sat up, throwing the disgusting jersey off of me, pulling myself up.

I saw all of their medical bags by the door and I quickly sprinted to the door, before hearing footsteps making me step behind the door, just as it was pushed open.

I held my breath- seeing the familiar tall blond.
He grabbed his stethoscope as I stayed silent, praying he didn't see me.

He went to step away, but grabbed his phone first.

I saw his fingers moving before he locked it, throwing it into his bag and running out.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, but I ignored it, very quickly stepping out and limping down the hall.

I ran into my English teachers room, seeing her smile

"Avoiding the doctor?"

"Maybe" I laughed lightly.

"Welcome to the club, come sit behind my desk so no one sees you"

I pulled my phone out as I sat behind her.

Luke Hemmings:
I'm sure you smell just great after being covered in those nasty ass jerseys.

I let my head hit the wall

How the fuck did he even see me?

I decided to play dumb


I got a response almost immediately

Let's just say, you're very lucky I didn't hit you with door, I'm coming to get you xx

Good luck, Luke Hemmings.

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